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Share Your Spring Cleaning Tips! Spring Cleaning Giveaway Sponsored by Branch Basics  

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Spring is well underway and we want to hear your spring cleaning tips!  Share one tip that is environmentally-friendly, organic, and/or natural and you'll be entered to win! You can post as many tips as you like but each tip should be placed as a separate post. So post your best tips to this thread and you could win a Branch Basics 32 ounce Concentrate with Spray Bottle to help you get your home spring clean fresh!




Branch Basics

Strong Enough For Bathroom, Safe Enough For Baby

The many cleaners we use throughout our homes all contain a bevy of chemicals – that just aren’t good for us – or the air quality in your home. By ridding the home of conventional (toxic) cleaning solutions – laundry soaps, dish soaps, oven cleaners, bathroom cleaners, pesticides, stain removers, etc. – parents are significantly improving their home’s indoor air, providing a safer place for their family to live. 

Branch Basics is a brand NEW non-toxic soap that is effective and safe to use on virtually every surface in your home. Sounds too good to be true, but Branch Basics is: Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Hypo-allergenic, Human-safe (causes no harm if accidentally ingested), Kills bacteria (E. Coli, Staph, Salmonella, etc.), Kills viruses, mold and parasites, Effectively removes stains and odors, Heals cuts, burns, sunburns, rashes, acne, etc., Replaces virtually all conventional cleaners, and it is not tested on animals. www.branchbasics.com


Contest Rules

There are two ways to enter the contest:

  • Post your best environmentally-friendly, organic, and/or natural spring cleaning tip. You may post more than one tip but each tip must posted separately in a new post.

  • Share the contest post via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Once you have shared please post to the thread to let us know that you did. You may participate in this way without posting a tip.

  • All entrants should read the Terms and Conditions of the contest.



We have three bottles of Branch Basics Concentrate along with a spray bottle to give away! It makes 6 all-purpose spray bottles (32 oz) or 64 loads of laundry.


Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Hypo-allergenic
Human-safe (causes no harm if accidentally ingested)
Kills bacteria (E. Coli, Staph, Salmonella, etc.)
Kills viruses, mold and parasites
Effectively removes stains and odors
Heals cuts, burns, sunburns, rashes, acne, etc.
Replaces virtually all conventional cleaners
Not tested on animals



Three winners will be determined by giveaway drawing from among those who posted a tip or shared the contest on social media. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions of this contest. The contest will begin Monday, April 8, 2013 and will end at midnight April 15, 2013.

Be sure to share the contest with your family and friends too!

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I love cleaning with vinegar, but not the vinegar smell.  So I saw on Pinterest the idea to soak orange peels in vinegar for 2 weeks- now it has a great orange smell.  I want to try with lemons next.....

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Speaking of lemons, one trick I use is I sacrifice half a lemon or use the leftovers of a squeezed lemon to clean the kitchen sink drain. I drop it in the insinkerator and flush hot water while the insinkerator is on. It cleans and leaves a great smell afterwards. (Note: I am not qualified to enter the contest, but just wanted to share this tip.) 

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I use Norwex micro fiber towels ... 

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I use a steam mop ... no chemicals and the pads are washable!

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Shared! These tips are great...thanks!

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My husband hates the smell of vinegar so one day i tried putting a lavender branch from our garden in my bottle of vinegar water and it smells like lavender instead of vinegar.

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When I take a shower I wipe down the walls with a wash cloth to keep everything looking nice. 

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To make cleaning fun for my kids we play I-spy(usually while I'm nursing the baby LOL). I spy an object or something the color of, or a book and they rush to pick it up and put it away. I award a point (but I no longer every write down the points as the smaller kids were getting discouraged and quitting) for whoever finds the object. Sometimes I will spy a group of objects like dirty socks and they will get a point for each of the socks they pick up. The kids have fun and I end up with a clean living room. 

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Each of my kids has their own bottle of vinegar cleaner and while I clean they clean. I assign them each an area to clean. The 4 year old's area always has to be redone, but she feels important helping.

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A great tip I learned was don't use stain remover on whites....set out in the sun! You can also add lemon to help the sun bleach it. 

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I'm not very good at cleaning nor at doing it frequently but one tip that I use that works while I'm pregnant is using baking soda and vinegar to clean our shower. It's safe and has enough texture to get the job done. 

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I use a lot of baking soda all over the house.  I have baking soda in the kitchen for baking with and to scour my sink but I also use it in the bathroom to scrub toilets and showers and I have baking soda in the laundry room to sprinkle on grease spots.

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This might sound strange…but on extremely windy spring or fall days we open up every window in the house causing wind tunnels to whip through.  Even though we think we vacuum and dust thoroughly under beds, in corners, etc. there is still dog hair, dust, etc. that blows out from hidden spaces.   Then we close up the house and vacuum/dust everything really well.


p.s.  We are a family that pulls out appliances and furniture to clean behind throughout the year, vacuums curtains, changes furnace filters etc. and there is still stuff that manages to escape us until we open up the house on a windy day.

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Lemons! I use lemons (especially partially used halves) to scrub sinks and then I can't help but put them in the garbage disposal because it makes it smell fresh and lemony, even though they shouldn't be put in there.
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I use vinegar in place of dishwasher rinse aid. It works wonderfully! I used to use the name brand stuff - expensive. Then tried cheap generics - didn't work. Found out vinegar works as well as the name brand stuff, is cheaper, and best of all-----friendly to our bodies and our earth!!!

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I use microfibre cloths for everything around the house - they clean amazingly when just a little wet with no cleaners needed!

- glass needs a wipe with a damp cloth followed by a polish with a dry one

- our granite counters and stainless appliances need only to be wiped with a wet sponge (easy after washing dishes!) and dried with a dry microfibre cloth (in circular motions for granite and along the grain of the stainless steel)

- even a grungy shower can be cleaned up this way - I just wipe each tile first sideways then up and down and they shine!

- perfect for floors too, and they scrub up everything that may be stuck on as well as dirt

- just the other day I used one on our dirty car too; DH had just come home and drove in the rain so the car was still wet - I just took a dry cloth and wiped the windows and windshield, followed by the body of the car; the next day it was all dry and clean and shiny!

- and I always have one in the kitchen because they are so absorbent, they are great for drying dishes


I got a big pack of them from Costco for cheap so it's easy to use them for whatever and just grab a clean one, I never run out. The pack we got had two different colours which is handy, one for the kitchen/food and the other for things like floors and other messes. I wash them with the other towels, no softeners, and put them in the dryer.

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hi, i shared the giveaway info with friends!

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I use toothpaste to clean stainless steel to make it shine. It seems to work better than baking soda. 

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