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Roll Call - Check In

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So who is still here and waiting? How far along are you and what's going on? I thought it would be fun to have this in its own thread!


I'm 37 wks 1 day. (Since my edd is 4/28, it looks like we are all at full-term now!)


At last check I was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and baby is at -2.


I've had several bouts of very strong ctx, but they always stop after a few hours. I know it's still early, but my latest to go was 38-2, so I'm getting impatient!

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38 weeks +4 days. And this is my first. If I've had any contractions, they've been painless Braxton Hicks. Some cervical pains here and there. No other indicators that labor is near. I have no clue about my dilation and effacement, figured I'd wait till 39 weeks to check that out. 39 weeks on Thursday so we'll see! 

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I'm 40 weeks tomorrow. Have had contractions here and there. Thought labor was going to gear up yesterday but everything stopped when I went to bed. So far nothing is happening today. My earliest was 3 days past her due date. My latest was 8 days past. I'm so ready to meet this little one! Don't get checks so don't know effacement or dilation. I don't want to drive anywhere right now. Was moody last week but more zen this week.
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I'm 39w1d. Lots of strong BH contrax for the past couple of weeks, but nothing else. I'm very emotional! It's hard to imagine going much further... feels like I *could* go before 40 weeks... but my last two were past 40 weeks, so I will most likely still be pregnant for another week or so. 


I have an appointment today but will decline the vaginal exam. I hate feeling all wet and goopy from the gel the OB puts on her fingers to check dilation. And dilation for me has never been a good indicator of when labor will start.

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40 weeks tmw. I have not been checked yet so I don't know any details. I have felt crampy the last few weeks - mostly in my back, and some BH. But not much else.

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Nearing 39w here, lots of ctx and radiaing cramps at random times, still about 4cm (stretch to 5), about 80% effaced with a soft "dissolve under touch" cervix now. Have had multiple red bloody show incidences that have meant nothing (BOO!!!) and always losing ton of plug. Baby is steadily head down but usually ROA (sometimes ROP) and engages well a lot but also DISengages at times so I try I try to pay attention to what causes him/her i do that.

I am definitely DONE. I hate this stage. I will probably still be here in another week and a half or two, be a beautifully effaced 6cm, and still have to whip out the castor oil once again. I am not comfortable dealing much with post-dates this time around. So much has changed in the last couple years....
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37 weeks, 3 days here. Had a LOT of BH's yesterday, but I'm not sure it means anything! Definitely feeling a strong urge to get all of my cleaning/organizing finished, at any rate. My MIL would sure love for me to go into labor this week, lol (her birthday is the 11th)...it's looking like the weather around here is gearing up for tornadoes though, and I'd reeeeally rather not have to have a baby in my cellar. :P

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37 weeks 1 day

Lots of BH some days, but otherwise, all is quiet on the baby front.

Alternating between days with lots of nesting energy and days with lots of sleeping.

It's gotten coldish again (we have a couple of inches of snow). >greensad.gif But, it looks like it will be springish again by my due date.
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37+2 here. Had CTX all day yesterday but they stopped when I went to bed and only had one this morning. No other signs of labor.  At my last midwife appt I was soft but not dilated.  I did not have bloody show with previous pregnancies until in active labor, so I doubt I'll get that this time either. Wed is a new moon and I have a chiropractor appt so maybe that will be the day? Although I won't get my hopes up as 37 weeks is still a bit early.

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38w + 2d here and had an appointment with the midwives. Baby girl is not quite engaged but she has moved lower. 

I'm thinking things are not going to start anytime soon- I only have contractions when I try to bring them on with lots of sex, squatting, walking, exercise or RRL tea. They never come on their own. Boo.

My next appointment is on the 18th, 2 days before my EDD so I've agreed to have a stretch and sweep and I've made an appointment for the next day for an accupressure place that my midwife recommended- she said almost everyone she sends to them have had their baby within 2 days of going! They won't even take appointments unless you are 38 weeks because they are THAT good. Lol. 



I'm hoping the new moon might bring some progress too- I went into labour with my son on the night of a new moon. 


Sending good and birthy vibes to everyone! goodvibes.gif

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37w+3 here, EDD 4/26, and I feel like it's going to be another couple of weeks at least.  Like, probably three or four.  I've had some braxton hicks, but not many.  They said she is moving down at my last appt but I can't tell, doesn't feel like it. 

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39w3d here and still waiting. I didn't go into labor on my own with DD1 and had no show or anything until after I was in the hospital being induced. I honestly don't know what/if my body will do this time around. I have noticed an increase in... dampness lately but no obvious discharge or anything. I still get random contractions here and there but they never seem to last long. I have an OB appt tomorrow so we'll see where I stand. 

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39w today! I can't believe I'm still pregnant! I probably would have wagered money that I would of had the baby by now. My first 2 were early so I just got it into my head this one would be too. I haven't had any exciting contractions like I did on the night of the 27th. I did some rocking on all 4 last night and I have a new perineal pressure sensation today, baby is moving lots but no contractions. I HATED having to come into work today. I wanted my baby over the weekend! Boo! Oh, and yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary luxlove.gif

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I'm sorry Kara. I'm still here. 37w2d. Not surprised I'm still here, really, but a little bummed. I'm still holding out hope baby might decide to come a bit before my DD.

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I'm still here, too. Had my first, and intending it to be my last, vaginal exam today.

I'm 50% effaced, 0 dilation, babe is high at 37w5d. I have always expected the kiddo this upcoming weekend. Now I think he'll wait. Good luck everyone!
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38.2 I have no idea how dilated I am because my midwife won't check since I'm GBS+
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I am 36week 7days and do not yet feel ready.  Last time I felt like I had been riding a horse all day due to upper thigh ache, and that has not been the case this time. I have been woken many times at night by really strong braxton hicks though. It's a bit unsettling because my labour came on full force in the middle of the night last time, so whenever I'm awoken by bh, I always wonder.


Overall, I think I feel too good to be at the end yet.  

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38 weeks + 1 day here.  Yesterday I felt like he dropped really low.  Felt a lot more pressure down there and more of these pains that feel like a scratching on my cervix.  I have had it a couple times over the past couple weeks but like 7 or 8 times yesterday evening.  I think maybe his head was rubbing against my cervix or something idk.  It's my first so this is all new.  Also feel like I have to keep my legs really far apart when I sit down to be "comfortable".  Not that I'm every really comfortable anymore.  Back aches A LOT.  Some minor cramping feelings low too but they were just twinges and stopped when I relaxed a little.  I think I finally know what braxton hicks feels like and I've been noticing a few good ones every day for the past week or so but none that were really strong.  We just moved into our new place a couple weeks ago so I'm trying to get a million things done and my back pain keeps stopping me.

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Only 37 weeks 4 days here and SO freaking impatient. I was just fine until a few days ago. I have been really, really crampy for the last three or four days and having lots of lower back pain... sort of like around my kidneys. They checked my urine at my appointment yesterday, so I know I don't have a kidney infection or anything. This morning, I had more/ different pressure around my cervix than normal but it went away after I went back to sleep... I had the worst night of sleep EVER last night, but I've made up for it this morning! :) 

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