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Water birth/ laboring in water, did you like it?

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So, I'm just curious about people's feelings on waterbirth or just laboring in water - in a large tub or birth tub. 


My midwife is willing to provide a birth tub and I just need to get a liner if I would like to use it. I have never had a water birth. The idea of doing that sounds strange to me in a way? But, I don't like pain so if it helps with that, I'm all about trying it out. LOL


I'm curious about other people's opinions. Did you like waterbirth or laboring in water or did you find that you didn't really like it after all? Any opinions welcome.

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I had a waterbirth with my second child. My first I had an epidural... I would take the waterbirth any day hands down. I started to go into transition before I was in the water and when my midwife saw this she pushed me into the tub and it was amazing how quickly I relaxed. It was the first time I was really able to just zone out while in labour and it was during transition! 

Hands down I would do it again! Although there are no midwives here but there are tubs in the birthing and recovery rooms here. 

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I had a water birth at home with my 3rd child. My first two where c-sections. I liked it because it was hot water and it soothed my back pain and contractions. I couldnt sit still or lay down in bed while having contractions. For me i was more in pain and couldnt deal with it. I will be having a second water home birth in oct

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I had my second baby at home in the tub (first was home, no tub). It was the best thing ever. It just made the contractions so much more managable--and this was an ordinary bath tub, not a fancy birth tub.

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I had a natural hospital birth with my first, and am so thankful that we got the one birthing suite at the hospital with a bathtub.  When we were finally admitted to the suite (I had to stay in triage for 2 hours even though I arrived at 5.5cm because there were no rooms available) I couldn't get naked and into that tub fast enough.  I stayed in the tub until it was time to push (thanks to very hands-off doctors who didn't want to disturbe me to check dilation since I was doing so well in the water) and while transition was still hard I know it was easier thanks to the water.


This time we are having a HB and while I'm not planning for a water birth, I do plan to labor in the bath tub again.  If staying there feels right, I can always deliver in the tub too.


I did love the water!

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3 kids, 3 water births. :) With my last baby I didn't get in until after 8 cm though I wanted to (pool wasn't ready, fast labor).


Out of curiosity OP, where in Texas are you?

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I LOVED being in the water during labor.  It helped SO much with the pain and felt SO good!

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Had my first baby out home on the bed and the second in the birth pool beside the bed. Would heartily recommend a water birth to anyone. The water eased the pain and intensity and helped a lot with stretching. I tore some while pushing out my 10lb 13 oz son who had a 15 inch head but I'm sure it would have been even worse OUT of the water!

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I dont think I could have made it all natural without the water. It helped so much with the pain! I couldnt get a good power postion for pushing in the water so when that time came I was back on dry land. I think the water is the reason why I didnt tear! Good luck!
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I had a water birth with my 2nd and now have no idea how people can birth out of the water lol. Whenever I see pictures of my friends after birth in a hospital bed it just looks so unnatural to me
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I have not felt a desire to labor in a tub so i cant really answer your question but i thought i'd add my two cents anyway. For me it has felt best to be grounded, that helped me feel more in control of my body. Being in water, while soothing, would have made me feel less grounded and, thus, more anxious. I also preferred to know how much blood came out of me, which seems much easier to do on land. I bet its wonderful for some people but its not for everyone. I also didnt want to have to deal (or make DH deal) with setting up, filling the tub and then emptying it.
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I had a water birth with my #1 and labored a bit in the tub but, for me, it was not so comfortable. However, when baby was born I was in the tub and that was great. I would definitely do another water birth again!

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Laboring in water was a GREAT comfort measure for me. I loved the pressure it took off my hips, which is where I felt contractions, contractions, and I loved how I could use it to enforce privacy. I didn't have a birthing tub, but the hospital where I birthed had a tub in the bathroom, so I ended up being able to close the door and create a quiet place for me and my husband. Once my water broke and I hit transition, though, I got restless right away, wanted to get up, stand up, sit down, lie on my side, etc. I needed to be on dry land for sure.
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I know lots of people adore it, but I didn't love labouring in water. I liked it during DD's induced birth, but the midwife made me get out after an hour because I was "getting too comfortable" (ha!) and she wanted to hurry the baby out (I had pre-eclampsia).


