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Pros and Cons of December birth month

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Just for fun! I'm quite excited; we were specifically planning and hoping to have a baby in December.


-Quick tax benefit! This is going to be pretty huge for my family, since this is our first dependent, and it's a big part of why we aimed for December.


-It won't be too hot! I live in Texas and am SO grateful I won't be heavily pregnant through the summer.  I also don't want my poor newborn to melt in the heat.  December is very pleasant weather here.


-The holiday season will forever be that much busier!


-Poor kid will probably get "combined" Christmas-birthday presents from some relatives, and birthday presents always wrapped in Christmas paper (my sister was born 12/26, so I've seen this in action all my life).


What are yours?

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For us it's that this baby will have a birthday at the end of birthday season here (DD and DH are in October, DS is in November). Add in the holidays, and the fact that he/she will be our third, and this baby may get a smaller birthday celebration.


Pro: youngest grandchild on both sides.

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In my area December 31st is the cutoff for the school year, which means a December baby will be the youngest in his or her class. I'm due December 2nd so I'm not too worried about the Christmas thing. I was born in September and my school clothes always became birthday gifts, so it's always something. Plus I don't really think kids need more toys these days.

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I've always wanted a December baby, but it has some major cons. Wyoming is extremely cold in December and the following months. So going anywhere with a small baby won't be fun. We also won't be able to fly home for thanksgiving or Christmas which is a pro and con wink1.gif The baby is an amazing Christmas gift that is for sure
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In new England the weather will be lovely, and we will be able to get outside and walk almost the entire pregnancy (maybe all of it, if we have a mild December!).  And the weather will cool off just in time for us to be huge and hot.


Not traveling for the holidays this year, a pro for me, though I am sure a con for some.


In our state December babies are older in school, which makes one less thing for me to worry about (kindergarten readiness)


Babies are great whenever they come ;-)




Tiny baby during cold and flu season.  This is the scariest one for me.  I suspect we will do a lot of hibernating this winter.  


The aforementioned concerns about feeling like birthday is eclipsed by the holidays.  I know my sister (Dec 29) felt this way, but we don't make a big deal of gift giving holidays, and do gift free parties, so hopefully we can mitigate that a little.


On balance I am excited about the timing.  I find pregnancy really challenging, so I am hoping not being pregnant through the winter for once will be more pleasant.

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It's kind of nifty to think my baby will quite likely be born at least Christmas week, maybe even on Christmas. I just think it would be fun.
I also live in Texas (Gulf Coast) and December can be some of the best weather of the year, so I'm hoping for nice weather when I'm big pregnant.
My husband's family has three other late December birthdays, and it always makes people feel special when a baby is born on or close to their birthday.

I already have a December baby. All of my other kids are born in different months from each other, and I liked that. Theoretically this baby could come in November (at 38 weeks), but that seems very unlikely given my history.
We've always protected my daughter's December 4th birthday by declaring that Christmas season does not start until December 5th. That's not going to be a possibility with this baby, so we'll have to figure out something else.
It is possible for December to be uncomfortably cold here. The last couple years have been really warm (like sundress on Christmas warm), but sometimes we have cold and even snow. And I HATE being cold and pregnant. I dislike the cold already, and for some reason being pregnant makes me way more sensitive to it. The winter I was pregnant with my first was literally painful for me.
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I have to pick up my kids from school (40 min round trip) so this baby will be schlepped around a lot in the cold weather.

Need to wear a maternity bathing suit at the pool all summer.  haha.  I "show" very early and am pretty big by 20 weeks which will fall in July.

Baby will probably come between Christmas and New Year's so birthdays will be added to Christmas with the extended families.



On the older side when starting school (but also negative because they will be home that much longer - lol - feeling this with my 4yo January girl who still has a year and a half before kindergarten).

We don't have any December birthdays yet in our immediate family.  

We also celebrate Baptisimal Days yearly and this baby will likely be Baptized early February (no Feb celebrations yet either) so we will probably make that the bigger celebration.

Most likely I will be feeling decent during the hottest part of the summer.

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MY DS was also born in Dec. So I am happy that we will be able to have joint birthday parties for my DS and this little one.


