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(amusing) kid pregnancy quips....

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my DS is hilarious...today he informed me that he needed french toast

because he was having a "pregnancy craving"... he is 11. 


i almost fell off my chair i laughed so hard. 






anyone else have amusing kid stories to share?

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My youngest started singing to my tummy today at lunch. It was so sweet!
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All 4 of mine love the belly! Tonight my 2.5yr old said "I love York night pregnant belly!!" Then he lifted his shier to put his baby belly on mine. He cracks me up!!
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Those are so sweet!

I think I wrote this in the announcing thread already, but my DS (22 mos) points to my belly and says "baby in there!" And then points to his own belly and says the same thing. So cute smile.gif
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Mine said this when I first explained that I was growing a baby in my belly:

"So are you pooping an eggy like angry birds or something?"

Lol! I know I've shared this before but it's just too funny to not share again. Love my 3yo!
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Haha, these are great!

My 4 year old daughter keeps telling everyone; "If the baby's a girl it'll be called Rosie, and if it's a boy it'll be called Pee Head". Can you tell she really doesn't want a brother? She also likes to ask me what food the baby likes or doesn't like when we're having dinner.

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My almost 3 y/o son loves to nuzzle my belly. My 5 y/o daughter asked "Why do babies come out of baginas??"
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Our 5 YO has come up with several interesting names for the baby -- including Professional von Hoobie Doobie!
(Mo Willems fans will appreciate that one.)
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My son (2 1/2) made some observations as I was getting into the shower the other week.  First he saw my frontside and said "big boobies" then when I turned around to get into the shower he said "big butt."  Thanks, son.   You really know how to make a lady feel special : )  He also loves to give the baby raspberries (blowing on my belly to make fart noises) and tells it Good Morning most mornings.  He also says he has a baby in his belly and sometimes says if he eats something it will make the baby feel better.  

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