For the rest of DD's birth I used a hot wheatie bag for pain relief, and it was great. When DS was born I planned to have a water birth. I used the hot wheatie bag again before I got in the tub, and when I finally did I found the water disappointing. It was nice between contractions, but it didn't give me nearly the same level of distracting heat and pressure that I'd got from the wheatie bag - I found it quite wimpy by comparison. So I got out again. I intended to get back in for the actual birth, but changed my mind while climbing in and ended up giving birth standing up in the tub - an over-water birth, if you will!


With my (theoretical) next baby, I'd like to have the tub available, and try standing in it with hot water from a shower head playing on my lower back. If there was really good water pressure I can imagine that being really nice. But who knows? My first two labours were so different - maybe next time I'll find relief by burying my head in the carpet or crawling under the bed or dangling out the window! Labour's weird. It's hard to know beforehand what you'll like. For which reason, I'd recommend keeping your options open - have a tub if it's not too much of a pain to get one, but don't rely on it as your sole pain relief mechanism. (I used hypnobabies with DS, as well as the wheatie bag.)

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Originally Posted by micah_mae_ View Post

3 kids, 3 water births. :) With my last baby I didn't get in until after 8 cm though I wanted to (pool wasn't ready, fast labor).


Out of curiosity OP, where in Texas are you?


I'm in Austin. 

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I'm loving reading all the different experiences. I don't know how much I'll like it, I have decent sized babies. Last one was 9lbs 3oz - 14 inch head circ. I haven't torn with any of my dry births, though I was given an episiotomy after the head was already out with my first??? Stupid. But, anyway. I kinda like the grounded feeling of land too and I pushed hands and knees or kneeling with the last two, but I guess since the midwife would probably be in charge of it, I could just have the pool as an option. If I don't like it, well whatever, didn't cost me much of anything. I'll talk to her about it again at my next appointment. See what she thinks. She told me she's seen it help a lot with pain for a lot of women last time I asked. My only concern is space. It would probably have to go in the dining room... and my dining room is carpeted. 

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Honestly, I could take it or leave it.  When I was laboring with DS I was in the tub for about an hour when the midwife noticed some decels and wanted me out for better maneuvering.  So climbing out of the tub with a crowning baby was a bit awkward.  ROTFLMAO.gif


I didn't really notice a difference for me, it was nice and all, but meh.  I really thought I'd like it more.  With this one, we're doing homebirth instead of free-standing birth center and I'm opting not to bother with it.  Like someone else said, there's always the bathtub.  orngtongue.gif  

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Originally Posted by dayiscoming2006 View Post

I'm in Austin. 

I'm in the ft hood area! My Mw was Sandra Tallbear. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by micah_mae_ View Post

I'm in the ft hood area! My Mw was Sandra Tallbear. smile.gif


Pretty sure I've seen her name before when looking for midwives. I'm using Patty Sprinkle. She's been excellent. Hands off, respectful of my feelings and wishes for things. So glad someone recommended her to me. She's only taking about 1 client a month at the moment, which works perfect for me. 

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I loved the birth tub! I loved it so much my midwives had to make me get out of it. :) I'd relax and the labour would slow down a little. I got to rent an actual birth tub - Birth Pool in a Box (http://www.birthpoolinabox.ca/Features_%26_Benefits.html). Supposedly it was designed by midwives in the UK. It was a great size, had a little step for leaning on, and squatting on, had handles in several convenient places. I did find it helped with the pain - it made it less intense, sort of muted. They got me in and out every half hour or so, and it was fine. I'm only 5' 4", but I didn't have any difficulty stepping over the sides. If I was having another, I'd definitely do it again. Also a pro - the mess was contained. My husband just hooked up the hose and siphoned all the water out to the garden.

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