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Weekly Chat April 8-14

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Hello lovely ladies! It's time for a new chat thread! This week's question: do you have an in-utero nickname for the baby?
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HAHA! Love the question... somehow it started getting referred to as "Smudgy-budgy". Which is totally ridiculous... but after the viability ultrasound I took it home to show DH and was like "Look its like a little smudge of a baby!" and some how that turned into smudgy-budgy. Though we don't refer to that way all the time, I think its the only nickname we have so far.

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This little persons in utero name varies but is usually one of the following possum, button or blossom.
14weeks 1 day! Feeling pretty good these days but the getting up so many times a night to go the bathroom is already getting annoying. Especially as its suddenly cold here at night. cold.gif
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We tend to just call it "the baby" (creative, I know!). Maybe once my boys know, they'll think something up. I'm so excited to tell them, but just not ready yet. The plan is to wait until I'm 12 weeks, so just one more week!

I had a dating ultrasound on Friday. I won't know any results for a while because, where I live, they can't tell you anything at the ultrasound. It was nice to see the baby, though! I really don't think the ultrasound was necessary because my cycle's been steady for a while even though I'm breastfeeding. I usually only get one ultrasound at twenty weeks unless there's a reason to have another.

I think I've felt a couple of very faint flutters. I felt my second and third babies really early, so I might have, but it's still so early!
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"BroSis", as in brother/sister, is what we have mostly been calling him/her.  My husband thought of it right at the beginning and my 3yr old picked it right up and talks about "brosis" in my belly all the time.  He has also been "donating" things he's growing out of to BroSis.  I'm slightly concerned that he won't be wiling to call them anything else after they're born but we'll see.   Recently I've been calling them Thumper too just because that's what the movements feel like right now. All these awesome little reassuring thumps.

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Well...my little bump is called "Peanut" by the whole family. 


And the dysfunctional family band is Squid Jag.  It wasn't at all dysfunctional when we started it though :)  I only became estranged from my brother after the separation, as he took the side of abusive ex - unforgivable!  Although, after all this time I actually did forgive him partially, but it will never be the same.. And I only started dating the lead guitarist well after i separated from the bass player...and we were married for 16 years.  Wow, that sounds so much more sordid that it was at the time - I promise!!  But, hey, the singer in the band can have her choice LOL 


And Serafina - those demos are awesome..  You have such an amazing voice!!  I'm so jealous that you guys get to have such a cool thing to do together, and of your crazy vocal range.  You are a proper excellent vocalist x 


I had my nuchal scan yesterday, but the doctor won't give me the results until today.  Bah.  The ultrasound tech said the neck fold was 1.1mm though, which is a good sign smile.gif

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Yes! We don't plan to use or share the name we've chosen until after birth, so we knew we wanted a nickname that we could connect with. In the early days we just kept trying a bunch of different nicknames and knew eventually one would stick and feel right, and at about week 8 we found it with "nugget".

Do I dare say it? My appetite may be coming back. Saturday was exactly 14 weeks according to my LMP, and I woke up yesterday really hungry, but not in the nauseous way, and I kept feeling able to eat actual meals all day! It felt like a miracle. Fingers crossed so tight that this feeling sticks around!
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We call the baby 'bubs'.  Like Sphinxy we won't be sharing the name until the baby arrives.


So you know yesterday when I was talking about having my energy back?  I spoke too soon, today I have been more like a zombie all day.  I am still hoping to get a workout in though.

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my son thinks its a baby girl he's named Rebecca.
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Oh shiloh that's so cute smile.gif  My son has called ours Rick McKickass whether it's a boy or a girl... that name has not caught on with anyone else tho lol

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Suzie, my nuchal scan measured the same as yours, and the results were normal :)


I call the baby Little One, or we'll just say "the baby". Nothing too fancy :)

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Superbeans - I love the nickname smudgy budgy!
Danielle - I hate getting up to pee! Luckily, I generally only have to pee when someone wakes me up...which happens a lot, unfortunately.
Ciga - My three year old talks incessantly about what he wants to save for the new baby, or what toys he plans to share. It's so cute!
Suzie - Hope the results are awesome!
John - Good luck on the workout. I've been feeling better lately, and I'm hoping to ease back into the exercise routine. Maybe I'll even hit the tradmill tonight.
Suzie - LOL.
AFM: I had a midwife appointment, and they couldn't find the heart beat. I totally broke down in the office. They gave me an ultrasound, and we saw a healthy baby with a heartbeat in the 160s. Ze even moved for us. I feel a little guilt about getting a first trimester ultrasound, but I've had so much anxiety and worry about this appointment and finding the heartbeat... I was so hysterical (I've had 4 miscarriages, one of them at 12 weeks). Maybe I shouldn't have done the doppler at all, but I did. I'm trying not to second guess too much and just move on, but it's hard!
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i call her "poppy" because that was the size she was when i found out about her.

my second pregnancy i called "iggy"--i don't remember why--but then he was actually born on iggy pop's birthday!  i kind of regret we didn't just go ahead & name him iggy for real.


my nausea is finally passing--but now i'm more tired??

