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Fundus measurements

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I had an OB visit yesterday and I'm measuring about 2 weeks ahead.  She told me that at the next appt if I'm still measuring ahead that she will do an ultrasound to check baby's size and then we'll know if he's running a little ahead of schedule.  I'm HUGE.  I get asked all of the time if I'm close to delivery (I'll be 30 weeks on Thursday).  Have any of you experienced this, and if so, did you carry all 40 weeks or did you deliver early, and was it a normal sized baby or was it a large baby?  This is my first baby so I'm not really sure what to expect.  I can't find any consistent information about this when I do a search.  Perhaps I'm worrying for nothing....  ?

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That's interesting, JNajla.  I'm curious to see what you learn.  Do you know your EDD for certain?  As in, do you know when you ovulated?  Or were you cycles super regular such that first day of LMP is a good indicator of gestational age?  Maybe these details don't matter anymore, this far along.


At my 28 wk appointment my fundal height was 28 cm ... right on track.  B/c my cycles were so off the wall irregular I was charting my BBT and CP and CM so I know the day that I ovulated so I am very confident in our EDD of June 22.  Even still, if you know that same information, who's not to say (as you indicated) that your baby is just a fast grower!? 


I don't have any answers for you (also my first baby) but I am curious to learn alongside you.

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A measurement within 2cm of the expected height is considered within normal range. Your fundal height is still NORMAL. Fundal height can affected by many things...how much fluid, position of the baby. You should be aware that ultrasound estimates of age and size are not very accurate at this gestation and later, so really think about if you are willing to take the risks of interventions based on a test that has a high margin of error.
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Spotty,  I honestly don't know when I ovulated (baby wasn't really 'planned' per se, but knew it was a possibility).  I wish that I would have been keeping better track of my cycles around that time.  My original ultrasound at 9 weeks gave me a EDD of 6/27/13.  Then my 12 week gave me a new EDD of 6/20/13.  My 20 week wasn't changed although I was told that he was on a large side of normal and left my due date.  So, I'm not entirely sure if my EDD was ever accurate.  I don't have GD, but I did gain quite a bit in the 1st and 2nd trimesters (I haven't gained much in the 3rd, gained 35 lbs in 1st and 2nd so not sure if that has something to do with it).  I'm not sure how I feel about an US just to check baby's size.  I suppose that I would like to be prepared if he's going to come sooner than EDD, but I don't want to cause any harm or discomfort for him.

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Yeah, 2 cm is within normal range. I wouldn't want them to move your EDD any earlier because the average delivery for a first time mom is 41 weeks. And a lot of docs act weird once you hit 40 now, as dumb as that is. I'd recommend keeping your current EDD. Earlier ultrasounds are considered the most accurate for dating purposes. This late in the game, they wouldn't be very accurate at all.

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I agree with the others, 1-2cm either way is normal.  Mine has actually measured 2-3 smaller than my actually weeks but we know he's the right size for dates based on ultrasound and I know for certain when I ovulated and when implantation happened.

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Thanks for your input ladies.  I still haven't found much reputable stats or info on this, so I guess that I'll just wait until my next appt on the 20th and see how it goes.  I'll keep y'all posted.  

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I just found out I'm measuring 31 weeks at my 27.5 week appointment and I know when I ovulated.

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At my last appt I was 32w 5d and only measured 30.5 cm. when 2 weeks before I measured 30cm at 30w5d. But at my last appt, my midwife said that baby was quite low. And I have been feeling the pressure once in a while in my pelvis. I think that's why I was measuring less.
I would agree with the ladies that say 2 cm off is pretty normal. Everyone's bodies are different and we all carry differently.
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Had an ob appt yesterday and at 31 weeks 3 days, was measuring 35 weeks so she ordered a growth ultrasound for next week to just 'check everything' (amniotic fluid level, baby's position and size).  She explained that it isn't as accurate as they wish it could be, but will give them a good idea whether the fundal height could be because of baby's position vs his size, etc.  I guess that I do want to know this, just so I can be mentally prepared.  I'm also wondering if there is anything that I can do to 'slow down' growth because I really want him to stay in the oven all 40 weeks.  I was up 5 lbs from my appt 2 weeks ago, so I've reached the 40 lb weight gain mark already.  I thought that maybe if I limited my weight gain to 1/2 lb week (or less?) that maybe he won't grow too fast....  Again, I can't find any scholarly or evidence based articles or information on this....  I presume that any healthcare provider would never encourage a prenatal patient in the 3rd trimester to stop gaining weight, but I just want to know what would be best for baby.  

