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did have morning sickness... now nothing, and worried....

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I am unexpectedly pregnant with #4. I had pretty bad morning sickness from right when I found out ... 4 wks1 day...... and then today (5 wks 1 day) nothing. No nausea, fatigue, anything. It's strange. I didn't have morning sickness this early with the first three, so I was surprised to have it at first, but I'm sure that's what it was. I also wasn't super excited to find out I was pregnant at first, but now I'm so excited, and I'm scared I'm going to lose the baby:/ This may be too much info, but the BF and I have had sex 3 times since I found out, and one time kinda... harder. So I'm kinda worried that having sex may have... knocked the baby loose? LOL... I know that sounds totally crazy. I can't help but think it though.... I have no spotting, but I'm concerned bc the nausea and fatigue are gone:/ 

Sorry to be neurotic.... but any advice?

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I think ms coming and going can be normal. With my last pregnancy it went away about ten weeks, and at 11 weeks we discovered that I was having a missed miscarriage- so this time around I've been hyper sensitive to feeling "too good." At 9 weeks I felt so good all of a sudden that I was sure I'd miscarried, but after much dedicated searching with the doppler, my MW was able to locate a hb. Last week at 14 wksi had a similar bout of anxiety and sure enough, we found the hb again.
I hope all is well with you, and that you're just having a nice little reprieve smile.gif
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Thanks mama! Here's to both of us trying not to stress out too much!

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And I am probably hormonal and crazy.... but can having (a lot of or any) sex, actually knock a really early pregancy loose? 

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I have heard the super early morning sickness is from the progesterone spike you get in early pregnancy and "real" morning sickness is from rising HCG levels. I didn't get any "real" morning sickness until 6 weeks to the day and it stopped at around 11 weeks for me. It's still really early. I don't think you need to worry.

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Thanks mama :-)

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I really doubt having sex can do that kind of harm. I know that it can cause bleeding because the cervix is sensitive, and that if that happens you will likely be advised to hold off until the bleeding stops- but that's the only negative I'm aware of to sex during early pregnancy. Maybe someone else will chime in with other info. Good luck! smile.gif
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I'm really worrying about this right now, too. Three years ago I lost a pregnancy after morning sickness suddenly went away at 8-ish weeks. I got pregnant again a few months later, and never had morning sickness. I was certain I would lose that one too, and I did. I just found out that I'm pregnant again, and I'm anxious for the morning sickness to begin. I had it really bad, all the time, with my first five kids, so now I've got it in my head that I have to be really sick to keep the baby. greensad.gif

However, I have heard from LOTS of other moms that this is not necessarily true. Morning sickness can go away without anything being wrong, and some moms have it bad one pregnancy but not the next. Also, I have never heard of sex, even vigorous sex, causing a miscarriage. I'm sure the sex had nothing to do with your lack of symptoms.

Fingers crossed for both of us that everything turns out ok!
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My MS disappeared with my first. Then came back a few day later. Have you changed anything in your diet?
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