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Swim time- pools or city creeks?

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I couldn't figure out the best forum for this, but I bet you folks can help me. We live in a city with lots of green belts and creeks. There is even a municipal pool that is entirely spring fed. My kids love the water and we will likely swim every single day starting in a few weeks. To avoid paying for the spring fed pool, I can take kids to the spot where it pours out into the river (town lake). This would be my preference versus coating ourselves in chlorine each day. But should I be very concerned about other icky things? Lots of people use this free side of the springs, and soooo many dogs play there. Would chlorine be a healthier option? My kids are young, so there will definitely be ingestion.
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I would use the creek. I am no germaphobe, though, and an excellent swimmer.   I find kids who only swim in pools are often a little afraid to swim in other bodies of water.  I think it is a different skill set, and kids should learn how to swim in both.  There are other cool things at the creek as well - frogs, skipping rocks, etc….


Are you comfortable in all types of water?  Your comfort does dictate things.  Supervision might be easier at a pool (more people, but lifeguards, you can see the bottom,  and no current of any sort)

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I'd go for the creeks, but I'd make them wear water shoes, I've been poked way too many times with fish hooks in my childhood. 

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Sounds like my thinking, both of you. Since it is a spot with high current at some spots, life jackets will be a must, as will water shoes. I figured out that the germs wouldn't be of much concern, given the nature of the spring water rushing into the lake. Nothing is sitting stagnant and stewing, so it's not so gross. I hear that chlorine doesn't kill most common viruses anyway, so it seems like a lot of toxic soak with little protection. I vote creeks and springs!

What of snakes... How can I be safest against them?
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What part of the country are you in? Do you have any dangerous snakes? Generally water snakes and garter snakes are harmless (maybe a bite if you can manage to step on them) but if you stomp around and make a lot of noise they flee anyway.
Our most dangerous snake here is the massisauga rattlesnake and I've never even seen one in the 25ish summers I've spent outside.
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We are in central Texas. Plenty of rattlers. I know there are water moccasins and copperheads. I figured loud, stomping, and regularly populated spots should be pretty safe, but would love any safety tips for this city girl.
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Is there a local wildlife group that could answer your questions about snakes? 

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Great suggestion! We will ask next time we go to the nature center. smile.gif
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You could also call your city hall or other central governing board and ask if tests have been done on that creek.  We have a swimming lake in town (with a beach area netted off to keep the alligators off the beach) that is tested by the city or county regularly and occasionally it fails in a number of ways.  I have never seen a sign up talking about the bad water testing results, though.  If you have venomous water snakes, I'd be wary about that myself.  Personally, I would go for the swimming pools.  Many public pools nowadays are maintained with other than chlorine, so you can ask them, too.  We live on a lake, but it has a resident alligator (SW FL) so perhaps that taints my view on the issue.  ;)

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