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Do you think your baby knows?....

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...when you are sad and really depressed and hating on yourself? Including fits of crying. 

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Originally Posted by Loogiejane View Post

...when you are sad and really depressed and hating on yourself? Including fits of crying. 


Yes. But in the most primal of ways. Unspoken emotional language passed between two individuals who are inexplicably linked.


But. I don't think it's something (one MORE thing) to be down on yourself for. I spent the first five months of my pregnancy very stressed, emotionally negative, and questioning whether I had made a massive mistake in becoming pregnant again. I often thought of the baby on the other end of this negativity. I do not feel I've scarred her- I am a real person with real feelings, and I had to work through those to be as balanced and psyched about her as I do now.


We can't be perfect, and to expect that from ourselves is to set ourselves up for a fall.

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I don't know that I would use the word "knows." Maybe "feels"? I'm thinking of the shared hormones between mama and fetus. Cognition is not so much there yet?

Like othermother, I regret having wished this baby was not coming a few times. My dh and I have been struggling a LOT, and a baby seems like the last thing to help. And yet it is what it is. My parents divorced before I turned one, and my mother said that I was the most healing thing that happened to her.

I don't know that this little ramble helped you At all, but I understand completely what you are wondering.
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I think they can feel it, but sometimes you just can't help being upset and I would not beat yourself up about it. I spent a fair amount of time furious with a family member and completely worked up when I was pregnant with Maddox. It may sound hokey, but once I'd calm down, I'd "explain" to Maddox that I was sorry I'd been upset, that it had nothing to do with him and that I loved him very much. I wasn't like telepathically communicating with him or anything like that, but I think "talking" to him like that helped me relax and get everything in to perspective.

It was kind of a variation of this:

"Take "fetal love breaks." Break up your day-to-day activities to spend some time with your unborn child. Listen to music. Get yourself in a peaceful place. This changes the neurotransmitter mix in your brain and sends the fetus loving messages. And they've done studies using ultrasounds and found you can reduce the baby's heart rate, respiratory rate, and muscle tone by doing these things.

You should take fetal love breaks three times a day and it only takes 10 minutes to do them. " -http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-500172_162-511503.html
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I think your baby/babies feel what you feel to an extent, but also that it is normal for Mom to feel a range of emotions while pregnant and nothing to worry yourself about. If you had a particularly rough period, try to balance it with something relaxing/enjoyable/etc. That's what I try to do if I'd had a really stressful day/week or a really sad time.
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PhilsBabyMama, I totally agree with what you said. Just like parenting a born child, you're going to experience emotion and your kid might get caught up in your emotions too. But it's important I think, to make that calm connect with the baby/child and let them know they're not at fault, you love them, and want them to feel safe and happy-


It can be as simple as something like putting your hands on your belly with good emotion and loving intent, and thinking or saying:

There's just some hard things going on for Mommy right now that makes me feel a bit sad/mad/etc. I need to get through them, but I want you to know that you are loved and you are safe.


Because just like babies can sense the negative, they also respond to the positive

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