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Originally Posted by hippy mum View Post

Forgot about burp cloths.  Do the flannel ones work well?  How big did you make them?  Are they sewn like a prefold? 

I would think sewing them like a prefold would work well. I actually use some hand dyed infant prefolds for burp cloths, they work great.
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I am not much of a seamstress. But I am working on embroidered nursery art.


And I have plans to make this blanket: 



I guess it's time to get on it. I can''t believe how little time I have left. If I don't hurry up I won't get any projects done at all.


I want to make some cotton pants in cute prints. There just aren't enough cute and unique boys clothes out there. 

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OMG, Tiffa, that blanket!!! It's so awesome! I want to make one too!!!


Le sigh... Gotta add it to the queue... Behind all the important things like nursing pads, wipes, etc. It's so hard though, with so much cuteness like that!


I just bought a serger (overlocker) to speed up all my projects, which I'm very excited about! I've used friends' before, but never had my own. It was secondhand, and the previous owner threw in all her cones of serger thread to boot, so I've also got a great array of colours to work with.


Vaquitita, that Honeycomb blanket is lovely, and will be great in any colour! It's so classic. What sleep sack pattern are you using? I haven't knit one yet, but have the wool already set aside... And I too need to make more hats, for this cold-weather babe. I'm thinking I'll sew up a few of these, which are adorable.


Curly purly: I finally looked it up, after so many of you here and elsewhere referenced it! It looks cute and easy! I gotta say, though, I'm not convinced I should knit soakers when I could sew them from old wool sweaters for less time/money (I'm planning on using this site as my guide). What do you think, experienced parents? Am I going to regret it?


Diapers! I was originally thinking I'd simply make a stack of flannel flats, but then got drawn in to the concept of the Quick Snap Flap Wrap pattern. Anyone ever used it before? Thoughts?

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Tiffa-time :)  I thought the same thing as I'm still working on this cover.  If it takes me a week to make one (still not quick enough), I'm never going to get everything I want to knit done before baby gets here.


Granite-that first pattern she uses a shirt?  The second one, I never saw the doubler sewn in on the sides like that, it's interesting.  If I could find wool sweaters, I'd sew some up, would take less time for me, since I'm not quick with the knit yet.  I'll try to find the pattern I used for my dipes, it was pretty simple.  Pretty sure it was a very baby tutorial-I'll link it.  The sleep bag I'm going to knit is off ravelry-free to sign up.  It's the multi color one, but there are plenty there to pick from.  You probably could make one from a recycled sweater, come to think of it.  


Here are some patterns I have bookmarked, haven't tried them all.  







very baby-lots of tutorials w/ pics-covers, dipes etc.  http://www.verybaby.com/fitted-diaper-instructions/  I followed these instructions for my fitted, my soaker is sewn on the inside though, so no edges, and I didn't add elastic/snaps, going to use clips.  Will try to get a photo, mine aren't as cute as hers.

cute wool cover-http://bethsco.blogspot.com/2011/06/easy-sew-wool-diaper-covers.html

curly purly http://www.curlypurly.com/pdf/soaker.pdf

triangle wool cover method-http://www.myfrugalbabytips.com/2012/07/diapering-free-baby-bum-sweater-diaper.html


Ravelry-has so many knit/crochet patterns.  I found 2 for nursing pads, but haven't done yet.  They're on my list once I finish this cover since I got frustrated w/ the curly purly.  Even though it seems the leg instructions are the same, lol.  Might have to stick with wraps if I can't get this one right.  

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Originally Posted by granite View Post

Vaquitita, that Honeycomb blanket is lovely, and will be great in any colour! It's so classic. What sleep sack pattern are you using? I haven't knit one yet, but have the wool already set aside... And I too need to make more hats, for this cold-weather babe.

Sleep sack- I am using a combination of free patterns off of Ravelry. This one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/snug-as-a-bug-sleep-sack and this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-cocoon-sack-and-cap and this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scrappie-suri-sack---sleep-sack---baby-cozy

I made two of these, they are super cute hats. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/swirl-hat-3

As for knitting vs. sewing, knitting does take longer. But I find it easier to get knitting done sometimes because I can do it anywhere, not just holed up with my sewing machine. In the backyard while the kids play or I even keep it handy to work on for a few minutes here and there while doing school, while I'm waiting for a kid to finish up a math page or something. I can't go do something else, not enough time, but get bored just sitting there waiting. Knitting is the perfect answer.
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Hippy--- I made a pattern for the burp cloths. Approx a large contoured shape (kid of like a figure 8) so it would fit on my shoulder but extra cover for some of my back and chest. 


Here is upcycled night gown pattern http://thismamamakesstuff.com/tutorial-rockin-baby-gown-t-shirt-refashion/


I crocheted an elf hat for baby the other day but can't figure out the ribbing on the edge. Darn it! 

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Those are great for the gowns :)


Meks-I'm making an elf hat too.  Have to knit it.



Vaquita-I'm loving being able to take my knitting everywhere.  

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Granite - I know! I have been wanting to make it for a while. The only problem is that it needs so much flannel, but I think it will be worth it. And I am totally going to make some of those hats too! I love baby hats. Especially for boys, because their really aren't a lot of cute accessories to add to their outfits.


Meksmama -  I pinned that gown pattern. My babe's going to be so stylish. :D


I made a couple of these bibs yesterday and plan to make more. I ended up just free - handing my pattern, because despite what she said it WAS too small. I am sure. Maybe not around the neck, but that thing wouldn't catch a lot of spit up I think. I just grabbed a regular bib I had to get an idea of what size I wanted. I hate it that babies always have wet outfits, but hate how ugly bibs are, so I think these are great. And an easy fast project! 


