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summer babywearing: how does anyone manage it??

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So I'm assuming that for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, spring is springing and our babies are experiencing warm weather for the first time in their little lives! It's about 80F here and I took the baby out in the Ergo to hang up laundry with me. By the time we got back inside, the front of my shirt had big sweat spots where our bodies had been touching. I felt compelled to lay him down for the rest of his nap because he was so hot in the carrier, but of course he woke up because he's used to napping in the carrier during the day.


I'm not a very sweaty person and it's only warm outside, not really hot yet. How are we going to do this in the summer when it's 97 and humid?

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Um, I don't remember what I did. I think I would strip DS1 down to a diaper for summer babywearing. That and I'd use the stroller. I guess??? My brain has melted away with sleep deprivation.


My boys have both disliked being confined to baby carriers but DS2 needs to nap in one so yeah, I'll be interesting in what people say. 

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I have wondered the same things. About nursing too. Lol We have no AC and were in the desert. Bla! I know my sils just wore them anyway.
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I saw this the other day - it may be helpful: http://www.frogmama.com/what-is-the-coolest-carrier-for-summer.html

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Hmmm. Maybe I'll pull out my Beco Butterfly and woven wrap and try them again, that blog recommends them. I've gotten pretty attached to my Ergo at this stage and was wearing E this morning in 70 degree weather and got hot. I'll report back on how they work sometime!
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I have a German-style woven wrap (a Dolcino) but I think for the multi-pass carries I've been doing with my baby, it's too hot. Someone also gave us a stretchy Moby-like wrap recently, but we had never used one before, and my almost-18-lb baby is not feeling it. I am thinking of maybe getting another wrap for the summer--a gauze wrap, a thinner woven cotton one, or a linen blend. Now I see why people get addicted to carriers!


Even so, I feel like just having our bodies next to each other (regardless of the carrier) makes us both so much hotter. I feel more inclined to using the stroller but it can be such a hassle and it can't go everywhere. Then there's the fact that he's used to falling asleep in the carrier...oh dear. Guess it's time to learn some new tricks.

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I agree, babywearing in a warm climate can be tricky. DS1 was born in Thailand and I carried him a lot in a light cotton ring sling. we still got sweaty, there really is no way to avoid that, but it worked well enough. For the really hot days I had a kind of gauzy beach wrap (originally to tie around the waist and use as cacheur or skirt and knotted it into a Sling. Wait, I think I have pictures of that somewhere...


this is the light cotton ring sling (homemade), Noah is about 8mo here:

and the improvised sling (he is 7mo here):

and obviously he is only wearing a diaper :)

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Thanks for the pictures! I have trouble with slings (asymmetrical weight distribution doesn't work well for me) but this does make me want to try a gauze wrap maybe.

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Love the pics Franjapany!

Oikophile- slings give me a lot if back, neck, and shoulder pain greensad.gif The woven wrap doesn't bother me nearly as much since it goes on both shoulders. I need to get faster getting it in though and then maybe I'd use it more.

Anyone have a good site for finding more types of wrap carries? I only know one way to tie it and would like more to choose from.
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here is a link to the didymos site:




I also highly recommend watching the youtube clips by paxbaby - lots of good ideas there :)

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I want to try them all.... I crochet a hip carry one before she was too carry the girl I babysat, it looks like a purse. I took that to town yesterday. SO much easier than dragging the Moby around and I tell you, cooler too, though I think cotton would be cooler still. This is acrylic. The problem came when she started fussing. I pulled her to my front, she wasn't supported well, but she was not entirely on my arms so I could finish shopping. She fell asleep like that. Not optimal, but we managed. smile.gif
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I like wrapyourbaby.com for tutorials and videos. There's also another woman's YouTube videos I like--her username is grayliadan. I've been working on her wiggle-proof back carry with decent results.
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I know this thread is for the heat, and with these, still we'll be hot, but I scored an almost new Maya and an Ergo from a lady getting rid of them for $80 total! I was pretty happy and we've been playing with them today. She loves the Ergo on my back, but I need hubby to help me adjust it. It falls down too far and is too pulling in the front. It could be my body shape. Short torso, no butt, big roll of belly flab and a 34H bra.... it looked awful and felt worse. Lol
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I used to carry my babies in a ring sling during really hot weather (of which, we do not get an awful lot where we live!) but Kaelan does not like the ring sling or being held on my hip.  Up until now, he's been carried mostly in my DidyTais which are mei teis made from the same woven material the Didymos wraps are.  I could wear my wraps even in the summer, because they breathe well, but the DidyTai is even lighter weight, since I don't need to wrap the fabric several layers thick. It is just one light layer.  Unfortunately, Kaelan has gotten so heavy, I am starting to have a lot of back pain and can't wear him for more than 30 minutes at a time.  So, I pulled my Ergo out the other day. It distributes the weight down on to my hips instead of across my back, so I was able to wear him for up to 3 hours without any back pain.  But even though it was only a mildly warm day (about 22 C), he and I were soaked in sweat. eyesroll.gif  I'm now on the look out for a lighter weight carrier that supports his weight as well as the Ergo. I may have to try my wraps again and see if they don't do a better job for my back than my DidyTais do, much as I love them! 

