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Hello again.

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Hello.  I'm Erica, mom of 3 and wife to my best friend.  I was on this forum a couple of years ago, but I was never very active.  The message board that was my "hub" for years has kind of fallen apart, and I miss the support.


We are sort of TTC #4.  I say "sort of" because we are keeping it low key and not allowing the TTC pressure to get us.  Just enjoying life and hoping that we are blessed again.


I look forward to meeting some great moms on here.

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Welcome Erica! Hopefully you'll be joining a DDC (Due Date Club) soon! Check out the TTC threads too. 

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Thank you for the welcome!  I love the chicks in your signature.  Cute!  I wish I was in the "sticks."  I grew up in a very rural area, but we live in a small town now.  I dream of returning to the woods.

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