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All these original baby names are so cute! DH and I are still in denial a bit, so we have nothing at all.

Had my first appt. today: ~12 weeks, no heartbeat to be found via doppler. I have a retroverted uterus, so it's not that unusual, but I'm bummed. Back to waiting, I guess!
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Thanks Mosaic.
I freaked not finding a hb at under 10 weeks. Glad to see this is normal. I'm going to skip the doppler tomorrow. I keep telling myself.
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Yay, Suzie! Congrats on the awesome test results. 


revolting - I think it makes total sense that you felt that way and I'm so glad you got the u/s so that you could have some relief. 


Congrats on the workout, John, I know 30 minutes can feel like a big accomplishment. I am going to try to get on my elliptical later this afternoon and hopefully I'll be able to do 30. Last time I tried after 15 min I felt like I just wanted to lay my head down on the handlebars and take a nap! DW had to tell me that was my sign to stop sleeping.gif


Afm, I think I might have a UTI irked.gif.  I have an appointment with my ob/midwife office tonight anyway, so I called ahead and they are going to take a urine sample. I've never had one before and I feel kind of guilty that my diet over the last few weeks might have caused this. I know we are supposed to stay well hydrated when pregnant but drinking fluids was making me feel more nauseous, so I know I was getting as much as I probably needed. Thankfully with the nausea gone right now I have been sucking down the water and cranberry juice all day. 

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Echo.. Pregnancy insomnia is so unfair!  Hopefully you can steal some rest during the day


Revolting.. So glad you got your u/s and all is well! - seeing the baby makes it so much more real


John.. You are awesome to be working out!  I'm going to see if the pool here has prenatal classes.  I got weighed last night, and yes I need some excercise lol


Serafina..  VBAC... not so sure


I had my first actual midwife appointment last night and... she is the same nurse who assisted with my IVF egg transfer!!

She was encouraging me to consider a natural birth opposed to c-section until we went through my old notes from DS birth.  I truly had forgotten how awful it was - really!! 


She is now saying I may be best to stick with a planned C-section as it was pretty much a nightmare labor.  I was induced, and in total the labor time was almost 60 hours. according to the report my life was at risk due to my blood pressure and that was the reason for the section.  DS was at risk due to his ridiculous angle and was stressed, and I always thought that was why it became an emergency.  Seeing that my BP is quite high already, she is doubtful that I will even be given an option given my history. 


So sadly, I'm assuming I'm on the C-section train, but at least this time without the long labor and without the emergency - so hopefully the recovery should be easier. 

So for everyone having their first, you really do forget the bad parts of labor after the baby is born!! I thought it was nowhere near as long or bad as it was!   I really only remembered a fraction of it except for when they put him in my arms. That, I remember.

But hey - my midwife was there for the conception smile.gif  wow!!  Coincidence, or fate?  LOL

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Can I be nosy and ask why you were induced?

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Be as nosy as you like :) I have no shame

I wanted to go to the birthing center which means no intervention at all, so they let me go almost 3 weeks past my due date to try to make me eligible.  In the end they couldn't break my waters, and there was no sign of going into labor naturally so I had gels, which did nothing, then got put on the drip overnight.  Eventually, it started, but I had to go to the normal ward.  In the end, though, that was prob for the best in my case anyway :)

Apparently, I would never have gone into labor without assistance though, which is not normal, so please nobody panic!  lol

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Sphinxy, I'm constantly thirsty and feel like I can barely keep up with my body's water needs even though I drink water all the time. Hope if it's a UTI for you it gets cleared up quick!


Suzie, sounds like you've got good care. A friend of mine had a great experience with an elective c-section last year (after 1 natural birth turned section, and one planned homebirth turned c-section) and she thought it was a healing experience. She was able to choose a provider that really listened to her and made her feel like a part of the process. Hopefully you're experience will be positive too.


I feel like I should give a wave and say hi again...since I've been feeling better I've not been online as much and haven't checked in lately. Doing fine here, 13 weeks and not much nausea anymore, and the super-tiredness is abating. We call this baby Baby Tres (like "3"). Right now we're focusing on our car situation...going to need more seating this fall! Probably buying a new car tomorrow, which is actually kind of fun. :)

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We call ours "Teddy." We figure a teddy bear could be male or female, and in our ultrasound, it kin of looked like a teddy bear smile.gif
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Thanks Suzie, sadly though hubby is on business all week AND I have one child with a come a go low grade fever and cough so she hasn't been going to school which means very little rest for me. I have been cleaning out closets/ doing spring cleaning though which feels prett good. Thanks for being so open and honest about your first birth experience. People at peace with the way the way things turn out makes me feel a lot more confident about my ability to cope we're the need to transfer ever come up.

Hi again Leigh smile.gif yay for the new car! We're going to do the same sometime this year. Mine is a seven passenger however with carseats on both second row doors there's no easy way to get to the third row eyesroll.gif so it will work, it just won't be convenient.