Has anyone tried a Beco Butterfly 2?  Are they terribly warm?  I've been babywearing for over 15 years (my own five as well as babies I've babysat) but I've never managed the back carry in any of the wraps, slings or carriers I've used.  I've watched so many how-to videos and have tried and tried, but I simply do not have the range of movement in my shoulders that it seems necessary to get the baby on my back. I was looking at the structure of the BB2 and it looks like I could actually accomplish the back carry with that one.  Kaelan is just too heavy for my back these days and, much as I love carrying him on my front where I can snuggle with him and kiss his sweet, fuzzy head, it's much harder on my back to front carry him. 


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I wish I knew more about carriers. I'd design and market one that was easy to use, could be used for multiple body shape and sizes, breathable, birth to toddler, easy to tandem wear, easy on the back etc and affordable.

Is that even possible?

Don't know about the BB2, I bet Babywearing.com (or whatever it's called) would have info.
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My babywearing problem is that Luthien isn't ready to ride anywhere but in front in her sling and she's almost 18 pounds! We have an Ergo, and she did fine in that until she outgrew the infant insert and had to sit in it with legs apart. Her little legs can't straddle me yet, especially in the wide sitting area of the Ergo; she complained right away when we tried it. She's also too small for her Osprey, a carrier for backpacking; the straps are up around her ears. (I may try boosting her with a pillow, as she sits up well, a prerequisite for the carrier.) Has anyone managed to put her little one in an Ergo with legs in, as with a mei tai, in the back-carry position? My back and arms are sore from carrying her in the sling in front, especially because, when she falls asleep while we're walking, she lists over to one side and I end up holding her up with that arm. Uuuugh. She's a chunky girl at five months!

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Do you have access to a DidyTai to try?  You can adjust the "steg" (don't know what this is called in English, but it is the bit between the legs) to fit whatever width you need. I also find you can tie baby to you more snuggly than in a more structured carrier, like an Ergo.  It fits more like a wrap (just without all the tying).  My little guy also lists to one side when he falls asleep, so I put the hood up on one side, which supports his head without the need for me to hold my hand there.  I think it is a bit more "flexible" with options than a more structured carrier.  My only complaint is that I have a bad back and I find that the Ergo puts more of his weight on my hips than my back. That said, the ties on the DidyTai are very wide, like a wrap, and can be spread right across your shoulder and back, which distributes the weight over a much broader area.  There might be other carries like this, I'm not sure.

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I can't put her short legs into the Ergo very long either. She isn't bad in front but back she laughs for like 2 min, then fusses till she's out. Maybe this fall....

Ergo make anyone else's undies and skirt/pants ride down as they walk? Not sure if it's my size or what but I can't take 2 steps in back carry without them slipping south....
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Thanks for the suggestions, Guen and Mrs. Koehn! I realized that I hadn't tried her out with the Ergo for a few weeks, so yesterday evening I put her in it in the front-carry position, taking care to fold her legs so that she wasn't so straddled and took the weight off her pubic bone, and she went for a 45-minute walk without complaining. I plan on trying her in the back-carry position today for an afternoon walk between patients. I'd like to try the DidyTai; it sounds like a more comfortable carrier that adapts to the child more than the structured fit of the Ergo does. A while back, I'd asked if any of my fellow La Leche League mothers had an old mei tai they wanted to give away, but they're still using them. ;)

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I have a Colimacon et Cie wrap that is pretty supportive but lightweight and breezy enough, with the right passes I can make it work for this horrid south TX heat. We also got a Kinderpack with coolknit, a breathable panel down the back of it. He definitely sweats a lot less in the KP with the knit than in my friend's KP without.

My biggest problem with him is that he HATES being front-carried these days, and wrapping him on my back is impossible as he FREAKS out during the wrapping process, which makes me not feel confident doing it, which upsets him, etc 'round and 'round. Once I get him up and secure he's okay and I'm okay but we rarely practice because of that. I've been being lazy and throwing him up in the KP on my back but I really need to get into wrapping. The KP was supposed to be for my husband!

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