I love that his bday is during the holidays because we aren't christian and don't celebrate Christmas, so it gives us something to celebrate when everyone else is celebrating Christmas. We actually go overboard for his birthday (more than we probably would if it were in a different month), because it is in December.


A big con for me is that I am off work for a month at Christmas, so I would normally get to miss work for maternity leave, but since I am due right at the beginning of my break, I don't get to miss much work because most of my maternity leave will be when I am gone from work on break anyway. bummer. I love missing work and watching them scramble to find a replacement, I think it makes them take me for granted less.

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I'm in Texas too and a big con for me is that I will be pregnant during all the hot hot months. I'm hot natured as it is and the heat,, no matter what stage of pregnancy I am in, is just awful for me. I am going to keep the complaining to a minimum once it does heat up though. I really want this pregnancy to be peaceful and appreciate every last second of it because with this being #4 it will likely be our last so I don't want to spend my time whining about being hot. I did enough of that last time when I was pregnant with my June baby. wink1.gif I thought about the tax benefit too!
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I love how I will be in the middle of the pregnancy during the summer-- sporting a nice size bump but not being too big. I can't wait to wear my summer maternity dresses that I had worn when I was pregnant with DS. Fall, what I like about that season is that the mornings are crisp and the smell of the leaves is just divine to me, and I always get that anticipation of something exciting to come, like I did when I was younger and excited about those first few weeks of school. December is when the bunnies are hopping around our neighborhood across the snow, their shadwos being cast in that soft warm glow of the streetlamps while snowflakes are gently falling-- the excitement of the holidays is in the air. But then January, February, March can be hard for me typically... It can get really cold here, and I don't like the shorter days/sunlight. I'm not big into winter, I'm more of a spring/summer person because of gardening. The plan will be to snuggle in and get to know baby, plan enough outings to indoor activities to keep the cabin fever at bay, and have a solid group of other mom's to do things with. I will need to find the latter-- I didn't grow up here where we live and I find that while people can be friendly enough, it can be hard to find those who you connect with on a personal basis as well has having your kids' ages/stages match and where they enjoy playdates with one another.


Looking forward to what others have to say about this topic!

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We thought a little about this before we started our last round of infertility treatments and decided to go ahead with since a baby was much more important than any of the cons :)



- We also realized the tax benefit.

- We do celebrate the Holidays and I'll be much more motivated to get gifts made/bought and sent out and decorate before the week of Christmas!

-Thanksgiving is one of my lest favorite holidays because everyone makes it about food and overeating so maybe baby will choose that day. If not, there will be leftovers for a week after if it comes a little later.

-Winter is typically depressing to me because I hate the cold! A baby will help :)



-DS's birthday is early Nov. and I really like the idea of everyone having their own birthday month. Maybe this one will hold out.

-Nursing with layers of clothes/sweatshirts even though we don't live where it is very cold at all. Still, I have a dream of a summer baby that never needs to wear more than a diaper and the ease of BFing wearing tank tops and bikini tops haha.

-Trying to accomplish everything I want to for the holidays while being pregnant/having a newborn and having to take it easy on myself if it doesn't happen.

-Stress of family coming to visit for Christmas (with the potential of at least my parents staying with us). This was stressful after DS was born and he was 6wks at Christmas, though their help was appreciated.

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My prego brain can only think up Pros at the moment:


1) December/January is one of the most beautiful times of year in my part of the world.


2) I'm somewhat relieved that the "presents" season will be over in one shot. My DS is a January birth, and I feel like I need to "deprogram" him from a "gimme gimme" mentality after all's said and done each year. At least, with the birthdays so close to the holidays, deprogramming will only have to happen only once per child per year.

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I was just re-reading my post, and I am musing about how it kind of sounds 'emotional-ly'-- which totally fits with how I have been the last couple of weeks! ha ha. When I wrote that I was thinking about some of the things that I normally love about the seasons, and about it becoming so much more special and magical because of being pregnant. I love being pregnant (well, most of the time-- heartburn in the third trimester, okay, that's not fun) and waiting for my baby to arrive in my arms is so exciting!  I was thinking of these things and associating them with the various aspects of each time of the year. Sila, I hate the cold, too... seems like the older I get the worse that gets...

