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Mira Klaire Joy has arrived!!! :)

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So I know most of you know that I had my baby, thanks again Tiffany for keeping everyone updated! Before I share our labor story (the shortened version lol) I have to just say the same thing I said to my friend shortly after I had her... I sent her a text that simply said... "I HAD A BABY! OUT OF MY VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I was SO excited lol

Ok so Long story short...

Accupunture on thurs... 12 hrs later labor started with a bang. Insane intense CX from the very start... Labor at home abt 8 hrs. Got to hospital was 2.5. Labored another 11 hrs and was only 5. Stayed stocked at 5cm with insane CX one on top of another no breaks, and no pain meds for 3 hrs and babys HR kept dropping really low (like 40) with every cx...before they started talking pitocin, when they said that I said "OH HELL NO! NOT WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL!" Which is crazy since I didn't want one... But my CX were so aweful, I knew I couldn't handle pit CX. Epidural placement was hell. 3 attempts and 45 minutes. But finally it worked and we started the pit. Which led to 5 hrs or so of being out in crazy positions to keep her HR up. And going back and forth on rushing me to surgery and watching and waiting. It was crazy stressful. Finally I got to 8cm after 28 hrs of labor. Ad the dr gave me 45 minutes to be ready to push or it was surgery. Well he came back in 30 minutes to see if I was 10 yet, and not only was I 10 but she was "right there"!!!! Drs and nurses were running frantically putting on scrubs and such. I was so out of it. I pushed for an hr and one minute. Hardest thing I've ever done. But the drs and nurses were the best cheerleaders, EVERYTIME I said "I can't" my dr said "OHHH but you are!!!!" The moment she was born was the single most surreal Moment of my life, feeling her slide out of my body... It was insane! Tey laid her on my belly and she pooped everywhere LOL Andrew cut her cord and they took her to be checked since I had a fever when she came out. So she did too. I began to sob and didn't stop for over an hour. Her apgars were all nines!!! and shes nursed like a champ from day one. I tore really badly. IN MY LABIA!!!!! OMG, took 40 minutes to sew me up. Lots of pain now. But a tad better everyday. Pain pills are a god send!!! One amazing thing! NO hemorrhoids! LMAO!
Her stats were...
Mira Klaire Joy
6.4lbs 19 inches long
4/6 at 5:16pm.

Here are my 2 fav pics from her birth.

And one from today at 4 days old. smile.gif so in love <3

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yay! She is beautiful! Congratulations :)

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HAHAHA!!!!! Oh my word. That text message you sent your friend just MADE MY DAY, LOL. I am SO SO thrilled and excited that you didn't have to have a C-section!!!!! WOOHOO! Mira is SOOOOOOOOO beautiful, and that first picture is seriously going to make me break down and cry!! So awesome! <3 <3 <3

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Your pix made me cry. You look so happy!

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love.gif I'm so excited for you!! 

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Awesome birth story. You did it! And she is adorable.
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Awesome story! Your pics made me happytears.gif. Congratulations, and awesome job, mama! She's beautiful!

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Awww! Congrats Bean! Your first pic made me cry! She is so cute!
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Congratulations.. wow, that was exhausting just to read...  you had quite a marathon!  I'm so glad someone else has mentioned it- I just love that feeling of the baby finally wiggling and sliding through. it's just the ultimate moment of relief and joy! (but it sounds kinda weird!)

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So so beautiful! What a wild ride and awesome pictures! Congratulations!
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Liz, I am so so so so happy for you.  Welcome to motherhood!  joy.gif

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Wow she is gorgeous.. congrats !!!!

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Those are really great pictures!! Congrats!!

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