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Oh, I forgot to mention I've been doing a lot of the spinning babies exercises daily for a while. Not the breech tilt, but the inversion and the rebozo and some of the other hip opening type ones especially. And trying not to sit in chairs too much. And yoga many days and walking. I think all of these things contribute to feeling better, at least. So I'd recommend them, too. :)

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JNajla- how are things??  Something to keep in mind with turning a breech baby with acupuncture/moxa is that this helps move the baby, regardless of position.  So be sure to check the position of the baby every day!  If Baby turns, but then you keep up the treatment, Baby could turn breech again.  It's super powerful stuff, but doesn't take into consideration which direction you want the baby's head/butt to be.  Just keep checking!  And once that Baby has flipped, stop with the moxa!


Hope things are going well!

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He's still breech- I can feel his head in the same place, still low kicks... Will keep up w/ the moxa treatments and chiro next week. He's definitely moving around quite a bit! Wow.
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Had an OB appt today, babe still breech at 35.5 weeks (measuring 38 weeks). Ultrasound to check size/ position on Friday. Turn baby turn!
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JNajla, keep humming this song to your babe: The Byrds, Turn Turn Turn:



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JNajla, you sure you don't want to try the hypnobabies hypnosis track for breech? It worked so well for me, and it's inexpensive and relaxing. Might as well get everything possible on your side!

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Originally Posted by sky_and_lavender View Post

JNajla, you sure you don't want to try the hypnobabies hypnosis track for breech? It worked so well for me, and it's inexpensive and relaxing. Might as well get everything possible on your side!


I haven't looked into this yet.  I will search it today and check it out!  Thank you for the advice!  

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Had my ultrasound yesterday. 36 weeks + 1. Baby frank breech (was footling breech at 32 week). The tech wouldn't give me approx weight or percentile like the last tech, which annoyed me, but she said that he's large and has big chubby cheeks and huge lips. What concerned me is that his head was visibly quite oval instead of perfectly round like it has been on previous ultrasounds. She said his head is likely compressed at the top of my uterus. She said that radiologist didn't have concerns and would forward results to my OB but I don't see her until Wednesday, which sucks because I have lots of questions for her.... I know I shouldn't worry, but seeing his head look like a lemon makes me worried.
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I wouldn't let the shape of head worry you, JNajla...Those little heads are built to mold...even if it is getting compressed by the top of your uterus a bit it's probably nothing compared to the smush he/she'd be getting head down in your pelvis.

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Frank breech is the safest breech for vaginal delivery if you had someone who would do it. And I agree. The head molds, I wouldn't worry about that particular thing.

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I'm glad it's frank breech, at least. I would definitely go for a vaginal birth in that case (not that you asked). But there's still time to turn! Keep doing your stuff!

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I have an appt with OB on Wed so I'll see what she says about it (delivery plan).  I'm glad that he's now frank breech instead of footling breech.  I know that I shouldn't be worried about his head, it just really caught me off guard when I was watching the tech do the scan, the head was so oval- almost like a lemon!  The previous scans showed a perfectly round little head and this one was so very different, I was worried that something had gone wrong in the past month.  Google can be a very bad thing.....  dizzy.gif

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I had my 37 week check-up yesterday.  Babe still breech.  Fundus measuring at 40 weeks, ultrasound still showing him at the 80%ile for growth so OB is thinking that this is the position that he's going to stay in.  She agrees with/ supports my choice to not do manual inversion, says that babes are the way they are for a reason and success rate isn't worth the risks.  I'll be scheduled for a c-section at 39+4 (June 17th).  If he turns before then, then I will have a vaginal delivery.  So, plan A and plan B.  Plan C would be if I went into labor still breech, prior to the c-section and need an emergency c-section (hoping that won't happen).  Not what I had hoped for, but as long as he's healthy, I'm ok with whatever method gets him into this world in a safe and healthy manner.  

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Wow, JNajla!  What a range of options ... and emotions ... wrapped up in that report.  While its nice to have something concrete to fix onto, it hardly feels absolute!  Stay strong and grounded, my friend, as these final few weeks wrap up.

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JNajla, you sound like you're coping with the uncertainty well. I'm glad you've got plans and backup plans that will work for you!

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JNajla, totes understand wanting to skip a manual version. If you want other tricks for encouraging him to turn check out (if you haven't already!) the spinning babies site for different positioning tricks...penny Simkins labor progress handbook has lots of good ideas as well and acupuncture and moxibustion are probs worth a shot too.
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JNajla, I have this image in my mind of your baby boy sitting in there like a stubborn but very Zen little Buddha. Maybe his position is indicative of his personality!
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Sweet Huck,  that is exactly what he's doing right now!  Just chillin and sitting in there like a little budha- even the ultrasound tech said that.  lol.  He was difficult for earlier scans too, where he would curl up in a ball and put his little hands over his face so we didn't get the cute little ultrasound pictures of him.  I absolutely can't wait to meet him!  

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