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As you might know, Mothering has not only a Facebook account, but also a Twitter account, and we even have a Pinterest account.  As the nature of message forums has evolved we have seen that it was important to bring our community to these venues, and reach people there, as well as here and through Google searches. 


In a discussion on the forums in 2011, we established a policy of not sharing threads on social media without express notification on the thread or to share member-created personal content.


Since that time, we have developed a Mothering community on all of these different sites, and it has become apparent that these communities need to be brought together for the good of them all. The resources here far outnumber those on Facebook, and the conversations are more in depth that those on Twitter.  Pinterest allows us a place to share some of the gorgeous photos of Natural Family Living that you all submit in our contests and share them with the phenomenal audience there.


To that end, we will begin sharing threads created by our staff (AdinaL, Cynthia Mosher, Melanie Mayo or the Mothering account) or threads created by our Editorial Moderators (mamazee, Momsteader, or littlest birds) on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  Great care will be taken to make sure these threads do not include personal information, sensitive stories or other information that should not be broadcast over social media.


We realize that this is a policy change and that, for some, it is a vastly different world than the seemingly cozy message board Mothering used to be. We don't make this change lightly, but because there is a vibrant community in each of these places that we believe will make Mothering as a whole healthier, more informative, and more active. We want you all to come and join these communities just as we want them to come and join the Mothering forums. We will be reviewing this policy as time goes on and may make further changes, which we will notify the community about when they happen.