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Trying to restrict your weight gain can potentially negatively impact your baby's health. You should definitely NOT try to do that. Eat healthy, whole foods - as much as you are hungry for. Your baby relies on what you eat for his nutrition and development - if you don't eat, he doesn't eat. So much brain development occurs in these last weeks, it's really not a good idea to try to restrict the amount you eat in order to gain less weight and there is also no evidence that this will impact the size of the baby.

ETA: In reading through your previous posts, it seems you might have a misconception. A bigger baby does not mean a baby who comes earlier. The reason they were looking at baby's size is to see if you might have gotten pregnant earlier than you thought, not because a larger baby equals a baby who is born earlier. You can't keep a baby in longer by keeping him small. In fact, there is some thinking that restricting nutrients can cause premature labor, since the baby realizes it's better to be outside than inside if it's not getting what it needs.

A 9-week ultrasound is considered pretty accurate (FAR more accurate than dating at this gestation) so I highly doubt that you are actually due much sooner than the original ultrasound EDD.
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I agree with PP. I personally am watching what I eat, but only because I have a tendency to eat when I'm not hungry. If I am hungry then I eat. Also, I choose my foods more wisely when watching what the calories add up to. Like carrot sticks and ranch instead of peanut butter bread with chocolate chips. :)

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Thanks for clarifying. I've read so much conflicting information recently about this topic- so was hoping to get some insight from the group- especially from those who have had similar experiences with precious pregnancies. With the recommendation of .5-1 lb gain per week, just wondering if it would be better to gain just the minimum instead of the 1.5 lbs per week that I seem to be gaining now. I'm probably too fixated on numbers.
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I don't know how much the number matters. I pay attention some because it gives me an idea if I'm going really overboard. I gained 3-4 lbs a week for like 3 weeks once during the pregnancy and after I changed my diet around it immediately was better. But, you don't want to be starving yourself or anything. If you are hungry, eat. If you can stomach fruits and veggies, those tend to have lower calories for snacks and as a side to your meals. If you can walk and maybe do a little strength training - even 10 mins a couple times a week- that should help some too. 

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 I personally am watching what I eat, but only because I have a tendency to eat when I'm not hungry


This was definitely the case with me during the 2nd trimester- too many granola bars or late night bowls of cereal.  lol.  Now, I get too full or end up with heartburn if I over eat.

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I have GD but find lots of protein and veggies is what fuels me and baby. I'm eating so much meat but feel better- though I eat all the time.

I haven't gained weight, actually I have lost 5 lbs in the past month but baby is growing and I am not spilling keytones. I've also been walking 20-120 minutes a day ( split up into short walks after meals)

However I eat when I am hungry. All the time. And I make sure my hunger isn't dehydration.
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Jnajla, you should also consider that ultrasounds are typically between 20-30% off on the growth measurements.  Recommendation is to eat healthy (lots of protein), drink plenty of water, and let the baby decide when it's time to come...they typically know best :)

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Yes, I agree. I'm certainly not going to change my birth plan at this point- I think it's for peice of mind too. I just want to feel prepared. I've only gained .5 the past 2 weeks so I feel like that is slowing down some.
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Originally Posted by JNajla View Post

I just want to feel prepared.

What do you feel you need to be prepared for?
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Mentally prepared for the possibility of a big baby- I plan on doing it without medications, so I decided to hire a doula in case I'm having a lot of pain or a long labor.
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