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Just need to Vent--29 weeks pregnant with possible bronchitis

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I've been surrounded by sickies during the 1st and 2nd trimesters and have managed to skate by unscathed, until now :(

Saturday I started feeling a bit of a sore throat and achiness in my lymph nodes near my neck. I decided to take it easy for the weekend, but by Monday I woke up with a rumbling phlegmy cough from deep in my chest. It hurt to cough and I had some chest pain/pressure even when not coughing, but other than that I felt fine so I went into work. (I only work 3 hour shifts, but I'm on my feet around kids the whole time.)


Then last night it took a turn for the worse, coughing up thick yellow-green crud that's sometimes flecked with blood, full body aches and a head cold (sinus pressure/pain and headache) on top of it. My body hurts. My chest HURTS, and I'm trying not to breathe in too deeply because that makes me cough, which REALLY HURTS.


I've not had a fever thus far, but I just checked now and it's creeping up to 99.8-100. I called the clinic I usually go to and they can't get me in til MAY! So I called my prenatal people, who also work out of that clinic, and they said that I could go to Urgent Care, but my insurance won't cover it. (UGH that is a whole other issue! I just barely missed the chance to get on DH's insurance, and now I have to deal with being on Medi-Cal with a share-of-cost. So basically, the only care that is fully covered is pregnancy-related stuff. For non-pregnancy stuff I have to pay out of pocket up to $2,00 before Medi-Cal kicks in to cover the rest.)


So if it ends up being something viral and I go into Urgent Care, I could end up essentially spending hundreds of dollars for a doctor's note to get me off work. Or I could wait until Thursday and call my midwife to see if she will write me a note for work, but that's about all she could do I think. And I'm already kind of in hot water with my job for missing more than my allotted share of sick days earlier this year, when my DD was sick. Oh, and if I don't go in to work then I don't get paid, since I'm out of sick days!


Money is stressing me out right now too. We just had to loan my brother $850 (and he already owes us $400) to cover his rent (long story,) We just paid for DD's Spring preschool classes which was about $400. I also just purchased my birthing tub so there goes another $200. And we have to buy a new sleeper sofa that is big enough for my FIL to fit on (he is stupid tall) and the only company that makes them long enough charges $3,200 for the lowest-rung model. My In-Laws are paying for 2k of it, but still that is $1,200 of our own money, gone. It's just such an expensive time for us right now and it seems like we are hemorrhaging money left and right.


I feel like death and I hate worrying that I'm going to get in trouble at work, and I hate having crappy insurance and being broke and I just wanna curl up and cry all day.

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Wow that is a lot of stress right there, try to relax a bit, I know is easier said than done, but it will definitely help you to stay relaxed. I'm sure some mamas here might have suggestions on natural remedies that work wonders. My fist suggestion would be  sodium ascorbate, it works wonders.


Hugs to you!

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Can you try one of the in-pharmacy clinics (like Target or CVS/similar)?   I have no idea if they are compatible with your insurance, but for some things they are not too $$$ out of pocket.  Good luck, and I hope you feel better!

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Hmm, I'm not really sure what those are. But I'm definitely going to look into it, thanks for the suggestion!

Anyone have any recommendation for how to relieve this horrible body ache? I'm really not one to take any OTC medications, especially while pregnant, but I'd do just about anything to stop this pain. And this headache. Writhing in bed doesn't seem to be working.
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That's actually a GREAT idea ... CVS has a minute clinic you could go to!!  I went to one when I had a sinus infection a few months ago because I felt just like you DEATH.  Try googling it to see where (or if) there's one near you and some Walgreen's even have them as well :) I hope you feel better soon mama because this sticky situation sounds awful :(

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I had a similarly miserably thing (was it the flu?) and I found that rest was the only cure, but not an easy or comfortable one. That, and eating lots of green veggies and veg juices. But it was so hard. It took me a couple of weeks to get better, and after that I was exhausted for quite a while. (Mine morphed into a horrible sinus infection, though. I think if it hadn't I would have been sick for a week.) Most of these things are viral so anti-b's wouldn't help even if they weren't associated with negative health consequences. All problems seem a million times worse when you are sick. If you can, try to put off thinking too hard about stuff you can't control. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad!

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Been reading on some natural remedies cause ive had swollen lymphs and sore throat as well. Elderberry seems to be high on the list for throat and all around immune health, just started taking it today i will let you know how it works. Also gargle with salt water and tsp of apple cider vinegar that works wonders. Up your vit c and suck on some zinc lozenges and drink some chamomile tea it wil help you sleep. Hope you feel better soon
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Originally Posted by sky_and_lavender View Post


All problems seem a million times worse when you are sick. If you can, try to put off thinking too hard about stuff you can't control. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad!



Add pregnant and hormonal to that, and no wonder I'm an emotional mess!

Thanks for the advice, I think you're absolutely right. I'm just going to focus on taking care of myself and resting, and try not to worry about anything else.


I've been drinking a ton of tea with elderberry and echinacea, and sucking on losenges with echinacea and honey, but I'll have to give the zinc ones a shot. And the salt-water gargle helped a lot two nights ago, but I forgot to do it last night. I woke up without the full-body aches, which is such amazing relief, and the cough is less intense. But the sore throat is back with a vengence and the head cold is still raging. Another day in bed for me (well, if my 3 yr old will cooperate, anyhow!)

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