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Mother's Day Celebration

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As everybody know mother's day is coming. & We all want to celebrate this occasion. So, give ideas for how to celebrate mother's day with mom.

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My hope is that my toddler will sleep through the night before and maybe if the weather cooperates we'll go to the nearby park for a picnic lunch. Nothing fancy, just let mommy off the clock a little lol
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My Mom always wanted a little peace and quiet. 

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For my mom, we just take her some flowers and visit for a while. She doesn't like a lot of fuss (and nobody in my family is into going to overcrowded restaurants on the "big days").


We send dh's mom a card and flowers, and he calls her later in the day.


For me...ds1 stays home until the evening (this is pretty huge for a 20 year old college guy!). DH and the kids pamper me a bit - get me coffee and water whenever I want, and dh does the cooking, etc.  We usually go for a nice nature walk or easy hike. It's pretty low key, but I always feel soooo appreciated.


DD1 usually draws me some kind of picture or makes a card. DH makes something that I'll like for lunch, dinner or whatever. (Two years ago, he made butter chicken and a coconut chickpea curry, and another side that I can't remember - he'd never made any of them before - it was awesome!)

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