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Very low supply on one side

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This issue has repeated itself with each child, but I'm feeling it earlier now. This is #5, and she's only 6 days old.
On one side it's normal, and on the other there is almost nothing.
I pumped after nursing today, and had 1/8 of an ounce, and the other side 2 ounces.

With #1, & #4 I tried a lactation aid ''vitamin'' each time a different company, and both times they dried me, and I got back my period from it. The only thing that helped a bit was Fenugreek in a high dose. I ended up nursing till 12- 18 months on one side and the other till 2-5 months. I would love to nurse longer on this side, to avoid the discomfort of only one side, and that my breasts are then 2 extreme sizes.

What else can I try? Beer pills for nursing? I don't want combination things, since I was burnt from it twice already. Would homeopathy work? I never thought of it before.
Thanks in advance for any advice. It will be much appreciated.
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I always had an oversupply problem, so I don't have any knowledge about this, but I want to bump this in case there's anyone here who has dealt with this and can help. I hope you get some answers!
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The only answer I can think of is supply and demand. They sell a little device that feeds the baby formula or expressed breast milk through a a tube while they're suckling, I'm not 100% but I think it's called lact aid. That way u can build ur supply without the baby getting all frustrated. U can order it online, LLL or medela...also u can try ur local wic office
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Does the baby not nurse well on that side for some reason? I know I had much lower supply on one side vs. the other as one side I have a flat nipple and DD had a preference for the other side because of that. I just made sure she nursed from that side every time she nursed so it always got some stimulation, but at the very end of weaning her I did stop worrying about her getting that side anymore. I also pumped less from that side too. Can you encourage your baby to nurse more from that side?

I would do fenugreek again if that worked for you last time. Oatmeal and brewer's yeast always worked well for me when I was trying to increase supply too. Best thing though was using supply and demand to my advantage, making sure DD nursed from the lower supply side and making sure to pump it as much or more than the high producing side. Maybe you can pump your low producing side sometimes while she nurses at the other side?
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I had success with Mother's Milk tea when I needed a supply boost (then I almost had too much!).  I do have the "uni-boob" effect going on now but DD is 17mos.  I think somewhere around 9mos my right side began to decline, and whiel it still produces some, most of her feedings come from the left side.  I thought it was bc during the night when delusionally tired I always seemed to have her start on the left side first and that the right didn't get the same stimulation and called it quits.  I did try for a while starting her on the right but it never made a difference.

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I also have a breast that is much less productive and is much smaller (only till babe is about 12 months, then they even out a bit in size, not supply).  I try to remember to use that side first every nursing session and you can try mothers milk tea to boost you overall supply.... be careful to make sure babe empties the bigger side too though....I have had clogged ducts from focusing too much on the smaller side.

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I now have some clogged ducts on my right- low supply side,and it's really painful. I always start nursing with this side first. I did try the Mother's Milk Tea with 2 of my children, but don't know if I did enough of it.

I tried now with nursing football position in addition to cradle, so will do that the next few days on my right.


My doctor sent a referral to the nursing clinic here, and we'll see how long it takes them to get back to me. (The clinic would be under medicare here, and no charge, and they have an amazing consultant there. I did take private once, but it was expensive.) I tried massaging my ducts a bit, but it's really painful.


I do pump, not at every feeding, because it's too much. By my second, I pumped after each feeding, but don't have the time, or patience now for that.


How much Brewer's yeast is needed?



I really appreciate everyone's advice.Thanks so much!!!

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