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Lazy Uterus

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I wish I would have seen this sooner. I have four living children and I also have a lazy uterus. Never one C-section. I  had very few labor pains except with my first child but after him all were born within 2-3 hours of first pain which occured at about 5-6 cm dialated. My cervix opened like normal and my last was born on the floor at home. I had two pains total. Then the after birth wouldnt come so I waited a couple of hours and had my hubbie take me to the hospital where they took it out vaginally.

I think the risk after C-section is uterus rupture from the scar. But as far as the lazy uterus, all that happened with 5 babies in my case is almost no labor pain but the few I had were big. I had five total and fourth baby was born via indcution which resulted in baby coming without doctor or nurse even making it due to no pains and the LAZY NURSE who should have checked more in my situation. The baby died of SIDS supposedly but was very low birth weight due to a DR who insisted on the early induction with my history but I still had another after at home perfectly fine except for placenta not wanting to deliver. I dont think a lazy uterus is a reason to have a C section unless your cervix just wont open and after my mucus plug broke, all were born less then 24 hours so I would have gotten to Dr asap if after two days there was no birth unless there was no bloody show in the plug. Sometimes some comes out but the rest is still there and come at birth. I suggest always giving your body a chance to do what it does naturally and if the baby is in distress, that is a good reason to listen to your DR but I saw that babies can be born with almost no pains with a lazy uterus. Much easier to do as well!

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Thanks for sharing.

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