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Do you like your mop??

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My mop head died today.  I am thinking that maybe I should buy a different type of mop all together.  A LOT of my house is a "mop" area.  The most prominent part is hardwood throughout the kitchen, dining, and living room areas.  We have a tile entry and vinyl floors in the bathrooms.  Truthfully, I don't actually do the 'job' as often as I should.  Anyways, I was curious if anyone really likes their mop (or not) and what type it is?  Please share!



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We recently splurged on a Haan SI-40 on Amazon warehouse deals :)  Love it

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I bought the Rubbermaid system last year and like it - the terrycloth pads are washable and very sturdy, and you can add your own cleaner to the sprayer bottle that's attached to the handle (I just use vinegar and water for our hardwood and tile).  DS likes using it too, when he's in the mood.  ;)

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I actually researched this because we have an old house and I wanted to mop dust better when our new baby came. I wanted something easy that would encourage me to get it out frequently and also something that would dry quickly so it didn't get nasty.  I settled on the Lebman wonder mop. It's a good little mop - super easy to pop out and do a quick job. Probably not a "life time" product like an old fashioned string mop but it's more durable than any of the more industrial mops we've had in the past. 

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Thanks everyone!

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I have the H2O mop (uses steam) and really like it.  It's a bit awkward to manuveur and I wish it had a bigger cleaning head, I still am very happy with it.

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I have a Shark vac & steam.  It is the best!  We have 2 dogs, so of course they shed, & the vac picks up so much more than sweeping alone.  And I love the fact that I can sanitize the hard floors with no type of chemicals.  

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I also have a shark vac n steam.  Uses only water.  The mop heads are machine washable and last forever! Very light and easy to manuever!  My floors look great! The vacuum feature does better then sweeping, just love it!

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My mom has the shark steam mop and loves it for her hardwoods and tile.  I borrowed it a few times for my hardwoods and laminate and I have to agree.  It's wonderful on my floors with just the water and I like to add a splash of vinegar to it for the shine.  I find that the steam dulls my floors and a little bit of white vinegar in the steam water cuts that completely and my floors are shiny and clean and chemical-free.  I'm really impressed with it.  I borrow it once every 2 weeks or so and just swiffer mop the rest of the time(with old washcloths and vinegar and water).

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I'm going to try the vinegar...I've noticed occasional dullness on the laminate after using the mop.
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I love the generic, flat microfibre one we have. It is easy to exert a little bit of pressure to really get the kitchen floor clean, and then just glide it across areas that are mostly dusty and not so much dirty.

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