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Vaccine proponents playbook

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This was posted by a gentleman named Greg in the comments section of a AoA article. I thought it might sound familiar! You need scroll down the comments section to read. The AoA article is well worth reading also.





Here are his headings: 


Argument One: We Love Scientific Studies


Argument Two: Curse The 'Quacks' And Their Internet


Argument Three: A Coincidental Thing


Argument Four: MMR and Thimerosal Studies Mean Everything


Argument Five: The Benefits Outweigh The Risks


Argument Six: Everything Causes Autism Except Vaccines


Argument Seven (my personal favorite): The Wakefield Card


Argument Eight: Autism Is Not So Bad


Argument Nine: Better Diagnosis


Argument Ten: Terminologies.

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None of that ever happens here!


I do love the Wakefield card.  Every non-vaxxers I talk to says Wakefield was instrumental in getting them to stop vaccinating (not). 


Argument 8 makes me ragey, 9 is almost as bad.


Number 1 is a fun one, too.  I love how one side has tried to co-opt science. Most non-vaxxers love science as well - if they did not they probably would not have bothered to research vaccines in the first place.  


ETA:  Thanks for posting this, Mizram.  When I first started posting on vaccines, I would become upset and hurt when people would paint with really large brushstrokes and suggest we are all conspiracy theorists, were disciples of Wakefield or did not like science.  After a while, some of these arguments lost their power.   These arguments are not nuanced responses to what is being posted, but rather pat remarks (like items from a playbook) they trot out over and over again.  

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