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Weird pimple like rash

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I'm trying to figure out what my son has. He started out with one pimple like bump in his pubic area, it was not painful to him and his Pediatrician treated it with Mupirocin ointment and Cephalexin antibiotics. It seemed to clear up and then a few weeks it returned, but multiplied. I have tried the Mupirocin again without any changes, Neopsorin and A&D ointment as well as CJ's.


The pimples do not pop and have no puss inside. They are not soft like a typical pimple and not hard like a wart, but somewhere in the middle. He has a few on his testicles, none near his anus, just mainly the pubic area.


He still appears to okay with whatever it is, no discomfort during diaper changes or bathing but it still needs to be resolved. Went back to the pediatrician today and she tried to take a culture sample, the pimple like bumps were empty and there wasn't anything inside she could use for a sample. If you look at the picture below, that is why some of the bumps are open. He didn't flinch during that procedure either.


She is referring him to a dermatologist because she has not seen this before and isn't sure how to treat it. He's back on the Cephalexin but I'm not sure about giving it to him if she's unsure how to treat it. I am calling the dermatologist in the morning, by the time we got back from picking up his Rx and made it home, the office had closed.


Has any one seen a rash like this before? What was it called and how did you treat it?




My son is not vaccinated, stays at home with me and is cloth diapered with the same detergent since birth. Not sure if that information helps in elimination but figured it couldn't hurt. He has no known allergies so far.


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If it were me, I'd give the Cephalexin and get seen again immediately.  To me, it looks like impetigo or maybe MRSA. 

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Ask about Mollusscum (not correct spelling) and in the meantime I would apply Coconut Oil -it is not going to harm him and it has been shown to treat a very wide variety of skin problems.

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OP any update? 

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Thank you for the replies. We are still uncertain what it is. It is starting to clear up with the cephalexin and ointment his pediatrician gave us. Unfortunately the dermatologist can't see him until the 24th and there isn't another we can go to. They say it's not an emergency.


Right now it's in a stage where it's drying up and just flaking off. No red spots and the parts that dried and flaked off don't show any evidence of ever being there.


I plan to bring the picture when we go since it will be gone by then but this is the second time he's had it and I'd like to know the cause so we can avoid it in the future.


Thank you everyone for your help and thanks for checking in to see if we had an update :-) I appreciate the support.

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