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Esophagus spasms?

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Anyone else been having esophagus spasms? I had them only once when I wasn't pregnant, and chalked it up to not chewing my meal properly. But since I've been about 25 weeks I've experienced 3 different episodes. I don't know if its because baby is up higher and pushing on my stomach or if its hormones. But it sure sucks when it strikes.

They are like contractions in your esophagus. It's frightening because its basically chest pain that also resonates to my upper back. It's sometimes hard to breathe through them even. And the spasms come and go for about a half an hour. The last time it happened was last night. I drank some cold water right before bed, and about 5 minutes later they started.

Is anyone else experiencing these?? I want to just say that it probably won't happen again but it's happened twice in the last week and I have no clue what triggers it. It's been different every time it happens.

At least they help me practice my breathing for labor! Ha!!
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I can't say I've experienced that but it sounds like acid reflux or like you said maybe the baby is pressing on things and irritating them?


I've had a few moments where swallowing was difficult, but I think that's related to acid reflux as well. I don't know if that was the same type of spasm you're experience (I didn't feel a muscle contract or anything, just suddenly felt like I didn't know how to swallow).


feel better!

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Thanks for replying Jess! I'm starting to think maybe this isn't just one of those annoying pregnancy symptoms. I'll talk to my Midwife about it at my next appt. I was thinking for sure there would be lots of replies with ladies having the same issue.

I totally agree with it having to do with acid reflux. I think I read that somewhere when I googled about it. Weird thing is, I've barely had any heartburn at all this pregnancy. I'll see what my MW says.
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