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Danielle.. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.. so glad you got some proper rest!  x


Slammer.. I had something similar last night, but maybe I'm just a bit crazy lol.. I swear I felt some strange stuff going on down there though :)


Revolting.. 12 kilos is about 25 pounds.  Yep, it's horrifying, as that's half of what I expected to gain!  But, being 5'2 I'm sure nobody will notice it HAHAHA  No, really, I look like a beach ball, it's all in the belly, so I'm not all that surprised.  MW thinks it's all fluid so peanut is well and truly protected in there! 


afm.. Target has 30% off maternity clothes, so going down with my mum to make a layby smile.gif   Actually really looking forward to some nice mum time, although DS is coming with us, so I expect to also get some quality time in the X-Box section LOL 

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AFM I did the "bleach gender test" = girl! Might try the baking soda next pee break lol!
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AFM I did the "bleach gender test" = girl! Might try the baking soda next pee break lol! Chinese calendar said girl! Ring test said girl!
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Well I think I am finally starting to kick this cold.  My sweet aunt made me homemade chicken soup for dinner last night and I caved and took some robitussin (okay'd by my doc) I finally slept good and hopefully will be fully recovered in the next few days.  This kid must be dragging my immune system through the mud.

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Well I just got out of my first band rehearsal.  It went for five hours, including lots of talking and getting to know each other (we had never met before in person, I got in touch with them through a music website which has discussion forums including  a wanted section and they were advertising for needing a singer).  Probably only an hour of that was spent playing, but it's important to see how the personalities click too if we are going to be  in a band together.  They were the nicest guys!  Really sweet and easy-going and we were laughing and joking around most of the time, while still talking through all the difficult things that need to be hashed out and discussed when figuring out what potential pitfalls may arise that would make this not be a good fit.  Kinda like a first date, but a super intense one where you discuss potential marriage dealbreakers.  Like a first date + job interview, I guess is more apt.  That side went well.  The side that gives me pause is that this is not really the genre that is most ideal for my singing, and my voice is now sore and I didn't even do *that* much singing.  I need to learn technique for how to preserve my voice even when I am trying to belt out over a live rock band to be heard above the fray.  

We shall see.  But all the things I've been gloomy about during the pregnancy were fodder for the lyrics and that felt good to let it all out.  I can't wait to write more melodies and lyrics to other songs.  It's fun collaborating!


What has everyone's weekend entailed?  We had a big 'party' yesterday with my friend and her four kids, plus my fiance's brother and his wife, and my kids.  Ok only 11 people but it felt wild considering how well all those kids get along and how wild they play.  :)  It was a good day since pretty much everyone I'm really close with in this country was here under my roof at the same time.

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I enjoyed some alone time because hubby returned from his week long work trip Saturday! I went to a most beautiful friend (and fantastic prenatal yoga teacher)'s blessing way. It was stunning! Then I went to this birthing warriors workshop in Austin today. It's main point was to address fear in pregnancy/labor/birth but it was a beautiful gathering with the right mix of journaling/art/meditation/movement. Fun.
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Serafina..Your new band sounds awesome - and all you need are some good breathing techniques for rock band singing :)  At the start of our band, i had no voice at all after a gig for a few days but somehow found my diaphragm, or toughened up?  lol But I did more yelling than singing...


Meagan.. glad you're kicking your cold :)  it's so much worse with so little relief medicine!


Shiloh.. If you get another girl result you won't need to have the u/s :) 

I'm thinking this is a boy, but we're not gonna find out until the actual birth.  We both like the idea of that old fashioned surprise, BUT if there is an obvious sign at the 20 week scan, then so be it! 

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We look away at the start of the scan so there are no accidental early surprises and of course let the sonographer know and s/he has always said something like (you may want to look away now really briefly while I check to make sure that the parts that are there look normal.