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Revolting-The relief of seeing a perfectly healthy baby, I'm sure, was completely worth it.  Reassurance leads to less stress, which leads to less stress hormones released which can be detrimental to baby, so I say do whatever you need to in order to ease the anxiety :)



The nickname we've (I've) been using is, Boobers.  Dunno why, but it stuck.

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Hi all :) Just a quick update.. my nuchal screening came back all good (1 in 656) which is way better than i expected and not classed as at risk so hooray I can relax a bit smile.gif 

Such a relief that Rick McKickass is doing well.. Got some lovely blurry pics - thanks to my podgy belly the poor old ultrasound tech had to use brute force to get any pics and my belly is not only bruised, but the skin broke over my old c-section scar.  My god, I'm falling apart hahaha

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Good week to everyone!

Gosh, we don't really call him/her anything besides him/her or the baby eyesroll.gif totally creative folks here HA!

I've got another solo week with all the kiddos while hubby is on a business trip (calling me and rubbing it in that he had wonderful seafood last night- JEALOUS). He's ween away since Sunday AM so I've already had a couple of days under my belt. Small cold going around here with dd2 had bad cough and low fever yesterday so I've got extra company at home! I'd like to send her back to school in the morning but I have a pretty firm rule to wait a full 24hrs post fever to allow them back out.

I've just hit a milestone... The wake up in the middle of the night to pee and can't go back to sleep side effect of pregnancy eyesroll.gif so I'm catching up with you ladies and sipping a chamomile tea.

Midwife is having me do a diet log which I haven't done since my first pregnancy (used the same MW for pgs 1-3 but now have one of her former backup midwives because my first retired) which has me obsessing with my consumption a little especially after I began plugging in my written lists into aps.

Sorry for the poor grammar, running on sentences, and overall incoherence. As I said it's the middle of the night and I'd like to hopefully get right back to sleep so I can handle the rest of this long solo week!
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suzie- I'm glad everything looks good!


revolting- I'm glad they found the baby and all looks well, I can completely understand the stress.


AFM-  I'm on day 4 in a row of working out again, woohoo! I did 30 minutes on the gazelle last night and then just a 10 minute pilates video this morning but it feels good to do something, anything lol.

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Yay for exercise John16n33 thumb.gif but booo for up in middle of the night, echospiritwriter!  :/

emconnell hope you get your energy back AND Enjoy no nausea.  Hoping Sphinxy keeps the nausea away as well!   Revolting, I would have done the same thing.  Unfortunately if that would have happened to me at my dr visit last wednesday with the doppler listen, they wouldn't have been able to do an ultrasound there because the machine is at another address.  SuzieMcCool, your band backstory is funny, but not cool that they ripped your c-section scar with this ultrasound!  Darn!   Are you shooting for a VBAC?  Thanks for the voice compliments!  I hope this attempt to become a singer goes somewhere.... 

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Revolting-After 4 miscarriages, of course you needed the reassurance. I'm so glad everything looks good!

John-Hooray for having enough energy to exercise! I've been able to keep doing yoga most mornings this whole time, but was able to talk myself into 30 minutes of pilates yesterday! It felt so good!

I'm exhausted this morning. I went to check on ds3 before going to bed...I always need to put his blankets on him because it's still chilly at night and he always kicks them off. Anyway, I woke him up by accident and couldn't get him back to sleep, so I brought him into bed with me. I soon remembered why I kicked him out of our bed in the first place! He was tossing and turning and sleeping on my belly and my bladder and taking up more space than a 27 pound person should ever be able to take up so that I was practically glued against the wall. I feel like I barely slept. Hopefully he'll be as tired as I am and I can get some rest today.
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Awww Revolting I'm sorry it was so stressful!! I totally understand. I also had wanted to wait and not get any early ultrasounds. But my nerves and anxiety got the best of me and I ended up having one. For me the relief was worth it. I hope now you feel some of that relief too smile.gif and glad you have a healthy little bean growing!!

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