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Antibiotics during labor? Fears of thrush. Advice? Encouragement?

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Hi all,


I'm 37 weeks pregnant with twins, and am feeling nervous but excited about breastfeeding them. I had many, many BF issues with my DD, now 4, and have spent a lot of time researching options, stocking up on herbs and meds, and meeting with my IBCLC in preparation for this time around. I feel reasonably prepared!


I am, however, positive for Group B Strep, and am feeling nervous about the possibility of contracting thrush if I get the IV antibiotics during labor. I was planning to decline the abx if I didn't have any additional risk factors (pre-term labor, PROM, fever, etc.), but my midwife is concerned that if I do, the hospital will make things miserable for me after the babies are born- find excuses to whisk them away to the NICU, do septic workups on them, give THEM antibiotics, etc. Obviously, if all of that is going to happen, I'd rather just take the antibiotics myself.


Any success stories from people who took the antibiotics and didn't get thrush? Favorite probiotics to ward it off? Success stories of folks who got thrush and successfully breastfed anyway? I'm a BFAR mom with supply issues, so the thought of anything else making breastfeeding difficult is a little scary.


Would love any advice or support. Thank you!

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Hi! I had antibiotics for PROM during labor...  actually, because DD was early, she did too.  I exclusively pumped in the hospital (a dirty place, in my mind) for two weeks, no thrush.  DD is now 4.5 months and exclusively breastfed, neither of us has had thrush, and I've not had any particular soreness, no cracking, no problems at all.  She is my first.  I eat a lot of yogurt and my prenatal, which I still take, has probiotics in it...  nothing else special.  After feeding her (or pumping) I'd let milk dry on my nipples and never used lanolin or anything, no soap either.

If possible, get the detachable IV so you can move about once the dose is done.  I had fast labor (4 hours) and seems to my memory that the antibiotics took a fraction of that time to be administered, after that I was free :).  Congratulations on your twins, wow!

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Thank you! It is really helpful to hear these sorts of success stories! If this labor is anything like my last one, there's no way they'll have time for two does of antibiotics, so hopefully I'll be okay. Packing probiotics in my hospital bag, and planning to have my mom bring lots of plain yogurt as soon as they are born.:)

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I also had abx with my DD for PROM and no thrush.  She was 11 days post-date by the time she was actually born so I nursed right away with no problems.  Thrush and the increased risk with antibiotics was never on my radar so I didn't take probiotics or any other preventative measure....just carried on (although I did continue to take my prenatal, but don't know if there were probiotics in it).  Good luck.

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Congrats to you! Just wanted to reassure you. My DS had thrush for MONTHS after he was born and we passed it back and forth. It was a pain in the butt to treat, but didn't interfere with our EBF one bit. He was a month early and gained weight like a champ all the way through. He's two and a half now and we still BF at night.

Also, I wanted to mention that I also had strep B and was supposed to get antibiotics but they didn't get me hooked up in time. DS popped out too fast. He was fine. He had to have antibiotics a few days later for something else - hence the thrush.

Good luck!
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My first suggestion was going to be decline the abx, but continued reading and realized you'd thought of that already. I have had 3 babies. I tested positive for the first 2, and had abx with both. I also had horrible thrush with both. However, my second baby nursed for 31 months, weaning during my 3rd pregnancy. I highly suggest loading up on probiotics before and after the birth. 




BTW, congratulations!

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Yeast feeds on sugar, so temporarily eliminating or at least reducing sugar in your diet can help to prevent thrush.

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