Anyone else noticing warm up ctx already? I'm guessing they may get stronger and more prevalent with each pregnancy because I feel like 13 weeks is soon! I'll feel it and then check and sure enough that is what I'm feeling. Crazy!
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John - really pleased to hear your cold is heading away. Some relief with the cold medicine will have helped you get some good rest long may it continue.

Serafina- your new band mates sound awesome! I'm sure your wee bub will be enjoying the happy rocking mumma vibes too :-)

Echospirit - glad to hear you have had a wonderful weekend, I'd love a blessing way just not sure where to start. No warm up contractions here I don't tend to get them until much later in the piece.

Suzie - I've had one surprise and one non surprise and they were both awesome, this time I'm just far to impatient and calling it practicality as we have two boys if bub is a girl (which I highly doubt) then we would need to make arrangements for clothing etc. as dh is adamant his daughter would be a little girl who wears lots of pink.

I am 15weeks pregnant today, which I'm very happy about, feeling tiny bumps from this wee person which is really special. Had my Nana's funeral today, it all went as well as can be in regards to funerals I guess. Feels a bit odd not to be waiting or in limbo anymore.
My extended family are in the country for another day so they are coming to visit and we are going out for lunch which I am very much looking forward too.
My in laws are cooking us dinner after our big day so I better get rugged up, the weathers miserable and head off.
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I noticed having them at 13 weeks.  :(

I'm 16 weeks today and had them REALLY strong this morning.  It's upsetting with my history of preterm labor, so I'm hoping that this doesn't mean that I may need MORE than 3 months of bedrest.  They'll check how hard my cervix is in about two weeks.

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Tried the baking soda test got boy!
Lol. Bought size F bra..
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I started noticing my warm up contractions at 8 (almost 9) weeks. I asked two different midwives about it (because I thought I was crazy) and they both seemed to think it was possible. I was told they start at 6 weeks and women get crampier with each pregnancy. I've never felt them even close to this early before.
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Gosh thanks! I thought I was going crazy, glad to know they're there for others.

Serafina just because you have warm up ctx doesn't necessarily mean you'll have preterm labor. I go well over 40 weeks most every time and a month before edd last time I thought I had the flu so got checked out in a hospy (I've given birth at home) and the nurse there commented that there were some 'pretty good' ctx going on there--- YUP and baby was still far off! Anyhow, try not to worry you know what to look for and it sounds like you have good care providers. I'm just saying they don't always add up

Danielle hope you had a lovely time gathering with family. It can be nice to be with everyone honoring someone you all loved.
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echo-  Yes, I know all that and that's what I was hoping would be the case for me the first time but then my first was born at 34 weeks and he was in an incubator for weeks (so traumatic).  My cervix started effacing even earlier the second pregnancy so I spent 3 months on bedrest, and barely managed to keep the baby in to term.  I'm high risk so the monitoring of my cervix starts in two weeks and as soon as it's not hard and long, then we will have to go on red alert.

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i've also been having a lot of cramping/what feels like early labor pains with this pregnancy.  considering my pregnancies last 42+ weeks, my uterus should get a running start.  maybe this one will decide to show up in a timely manner.  i think it's a girl because my ovulation was 2 days after intercourse--which is good considering i've had two boys who refused to come out, but one girl who knew what a vagina was for wink1.gif

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I feel twinges pretty regularly in my uterus, which I'm just chalking up to growing and stretching. I don't think mine are cramps yet.


I am the queen of random/thought-I-was-out-of-the-woods-but-I-guess-not barfing apparently. I threw up in my office trashcan at work yesterday. I think this one might have been related to spoiled food or something though, because it came on so suddenly, I didn't have an empty stomach, and there was no way I could breath through it. It had to come. Needless to say I did not pack the same thing for lunch today. At least I was able to give my office mate enough warning to get out and shut the door, lol. I felt bad to kick her out so unceremoniously, but it was better for her to not have to be in the room while I heaved my guts out.

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