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Gestational Diabetes Support Thread 2013

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Looking to start another support thread for Gestational Diabetes (GD).


I was Dx with GD 2 weeks ago and I am working to manage my # so I can have a homebirth. I have been increasing my exercise time and also really tracking my food so that I can see how my body reacts. It seems any whole wheat grain throws me off, so now I am going to see about other options since I really like my one piece of toast in the morning with my eggs. The rest of it I can live with out mostly.


I am also having trouble regulating overnight numbers and after breakfast- any ideas there?


I went for a walk after breackfast before I tested and wondered if that could possibly throw it off? I was 170 an hour after eating my normal breakast...


Also hoping others might have food ideas too...



Here are the older support support threads for those wising to dig around:




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Links (will edit as more are suggested):


Carb exchange for Veggies:


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I'm so glad a new thread was started. I just got put on insulin today at 12 weeks. :-/ I had it with my last pregnancy and no matter how well I managed my diet I could not get my fasting numbers down. And this is with zero carbs. Even half an apple would be too much.

With this pregnancy I am being MUCH healthier. I do eat a small amount of carbs, always whole, such as one slice of whole grain sourdough. I guess I just decided to keep things moderate as to try not to go insane.

I'm sort of bummed right now. My blood pressure was elevated as well. I am a pretty healthy person. I just don't get it.
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It is hard to navigate for sure, especially when we make good choices. 12 weeks is kind of early, are your levels already showing a reaction? Or is the insulin a precautionary?
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Originally Posted by amlikam View Post

It is hard to navigate for sure, especially when we make good choices. 12 weeks is kind of early, are your levels already showing a reaction? Or is the insulin a precautionary?

Twelve weeks is early for sure. I was already prediabetic in the past but was doing much better between pregnancies. I think it has to do with the fact that I already have Hashimotos Thyroiditis and somehow everything is related. I just hate it because I somehow feel responsible, like this is all because I don't eat right and I'm too fat. Today when I came home from the doc, my mom (who is visiting) kept telling me I could control it with diet alone but I know in my case this isn't true. As I said before I tried so hard in my last pregnancy and could never get my fastings down.

Anyway, waaa waaa woe is me. :-/ It's lame, but on a good note, I saw my baby on ultrasound today and she/he waved at me with five perfect little fingers. <3
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Oh and yes, my levels are already high.
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I have thyroid issues too!! (However I am overweight, which is due to inactivity during work hours mostly.) yes it is all related!! I get the whole people think it is because I don't eat we'll or move my body at all- which isn't true. When the nutritionalist looked at my food log she laughed and said "$#!+ you eat better than I do!" I've gotten some tips and I am really pushing to manage with diet and exercise if I can, however I know that isn't always the case, but even if I need insulin I'd still like to focus on the deep self care of eating well and exercising more regularly.
It is so hard to navigate.
I really wish people understood what it meant to be on this side of it when they give advice. Or better yet if they didn't give advice unless asked :-D
That is awesome you had an u/s and were able to see your baby so clearly. I too had one yesterday!! It is so neat (I will have one or 2 more because of my bicornuate uterus).
I find it helps me to remember the reason for all this self care and whirlwind of stress
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Amlikam, thanks for all your input. It really helps to know I'm not alone!

I was wondering what is considered the normal range for pregnancy? I was surprised yesterday when they told me they wanted my daytime numbers to be less than 120. Does anyone have any input in this?
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I am still trying to figure this out. Kmom has some great thoughts on the subject as well. It is true that 120 is the "standard of care" however I have yet to gine anything which supports it as evidence care. I would love if someone had more information to contribute here!

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Hey ladies! I had GD with my last pregnancy and my baby was LGA and had severe hypoglycemia. She's doing fine now, but I am determined to keep my blood sugar low. I am being tested for latent adult onset diabetes which is an autoimmune disease. It causes a slow progression to type 1 diabetes. Dalia, I would insist on getting my antibodies tested, especially since you already have an autoimmune disorder. most people with type 2 can control it with diet. If you can't, that's a red flag that there might be something else going on.
Anyway please don't feel bad girls! I really don't believe that being overweight causes diabetes, in fact it's probably the other way around. People with blood sugar issues tend to have crazy messed up metabolisms. It's very hard to maintain a low body weight when your blood sugar swings back and forth. There is a lot of great info about this on the website www.bloodsugar101.com.
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Thank you, scottishmommy. Wow... I guess I will have my antibodies checked. To be honest that scares the hell out of me. I REALLY don't want type 1 diabetes. :-(
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Dalia- me too! That's why I haven't had the test yet! I just don't want to know:-( if you do it, I'll do it!
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Well I haven't got gestational diabetes but I am. A type 1 who is pregnant. Very very sick of blood glucose testing and injections. Btw I'm overweight and for type 1 5 years ago due to a massive shock and prolonged period of stress. Nothing to do with my weight!! I don't know what the conversion is but I have to keep my levels under 6 Mmol fasting and under 7.8 Mmol 1 hour post meals. I use levimir and novo rapid and I am currently raising my levimir to bring my fasting down. It's currently bout 7mmol in the morning.
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Well I went to the doc and they told me to keep it under 95 in the morning and less than 135 during the day. Right now I'm just figuring out what I react most to. :-)
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Ok, so I tested this morning an hour after breakfast and my level was 171 but 2 hours after I tested at 90!!! However I didn't wash my hands before the first test and wondering if I picked up something from the berries I ate for breakfast on my hands? (is it really gross I didn't wash my hands before testing? I did wash them before testing 2 hours out.)


Thoughts? I was also incredibly stressed this morning- like super crying on the toilet and freaking out over everything... ugh... anyhow people keep reminding me that stress can cause high levels too.

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Yeah stress can raise your BS, but it also could have been residual berry sugar. What else did you eat?
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Also, it's not uncommon for your BS to drop dramatically after a spike. Basically your 2nd response insulin levels can overcompensate for the spike.
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I had berries (2 small handfuls) plain yogurt and avocado with cinnamon on it.

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Ok first of all that sounds really good right now. Secondly, that should not have caused such a high spike (in my experience). Are your fastings good?
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My fasting was high last night 137... however I think it was an off # too... I had a rough night last night... was from 3-5am

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