I just love everyone's nicknames but you wonderful ladies do have me feeling rather bland and unoriginal.
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Baby's nickname is "Tiebreaker." smile.gif
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holy cow echo I'm totally with you on the insomnia right now. I woke up at around 3 am to pee and spent the next hour staring at the darkness before I gave up and came downstairs to get some work done (obviously I've strayed from actually working).  The nighttime wake ups to pee are totally kicking my butt. Leigh, a new car does sound fun.  We're thinking of heading in that direction sometime before October. Preferably sooner rather than later. Right now we have two classic cars that we are maintaining. Mine has plenty of space for another kiddo but having to keep up with this lovely but very old vehicle is too much. I want something reliable...with AWD.  I mean I've survived for 7 years of New England winters without it but it would be so nice.


My back is finally starting to feel better after the spasms of last week and my cold is slightly abating so that's good. I even managed to get in a little exercise yesterday before my son wet his pants and I completely forgot about pilates.

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I have no nickname yet!  Argh!


4th song written though, another angry one.  :)  I have a first appointment with a potential therapist next tuesday, let's see how her English is.  I'm not holding my breath.  But, the writing is helping ease my anger and lift my mood a bit.  It's better than wallowing in negativity.


Our car will be fine but quite crowded.  If we have another in quick secession, we'll be needing a new car for sure, but somehow my fiance doesn't realize that he may have only 2 years left to enjoy the current car.  he's planning to keep it forever.....  :)   He just hasn't counted the seats yet I think.  lol.gif

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Leigh.. hope the car hunting was fun.. it's amazing how the tiredness/nausea just kind of disappear until one day you almost feel normal :)


Ciga.. I'm with you in the car & insomnia situation.  We have 2 oldies (not classics though..just old) and one really reliable car is def on our agenda this year, and it's 3.30am here.. sigh


Serafina... good luck with your therapist.  A little bit of English goes a long way! smile.gif


AFM.. presenting Peanut the wonder baby..  DH is convinced that little foot is an enormous penis  LOL


Intel(R) JPEG Library, version []

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AFM I heard the hb today. My mw didn't find it yesterday, I freaked, she freaked. I was too far along having had too many babies she was expecting to hear it. OB found it in 30 seconds this morning!! YEAH THERES A BABY IN THERE!!!!!!!!! IMAGINE THAT! DP was embarassed that i told my ob this was child #8 between us. LOL. He felt judged.
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Originally Posted by joanna47 View Post

Baby's nickname is "Tiebreaker." smile.gif

Ha! That one made me laugh out loud. Love it!

Suzie, beautiful perfect baby there!

We had quite an adventure buying our new car today. Our trade-in vehicle died in a gas station parking lot three hours before our appointment at the dealership! Nothing says "I'm in a good position to negotiate" like having a vehicle TOWED to the dealership ahead of you. Ha! But actually everything went ok. We bought a car that will seat a zillion people (ok, eight) and tow our little travel-trailer and my kids are excited like only kids with suddenly lots of seats to chose from can be. smile.gif I overheard DD telling her grandmother that "' me and my brother and mommy's new baby can all have seats and bring a friend too." Love that it's "mommy's" new baby exclusively!
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AFM.. presenting Peanut the wonder baby..  DH is convinced that little foot is an enormous penis  LOL


Intel(R) JPEG Library, version []

I cracked up!!!! That's the funniest ultrasound joke I've ever heard.


Great baby there!!!

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Grr after 5 days of being snot free I woke up unable to breath out of my nose this morning.  Stupid Texas allergies...

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Suzie - LOL about the foot. What a lovely u/s pic.
AFM - Hit 13 weeks yesterday. My husband let it slip at work that we expect another one. I know people start telling others around 12 weeks traditionally, but after I lost a baby at 12 weeks... I don't know when I'll feel ready to share, but not yet. We had talked about this, so I'm kind of upset with him that he told after we agreed to wait. We've been fighting a lot lately anyway.
I really anticipate quickening: I hope it will make the anxiety more manageable.
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AFM I heard the hb today. My mw didn't find it yesterday, I freaked, she freaked. I was too far along having had too many babies she was expecting to hear it. OB found it in 30 seconds this morning!! YEAH THERES A BABY IN THERE!!!!!!!!! IMAGINE THAT! DP was embarassed that i told my ob this was child #8 between us. LOL. He felt judged.


Congrats Shiloh! joy.gif

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LOL, love the foot!


I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday - 13 weeks. Heard the heartbeat on dopplar, so that was nice. :) No more ultrasounds until 20 weeks!


I got tested at my last appointment to see if I was a cystic fibrosis carrier, and it turns out I am, so we decided to have DH checked too. We don't have a GP right now, so the birth center said they could draw the blood and send it off for him. It was kind of hilarious though because the midwife was like "What do I do with this big man's arm?! I'm used to women's arms!" LOL. Then the girl at the front desk was trying to figure out how to enter the information for the lab to process and was like "How do I enter him as NOT pregnant?!" Here's hoping she figured out how to do it. ROTFLMAO.gif

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