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- all the advice you get will probably center on how you don't want to give birth on Christmas.  If I was going to be lectured at least I'd prefer it be on something I can't control :)

- if you do go late/early/whaev and its Christmas, you get an instant excuse to avoid the in-laws that day :)

- pregnant lady dibs on everything Thanksgiving! and shopping for Christmas presents



-what everyone else already said

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Originally Posted by fayebond View Post

- all the advice you get will probably center on how you don't want to give birth on Christmas.  If I was going to be lectured at least I'd prefer it be on something I can't control smile.gif
- if you do go late/early/whaev and its Christmas, you get an instant excuse to avoid the in-laws that day smile.gif

LOL, I'm actively hoping to give birth on Christmas (and not to avoid the in-laws, LOL). I have a good chance of it, too, considering my propensity to hit 42 weeks!

This past year, I ended up in the hospital with a kidney stone late at night on Christmas Eve. (And after they gave me morphine, I could NOT find a cab to take me home! Had to get my mother out of bed at 4 am on Christmas Day!) Giving birth on Christmas has to be better than that! orngbiggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by fayebond View Post


- all the advice you get will probably center on how you don't want to give birth on Christmas.  If I was going to be lectured at least I'd prefer it be on something I can't control :)

- if you do go late/early/whaev and its Christmas, you get an instant excuse to avoid the in-laws that day :)

- pregnant lady dibs on everything Thanksgiving! and shopping for Christmas presents



-what everyone else already said


LOL! Newborn baby in the house a perfectly good excuse even if you're not actively pushing on the actual holiday. :D

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The first Pro my husband pointed out is having a 6 month old in the summer smile.gif

I have two winter babies (both February), it's great to have an infant to snuggle all winter smile.gif

I am not worried about the holidays. Baby's birthday will be special no matter what!
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Im wicked chuffed about a December baby. First, I like Capricorns, and they go nicely with Virgos (which is our big baby). But mostly, I'm excited that most of the pregnancy will be during the spring/summer/fall months when there is lots of farmer's market produce, and its easy to eat really healthy and be outside. And then, just when it gets rotten out, I'll be too big, or home with a newbie anyway. I'm thinking the long dark cold days of January/February/March might be perfect for that timeless tiny infant stage (when, who cares what time or day it is, really? 4am? We're up!). And last but not least: no in-laws for Christmas!!! I'm banning visits until we are settled and in, because last time they all came the day we were out of the hospital, and while everyone tried to be helpful, I really felt like we didn't ever get our own new family bonding time. So this time, everyone will have to wait a few weeks. And that will solve the annual holidays dilemma, because we have the only grandchild of 7 grandparents and everybody always wants her! Delighted!

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I always said I wouldn't have a December baby, because they would be the youngest at school, plus the holiday/birthday combo, but I'm due Dec. 26th! Though, since I've given birth at 39 w with my first two, maybe I will have this one out before smile.gif

-I get to buy some summer maternity clothes! Both my kids were spring babies, and I can't tell you how sick I am of some of my maternity things.
-no more being hugely pregnant in Jan Feb Mar when it's -30 outside!!!

-being stuck at home when it's -30 with a newborn and a toddler from Dec-Mar(!)
-possibly another 10 months of daycare if this little one is not ready for school (cutoff here is Dec 31).
-combined bday/holiday celebrations, but I'd probably just do their bday party a couple weeks early so that they get their own time. We don't do much in the ways of Xmas celebrations, and our family is small, so I'm not too worried about combine-gifting...they have a good sense of fairness for gifts.
-DH's bday is Jan 25, so poor guy will be even more neglected.
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pro: yay baby!  

I love holiday season so it will just add to it.  This will be an early Dec baby so s/he won't be eclipsed by Christmas.

S/he will be in the first quarter for school since in California you have to be 5 by Sept 1 for kindie.  (although we're likely going to be homeschooling, but that's a long story, might be in a parent participation elem school too.  as of this fall it's homeschooling)


cons: I have several friends with early 2013 babies and they will all be in the school year before this babe, so his/ her ready made playmates will be ahead of him/ her, but this might not be important. 

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