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Late entrant

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Hi there! I'm so excited to join your group, I'm 16 weeks TODAY and I only just found you! I can't join in on your snow rants - from sunny old Australia - but I'm definitely feeling some of the things that have popped up on this forum. A bit about me, this is my first child (not counting my fur-babies, 2 dogs 2 cats) so I'm stressing like crazy about EVERYTHING, I'm young, studying and live with my mother until my partner and I can get our housing loan approved. Phew! It's very nice to find a group of people I can chat with, since no-one I know is having children (or probably even close). Looking forward to sharing this hectic journey with you!

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Welcome. This is my first too.
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Welcome! I'm having my first too and we're 16 weeks on the same day. smile.gif
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Welcome to the group!

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Welcome! smile.gif
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Welcome, I'm having my first too. :)  We're also living with my mom until our lease runs out at the end of July and (hopefully!) our cob house is built!

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Welcome Katethea! This is my first as well:) I'm in my 17th week. You're not alone, there are a lot of us first timers in this group!! There's so much to learn, it sure can be overwhelming at times!!! I'm currently researching belly butters/creams, yesterday was cloth diapers (& is sure to be an ongoing process), day before was organic mattresses/bedding, it's endless!!!!

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Welcome! I'm not a first-timer, but am also 16 this week. smile.gif
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