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Cerebral Palsy info

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I am a mom of a very large family. Yours mine ours and someone elses. The newest edition to our family is a 9 year old little boy with a pretty moderate case of Cerebral Palsy. I have no clue what kind he has. He wears braces on his legs both day and night. Two different kinds. Im not even sure I have them on correct. If there is ANYONE out there who knows a bit more about CP (especially in the Michigan area) please feel free to give me any advice you would like. Im feeling very overwhelmed and a bit over my head.

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Welcome to MDC!


Are you a foster mom?  If so, your case worker needs to provide you with whatever info he/she has or if the child didn't have regular medical care (I'm assuming he did as he is wearing braces) they need to get you set up with a team of doctors ASAP.


My friend's son who wore AFOs (ankle/foot orthotics) had spastic diplegia, meaning high tone in both legs.  This may help, but really, you need to have the little sweetie seen by a doctor.  Best wishes!

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I am a foster mom. Kids entered care this past Friday. Their worker doesnt have much of a medical history on them. Your information DID help. I will work on doctors today to see who should see him. I will enroll him in school today. It will be interesting to see what his IEP reads and what kinds of intervention he gets at school.

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My daughter has 2 sets of splints (day & night), the day splints are meant to be worn with shoes (or when in the stander), and the night splints are hinged and meant to stretch out the ankle.  The day splints should have more wear on the bottom and sides.  They should also have a label of the maker on them, you can always call and ask which one is which.  We get different patterns on ours.  Also, you can call the local children's hospital for a list of his doctor's names.  Then call the office and ask to speak with the nurse to get a brief history.  They may require you to fax them paperwork that the child is n your custody.

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I got his braces figured out. I also found out today that he has a heart doctor! One more thing I need to investigate and worry about. I had a great session with the former schools Occupational therapist. She was very helpful in giving me advice from everything to brushing teeth, eating, showering and wiping. LOL. I have a long way to go but am hopeful I can help lead this little guy to a bright future.

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How are things going now? Is the boy still in your care?


I have a son with CP in Michigan and he came to us through foster care if I can help you at all.

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