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Tiffa- love that bib. Bibs is a good idea for the drooly stage. I like that one, but not feeling like sewing right now... I wonder if I could knit one. Course then I wouldn't get the cute prints.
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Oh, but a knit bib would be so great, in a nice waffle stitch! I think you should go for it, Vaquitita!


Good idea on the bibs, Tiffa... Will add those to my to-make list.


Love that nightgown, Meksmama! I need to convince DP to part with some old tshirts.


Today I used my new-to-me serger for the first time, and it was so great! I made a couple gauze swaddle blankets, one white and one indigo, simply serged with multi-coloured threads around the edges. I also made 4 pairs of nursing pads, which aren't too pretty but ought to do the job. Sewing makes more sense for me than knitting right now, because I can set aside a block of time and get a lot done at once... But I also have a couple knitting projects on the go too, for when I'm out and about. This is what I'm working on now, which is time consuming but rewardingly fancy.

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Granite-that's a pretty blanket.  How long do you think it will take you to make it?  What colors are you using?


 If I can find some wool fabric, I'll make those nursing pads.  I still need to knit a pair.  I'm so worried I won't make them right to absorb enough.


Bibs-I forgot all about those.  That's a pretty simple pattern and I have a lot of scrap flannel I could use.  


I undid the one cover I made and going to knit it with smaller needles.  It was just too big-the size of a os fb laid flat out.  

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Oh, hippy, the blanket is taking ages, LOL... No, I shouldn't say that, because I have 4 squares done now and only started sporadically working on it a couple weeks ago... And I could just follow the original design and have those 4 squares be it! But I have 10 skeins of the wool, and each square is coming in at about 90% of a skein, so I'm aiming for a 9 square blanket, using the rest of the wool for seaming. It's an undyed natural wool from Australia, meant for aran cable sweaters, but translates well to this lace pattern. Now that I'm getting used to the pattern, I think I could have it done within the next couple weeks, seaming included. We'll see! I'm just happy to be making something that the baby won't outgrow.


Having said that, I really like this bib pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cable-edged-bib

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Granite-that bib is so pretty, I wouldn't want to use it :)


 Me-I'm done with trying to make pull on covers!  This is three now that I've messed up when I got to the crotch/leg section.  So much easier for me to make a diaper wrap that has the legs already knit in as you go.  

 Joannes had a bunch of wool/acrylic blend on clearance, but I didn't know what to get.  I'm undecided what blends to use for the sleep sack and since my kiddos are usually so hot when sleeping, I'm thinking not to make one, even though it looks so neat.   I did get 2 balls of pattons wool though for diaper covers-it was 2 for $9 :)   

 And...my friend let me go through her sling fabric and is giving me however much I need to make a wrap!! I picked out one that has various shades of green with goldish print.  Will take a pic.  I'm so excited.  The  print was very similar to a bali breeze green/gold one that I liked.

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Here's the fabric I chose for my wrap :)  A little hard to see, but it's shades of green and dark blue.  One of the wraps and two of the nb fitteds I made.  They are terry middle and flannel outer.  No buttons on wrap yet.  

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Working on a zig zag blanket of green, yellow, and brown. It's very 70s. The kid will be a surprise so I'm doing nature colors. :) I also made a dreamcatcher mobile out of some grapevine I found in a field while I was watching the cows one morning. The feathers are from our chickens.



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Biodynamic-now that's just cool!  What kind of pattern for the blanket-I need to learn how to do that. 


 Cut my wrap and realized-it's hot!!!  Argh.  I think I'm still going to give it a try and now feel so badly since my friend gave me the fabric.  But I'm going to order cotton gauze to use instead-much cooler.

  Found some pul that I didn't know I had and going to use the second half of that wrap fabric to make a pail liner-one less thing to buy.

Going to make one more wool cover-4 should be enough for nb size?  

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Thanks, Hippy mum! The pattern is called a chevron or wavy crochet pattern, and if you're familiar with the double crochet, it's a breeze. :)

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Finished my blanket! I sew crooked, but I really like how it turned out. The only thing I would do differently is to leave the bottom flannel un-cut, and letting the last two fray, Just because you can see the cotton fabric peeking through the frayed channels, and I think that is kind of weird. 

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Biodynamic- beautiful blanket and nursery. Love the colors!

Tiffa- beautiful blanket! I love the fabric on the uncut side, but then I'm partial to anything green. Lol.

I had decided against knitting a blanket, thinking I don't really need one, but you guys are making me rethink that. orngbiggrin.gif I have made a gray kimono sweater and matching bonnet. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/vaquitita/seamless-baby-kimono. a multi colored open front cardigan. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/vaquitita/newborn-vertebrae. And a blue cable vest to match vests I had already made for my older boys. This vest gave me so much trouble! I kept having to unravel and redo, which is so aggravating. But it's finally done and, I think, it turned out super cute. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/vaquitita/cable-vest-2. I am now working on this sweater in a soft white. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/familys-garter-stitch-baby-cardigan---brassiere-bebe-croisee-au-point-mousse. I hope I don't have to redo too much, but am modifying it because my yarn is heavier than the pattern calls for.
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I painted my baby's room (I've also made a few things but don't have photos). The theme is superheros smile.gif I have more photos on my blog if you want to check them out smile.gif

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