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Nervous About How Pets will React to New Baby

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Hi everyone! I will be a first time mom this summer and DH and I have four pets that live with us. I'm not worried about our two chinchillas because they are only let out supervised and once they get used to the new noises will be okay. We also have a dog who will be 6 and a cat who will be 3. They are both very attached to us. I felt better after reading the thread about cats and newborns, but I'm still nervous about how they will react. I want to make the transition as easy as possible for them. Our dog has been around little kids A LOT and is super gentle with them, and she has some experience with small babies. She does not like crying. Our cat is very cuddly and friendly with us, but generally shy with others and is not a fan of strange noises like the vacuum. Aside from playing a stream of videos on youtube of babies crying, what can I do to help ease the transition? Any tips? Thanks so much!

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After you give birth you can have someone bring a blanket that the baby has been wrapped in home so they can smell the baby before it gets there. If there's a place that will be off limits to them later (like a nursery or a crib or the bed for a while) go ahead and make it off limits now. It will take them a while to get used to that so might as well start early.
Not allowing our cat in the bedroom is literally the only thing we did and everything is fine. Our cat is also kind of a dick but he's gotten on with the baby fine. I think pets can tell "this thing is important to them."
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I wouldn't worry at all smile.gif

I have two protection trained German Shepherds who everyone claimed were going to eat my son. My favorite one (who is my big sucky baby) was the one I was worried about because he has never been around kids, is not neutered and he's the one who doesn't warm up to people very easily... fast forward a year, they're the best of friends. Our female couldn't care less that we added an extra person to the house (I still wonder if she's even noticed?) but my two boys (2 legged and 4 legged) are sleeping on the floor together right now. 

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Great advice! Thank you so much for responding. I knew members here would be a wonderful help.


Escaping, I love that your dog and your son have such a great relationship!

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my parents were worried about this when I was about to join the world ... they had a rescue German Shepherd who had been abused and didn't trust anyone except my parents (over time). He would do things like snap and snarl from the back seat of the car at toll collectors. I'm not sure what my parents did to condition him before bringing me home, but he had no issues with a baby at all. He was very protective of me and would let me pet his face (i.e. stick little fingers in his eyes and pull his hair) as an infant. Their other dog, whom they had since a puppy and was very obedient, had no interest in me and would walk out of the room whenever I was in it. 


I guess my perspective is that your pets probably know something is going on, and don't assume the worst. I swear our two cats are taking bets on when my belly is going to explode and how many kittens it contains....

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Pets are routine creatures. Of course you will be busy, but try your best to assimilate your pets into your new world so they don't get jealous.
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