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Seasonal Allergies

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Hi Ladies,


Does anyone know of any natural remedies that helps for seasonal allergies? Loving the spring weather but not the constant runny nose, congestion and itchy throat and eyes! 


Thanks in advance!


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I've always heard that having a spoonful of honey each day from a local source is a great way to help with allergies, and it has something to do with the bees collecting nectar or pollen or whatever from the same plants that are bugging you. I don't understand beyond that, and it didn't work well for me as far as I could tell, but maybe it would work better for you and I've heard it recommended enough I feel like I should mention it.

What does help me is to very regularly irrigate my sinuses with a neti pot. If you don't know what one is, you can google "neti pot", and I see them at pharmacies all over these days.

Gargling salt water is great for itchy throats, and honey helps with that too.

Wet tea bags, and slices of cucumber, are both options for soothing eyes. Just rest with them on your eyes for a bit.

And I hope others chime in with what's worked for them, and maybe more about this honey thing.
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Neti pots are great. My favourite remedy is stinging nettle--either made in an herbal tea or taken in capsules. There are some Gaia capsules that are an extract of nettle that work especially well. I have severe allergies and if I follow a healthy diet and use these remedies I don't need to take tablets. I have taken Allegra once in the past year and a half and that was because I was cuddling with cats.

The honey thing didn't work for me but it did feel nice on a sore throat.
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I won't knock a spoonful of honey a day (mmmmmmm!) but if it works, I don't think it would be from the pollen that bees collect.  Plants that are insect pollinated have heavy pollen.  You can certainly be allergic to them--I am insanely allergic to rhododendron pollen and scotch broom-- but these are not the pollens that are causing symptoms day in and day out, in your house and out.  No, you need to be in fairly close proximity to the plant and sometimes even have to be disturbing it somehow (like pruning).  The pollen that plagues people is the wind-pollinated plants-- grasses and many trees and some weeds.  It is lightweight in order to get pushed around by the wind-- I've even seen grass pollen rise in clouds along with the steam made from sunshine on morning dew.  Perhaps pollen drifts in a collects in the honey (?) or consuming other pollen from bee-pollinated plants you are allergic to can also trigger the body to ignore other pollen?  No, I suspect either it's useless, or there is something else going on beyond the pollen.


Anyway, that ramble is getting a bit off topic.  I second the neti pot.  And I'm going to give nettle tea a try.  I started ignoring nettle teas when I discovered that it negatively affected my milk supply (A surprise considering it is in Mama Milk Teas, but it makes sense because it is a diuretic.)  It's been years since I nursed, so it's time to stop ignoring it.


I use my silk face mask quite a bit during grass season.  It makes you feel a bit self conscious at first, and it doesn't help with eyes, but it makes a huge difference.  It is lightweight and can be stuffed in your pocket nicely.  With the mask, I can get by with using Claritin only when I go to parties at certain friends' houses.  That was once last year.


For some reason, I crave grapefruit during allergy season.  I know this is purely anecdotal, but there is something magically satisfying about eating it.  Fresh citrus juice always helped allay that "pancakey feeling" I used to get after eating pancakes, before I realized that I was allergic to them!  So, there it is.  I have no idea if there is anything to it, but it helps me feel..... "better".

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Thanks ladies for your replies and suggestions. I appreciate it! My allergies seem to be the worst when I wake up in the morning which I guess makes sense. All that congestion building up during the night! I'm definitely allergic to many types of trees and grasses. I was tested several times in the past.


Is it easy to use the netti pot or does it take getting use to?

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Yes to both your questions.  The feeling takes some getting used to--the first time I used it, I was reminded up getting water up my nose while swimming-- not pleasant!  But it was easy to use and I now use it twice a day:  warm up filtered water (I do 2C at a time), 1/2 tsp baking soda, rounded 1/2 salt (not free-flowing!).  It makes a huge difference in my energy levels as well as allowing me to breath.  You can use it more frequently than I do.


Advice for waking up less stuffy:  During grass season, I will run the blankets through a rinse cycle and dry nearly every day (it's that bad!) and I shower head to toe before turning in.  I keep the bedroom window closed and the door shut.  It would be better if I kept the house shut up as well, but I can't bear that unless it is one of those days when I go into a sneezing attack just poking my head out the door.  I splash my face frequently throughout the day, rinsing liberally around the eyes.

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Using a natural remedies will work for all seasonal allergies. Some herbal products like ginger in winter are helpful to keep you warm and save you from allergies. There are lot of natural resources available which are helpful for all allergies. I would like to know that which herb will be helpful for skin allergies?

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