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Ideas for more sleep - night weaning and moving to crib

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DS is 20 months old. We have co-slept since 51/2 months. Recently, he has been waking regularly every 1-2 hours to nurse. Up until the past 1-2 months, this was an occassional occurrence, now it happens every night. Some nights, it takes me hours to get him back to sleep. He has been sick on and off for the past few months, in his defense, but now he is well and he's still waking. I'm ready to night wean and get him in his crib to sleep. I would love to keep him in my bed, but I really think I'm waking him when I move.

I didn't want to do take away both mommy and milk do I decided to start with the crib. He was starting out in the crib until I went to bed so he is used to it. I put an air mattress in his room for me to sleep on so that when he wakes I'm near by. I don't want him fully awake by the time I hear him because I know this will make it harder for me to put him back to sleep.

So for 3 nights now I have nursed him back to sleep when he wakes. If he wakes up immediately (or within minutes) of me putting him down after nursing, I shush, rock, pat, sing him back to sleep. This has become a bit easier over the last three nights. Last night though he was still waking every two hours. I have also brought him down on the airmattress with me at around 5am to nurse as he will sleep until 7am.

So my question is, what the heck am I doing?!?! Lol. I guess my goal is to get him used to sleeping in the crib(I think he's okay with that) and then cut back on night wakings. I feel like him falling to sleep without nursing is key and by getting him to sleep in ways that don't involve nursing, I'm starting towards this. Last night was definitely a bit easier in that respect.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Suggestion? Logical next steps? Man, I just need some sleep. Oh, and Dr. Gordon's sleep ideas seem so much more harder to me than this because he associates laying down with nursing and I am so tired I don't have the patience for hours of crying, trying to crawl off my bed, etc. that I envision with using his plan. There have been very few tears the past three nights.
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I also found with my daughter that she slept better when she falls asleep without nursing. It may be helpful now to see how he sleeps if you rock him back to sleep without nursing for a waking tonight...
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Thanks! We've had 3 nights of no nursing back to sleep. The first night was rough, but we breezed through nights #2 & #3. I'm amazed at how well he is doing. He woke up 2x last night! Do you know when the last time he woke up only 2x was????? Never!!! I told him "boobies are going night night" and he said "ok" and drank some h20 instead and fell asleep. I'm so excited and refreshed!!!!
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That was my exact experience with night weaning too! Glad you're getting some rest smile.gif
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The only thing that helps my son is a pacifier. Probably not what you want to start at 20 months, but I found it really helped him with "self soothing". We were still bedsharing and I'd give it 5-10 seconds when he woke up to see if he was just stirring or really wanted to eat... I found he would mostly just locate his pacifier and fall back asleep. 

Now he starts off in our bed, I put him in his crib next to our bed and I'm finding more and more often I don't get woken up at night for him wanting to come back. The next step is going to be inching the crib over to his room. 

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