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I did about 30 minutes of 1/4 mile walk/run intervals yesterday. 2.62 miles of quiet thought and respect for those impacted by the events in Boston. Heading out for another 30 minutes today.

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I'm finally feeling like I could do a little exercise again!! Aside from walking (we live in a city so walking kids to school, walking to work, etc adds up) I haven't been doing much.


The one thing my Dr told me not to do was bike. Which is a bummer because its one of my favorite things! Though honestly I do feel a bit dizzy so I could see myself being more likely to fall. I fell off a scooter the other day while scootering with my kids for the first time ever! So maybe he's right to be cautious.


Its hard for me to find time to exercise, but my kids are starting swim lessons again soon and I can swim laps while they have their lessons. The Dr said that was fine but I am a little nervous about all the chemicals in the water. Anyone have any thoughts?

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superbeans- chlorine is icky but swimming is so good for you while pregnant the pros kind of outweight the cons. Is it a heavily chlorinated pool? Outside or inside?? outside is better, as the fumes can dissipate into the air and be blown away-- I can NOT do indoor chlorine pools. Are there any saltwater pools nearby? those are way better for you. Or a lake?


I went to the GYM for the first time since being pregnant, at 12 weeks. I've been getting my cardio outside but I haven't really felt like doing anything medium-high intensity- it's been mostly walking- so I went to the gym and did the elliptical for 50 minutes... worked up a nice sweat and kept my heartrate under 150. It's nice that you can check your HR at the gym, I don't have a HR monitor so it's always iffy when I'm working out outside. I plan on taking advantage of the three free personal training sessions I got when I signed up too so I can get some new weight training moves. I tend to just go straight to the cardio room at the gym, because I figure i get lots of toning from power yoga, especially upper body-- but I want to stay really strong and toned and lean (muscle burns fat!) all over this pregnancy so that after it's easy to get any extra lbs off. 

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Bumping! How is everyone doing? I got 25 minutes on the treadmill while watching Juno before my three year old woke early from his nap today. I had hoped to get a little longer, but such is the life of a mom, right?

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Ive been making it to the gym almost every day this week.... and doing between 45-60 minutes of cardio. I don't bother with machines/weight training at the gym because I do power yoga 2-3 times a week too.. and that builds crazy muscle in my arms/back/legs. So glad the fatigue and nausea is gone and I can actually do what I want and need to do now!

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Walked to the grocery store and back this morning and have a date to go hiking in the green belt this afternoon. This time I'm not bringing my jogging stroller.
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I just found this thread! I have been doing the treadmill everyday for thirty minutes and getting a good sweat on. Yesterday I kind of overdid it, though, and I started having some Braxton hicks contractions which kinda freaked me out so today I'm taking it easy. Back on the wagon tomorrow!
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I try to take my dog for walks and do stretching at home daily. The weather here is MO has been crazy....snowed a few days ago, so outside time has been difficult. "Sexy time" is the only regular exercise I get. Lol
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I've been a quite lazy this week when it comes to organized exercise, but I've been organizing my house, so I'm getting some exercise doing that. I did yoga this morning and could feel that it had been too long, so I really do need to get back into it.
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I get BHs just laying in bed reading!
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I hurt the bottom of my foot, so now I'm looking for gentle ideas (more challenging than a walk though) for exercise where I don't have to put weight on it.
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Double post
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Originally Posted by revolting View Post

I hurt the bottom of my foot, so now I'm looking for gentle ideas (more challenging than a walk though) for exercise where I don't have to put weight on it.

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Originally Posted by echospiritwarrior View Post

I get BHs just laying in bed reading!


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Well the good news is I have continuously been working out at least 5 days a week, the bad news is it might only be for 10 minutes a day (I LOVE the POPSugarFitness prenatal workouts on youtube) and my diet has not been so great.  Here's to sticking to it this week!

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John - Anything is better than nothing! I will have to try those videos!
AFM: My foot felt better today, but then I tried jogging for 20 min and now I'm back to limping. I'll take a break tomorrow.
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Today my doc told me I need to aim for 60 mins a day. Wish me luck!!!
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Good luck Dalia! I think my doctor is just happy I'm working out lol.  My last pregnancy I didn't work out at all.  But for what it's worth I had been extremely active my whole childhood.  Gymnastics, swimming, diving, cheerleading, etc. I did it and was constantly doing it. And each of those sports (as well as my mom) put pressure on their athletes to have a certain body size.  I never had an ED but I just always tried to eat extremely healthy and worked out all the time.  I do that now too, but then it was different because it wasn't for ME if that makes sense.  So when I got pregnant with Dd and I took what I felt was a well deserved break....and gained 65lbs in my pregnancy because of it!

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Dalia - Good luck! I struggle with my goal of 30 min 5 days a week!
AFM: I took a break yesterday, and my foot feels better. I will try hopping on the treadmill today and hope it doesn't reopen the wound!
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I wasn't really doing anything for a while there. I kept telling myself I'd go for walks and do yoga, but only did that a couple of times. But this week and last week I have been faithfully doing some daily hip and back exercises from the chiro to help with my sacroiliac pain. The exercises take about 30 mins to get through, so I'm counting that as a success. And they have helped with my back, so woo!

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