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what is your average fasting? 137 is high. They put me on insulin at that point. :-/
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My average fasting would be like 125

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Originally Posted by amlikam View Post

My average fasting would be like 125

They are okay with that? They told me mine had to be below 95 and put me on insulin. :-/
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I see my endocrinologist tomorrow. they might recommend insulin, but I will refuse it. From my understanding the fasting number significance vs after meals number significance is disputable. Since my after meals average 112 I am not worried.


I will see after tomorrow what they think. Really they can't "make" me do anything... I personally don't believe there is enough conclusive data to support using insulin in my case personally, but we will see.



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A fasting of 125 is very high. That's considered diabetic, pregnant or not. A little insulin at night will help bring that number down. I would definitely put in a call to your midwife. Its also possible that your meter is off. If you can afford it, get a different brand and cross check them. Amazon usually has pretty good deals on diabetic supplies. I'm so sorry your numbers are high! It's so frustrating.
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I have read a lot on the subject and there is an argument that gestational diabetes is not really un-natural, that the blood sugar does go up in some pregnant women but is not a danger to the baby or the mama.

My thing is a little different because I was already prediabetic and my first baby was 11 pounds!!! Yeah, I'll be trying to avoid that this time LOL.
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Amlikan, did you give up your piece of toast in the morning? I keep getting higher numbers after my toast in the morning but like you, I don't want to give it up, damn it! It's just one little piece of whole grain sourdough. :-(

I'll give it up if you do.... maybe.... :-P
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I did give it up however this morning I tried it again and I went right up.
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Originally Posted by amlikam View Post

I did give it up however this morning I tried it again and I went right up.

Darn it!!! :-P
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Heavy carbohydrate like bread and pasta will push your numbers up. Try reducing the carb and having protein with it. Scrambled eggs etc.
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I have very little carb and always with protein and fiber. Seems like one slice of stone ground whole grain sourdough with eggs and veggies is still too much bread. We'll see.
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carbs are almost non existent in my world = what is pasta  :-/

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Originally Posted by amlikam View Post

carbs are almost non existent in my world = what is pasta  :-/

Dear pasta,
I forgot what you look like. I wish I had taken more photos of you when I had the chance.
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BTW, I thought beans were supposed to be great for blood sugar. Just had some and my numbers spiked. Unhappy!!!
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No, beans are very starchy and high in carbs. I was surprised to find this out when I was diagnosed GD at 11 wks. Beans make me spike much more often than bread products.

I went on insulin at 14 weeks just to control my BS overnight. I haven't had any trouble controlling numbers during the day with my diet, but just couldn't figure out how to get my fasting number down. I'm now at 32 wks with a moderate dose of nightly insulin, and have every indication that the minor diet modification and nightly insulin has really helped. My latest a1c test is down to 4.8 from 6.1 at 11wks. I have only gained 9lbs this pregnancy (started out just about 10lbs overweight), and baby's growth seems to be right on track.
How far along is everyone else? And, what kind of support are you receiving? I have weekly meetings with a nurse affiliated with the local hospital. Number of meetings is a pain, but the system seems to have worked for me thus far.
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I am almost 13 weeks. Went on insulin at twelve weeks. I don't see the doc that often but I can call anytime. Overall I'm very happy with the care I'm getting.

I think for me the jury is still out on the beans. I may just need to eat less of a serving. They are starchy and high in carbs but also super high in fiber. We'll see what happens!
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I am 32 weeks and my fasting # are higher. Today I meet with my endocrinologist and OB to talk about my levels.
I am feeling insulin is something I don't want to take for several reasons- including the amount of stress I will feel doing it since it reminds me too much of my dad who died this past October. Also I feel it might be too aggressive treatment at this point.
It is relatively a new process as we just really discovered all thus within the past month.
Beans bring my numbers up too but not like bread, pasta or similar.
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Feeling terrible, met with the endocrinologist today. They insist on treating with insulin. My levels are higher but in range for someone not pregnant but "out of control" for someone who is pregnant. I also feel like she thought I was lying about how I eat and exercise, though I keep a journal of it all. (Which tjey declined to even look at!!) I am inclined to decline the insulin but then I am worried about having a provider (OB) who will be hostile in how they work with me.
Most people I've talked to either imply I'm being stupid and risking my baby's life by not doing exactly as the drs say OR there seems to be an attitude that I am making a big deal out of nothing.
Also the endocrinologist was real good at telling me all the risks of not using insulin but didn't mention any risks of using it ncertainly didn't feel like informed choice to me. I told her I wasn't ready to make that commitment to start insulin without talking to my husband more.
Am I being stupid?
Just needed to share with someone who has been here before.
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You are not being stupid. Doctors are used to people just blindly saying okay to whatever they suggest. Go ahead and give them a run for their money! They need it sometimes!

Like I said before I think there are two schools of thought on GD. There is a book that offers a different viewpoint but I need to find the name of it. If I were you I would just do your own research. The main thing you don't want is a ginormous baby.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
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my first baby was 4lb 9oz... so not too worried. She also was 35 weeks gestation and all this stress has been causing my body to start "warming up" - I am on high alert for signs of labor starting early and we might do the lung steroids as a precautionary- I need to research that first. UGH


This little bean is giving me a run for my money... facial hair, warts, gestational diabetes, risked out of home birth, ..... I swear I hope this isn't the beginning of it all LOL...

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