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How many Newborn and One size dipes do i need?

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I have a bunch of newborn CD i had costumed made by a women off Hyena cart. they are fitted's i think with a insert. you fold them in half and insert. forgot the name lol. Anyways, i also have a bunch of Bumgenius with snaps from when i got pregnant with my son (3rd child) they are from 2009/2010 diapes. i have some thirstie covers and prefolds for newborns. but im not really liking prefolds. takes too much of my time.


I would like to buy Lil Joey Newborn cloth diapers but they are pricey even for two. Has anyone used them? im thinking of maybe buying 2 or 3 packs and some AIO one size but i dont know how many i need? I am due on Oct 23rd. Since i do have some CD already i dont want to buy way too many but i also dont want to just buy a few. I have soft water where i live and taking the smell off the CD take FOREVER and EVER. Any suggestions, advice?

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I posted on some recent threads about this but we got some (used) Mother Ease fitteds and really loved them. The newborn ones I only got 20 of and then had 6 AIO from Nana's Bottoms made to go along with them. Well we didn't love these AIOs as poop always seemed to leak out of them (DD was a super pooper though) and 20 was not enough for a newborn IMO. We usually washed every day and a half or so. I would have liked about 10 more so we could have a more relaxed washing schedule rather than having to toss them in asap as soon as we were down to 2-3 diapers.


I have been thinking about some knockoff Lil Joey diapers for the next kiddo though, their double gussets are supposed to work well to contain stuff. You can buy them through co-ops but I saw some online somewhere too, I'll try to find the link.


Once we switched to one size diapers we went through about 10 a day, now at 2 it's more like 7-8 usually so you don't need to many. Plus it's easier to get the wash done without a tiny one to worry about. But I've bought quite a few diapers so I can just use the ones I like and not run out. Lately I've started washing every 3rd day too so it's nice to have extras for that flexibility. I would say 30 one size is a good amount, depending on how long your wash routine takes. 24 would be my absolute minimum.



I was looking at these:


Sometimes you need to buy certain quantities but you can ask how many they will sell you for smaller quantities. You also have to be ok with China made diapers, but I've been surprised how many of the "big name" companies have their diapers made there too.


Also, I have Alva Baby diapers (another China brand) and I've been very impressed by their quality. They have newborn diapers too but they are pocket diapers, not sure if you like those (the pocket is small for stuffing on newborn sizes):


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Hello and thanks. I dont want anything made in china. And i think Lil Joeys are made here in the USA. thanks for the links.

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Haha, well those links won't be useful if you are avoiding China made diapers. But I do believe the Lil Joeys are made in China as well (even though their office is in the US) so I would recommend checking on that before you buy since they are quite expensive. They look identical to me in photos with the ones I linked to but I have not seen them in person.


The other diapers I mentioned are Mother Ease fitteds and those are made either in Canada or the US (their office is near the border in Niagara Falls so I'm not sure which side they're on, lol). They have their fabric made locally as well, and I do love their diapers, esp. for newbies. http://www.mother-ease.com/

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