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girl hair product question

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What do you wash your daughters hair with?  condition?


dd is 15 months and barely has any ..and its all superfine...bit its starting to knot (she has all of 5 hairs...but they're totally knotting...sigh)   My boys had great, thick heads of hair, but we keep them cut short and i just use their body wash as shampoo and it works fine...  wondering if she should have something different for her hair though....

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I use Johnsons baby shampoo on my 19-month-old & have since she was an infant. Her hair is fine & thin but she's inheriting my curls so we deal with some knotting. I use a soft bristled baby brush to comb her hair before bed too.
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We use Burt's Bees shampoo (it also works as body wash) on our 2-year-old girl. Her hair isnt super fine but its not thick, either, and she has some curls going on. This shampoo makes her hair soft and shiny and she rarely has issues with tangles.
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My kids were bald till atleast 2. My lo has curly hair. She takes daily soaks. Hair gets shampoo at most once a week. Usually everyother day I put some conditioner on it.

You can dilute conditioner with water to make a spray detangler
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Another almost bald girl here! We just use Dr Bonners mild all over but it's starting knot up a bit in the back. I may pick up the California Baby spray detangler...
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I use Aveeno baby conditioning shampoo. My DD has fine hair but a ton of it and has awesome curls in the back. She wakes up with one side sticking straight out and lately dread locks in the back. I also use adult Aveeno leave in conditioner as a detangler.
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My DD has lots of fine hair.  We use Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo to wash.  And then if there are tangles we use some Burt's Bees Baby Oil on the comb (which leaves her hair a little greasy, but not bad) or a few squirts of Suave detangling spray.  I have been wanting to try some coconut oil - I've heard it's great for hair.

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oooh...  ive got coconut oil - never thought to use that as a detangler...  :)


thanks for the ideas...

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I just wanted to add that I ran out of baby wash and just used the most natural soap, shampoo and conditioner I had and it worked wonderfully. I think the brand was Aubrey organics honeysuckle rose (smelled so good!) and I was just careful not to get in eye. I never use it on myself because it wasnt conditioning enough but it was wonderful in her hair. Maybe you have some hippy dippy conditioner under your sink that didn't work for your hair too? I'm going to do like someone suggested at put a little with water in a spray bottle for a leave in for DD.
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I like California Baby's. You can check out the database on the EWG website to see which products have fewer nasty chemicals. Once I read up on it, I switched from baby magic and J&J to find something better.
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