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Everett sucked on a slice of mango the other night. That's all he's had so far though he's swiped food and I've had to clean or lick his fingers clean when he grabs at something on my plate. We're waiting a couple more weeks at least, I'd like to see him sitting 100% and have a better pincer grip since we're doing BLW.


And I really like not having to scrape the poop out of his cloth diapers ;)

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She's had a tad bit of my gluten free oatmeal, some bits of our salad, coconut oil, banana and stevia lemonade, of, and water. She wants EVERYTHING we have. Since she's with us 24/7, it's hard to eat things she can't have. She's been learning the No word a lot. No you can't have Dad's tea, Moms coffee, Dad's pie, Moms cracker....

I think the only things that actually got swallowed are the oatmeal and oil. Well, and some of the drinks. Most of it gets spit out.
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Dorothy is still not too interested in solids- might chop on something, mush it around and then spit it out with a (mostly) disgusted look on her face. She plays but no swallowing. We did give her some water in a cup with a straw and I think maybe she swallowed a little of that. I really believe eating is developmental and she'll do it in her own time but I'm curious, hows everyone else's little ones coming along?
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She is learning how to swallow and drink from a cup pretty well. So far I'm impressed! She loves food. Grandma gave her a mango last week and she didn't like it. I'm glad bc I think that was why I got so sick, reacting to it in the house.
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Kaelan has tried potatoes, honey dew (he gnawed on a slice), mashed yam, homemade applesauce and soft banana chunks.  So far, he's loved all of it and freaks out trying to get his hands on the food and stuff it in his mouth.  No problems with chewing or swallowing.  We haven't integrated solids into his day yet, though.  He's just trying stuff out. He is 6.5 months old now, so we'll probably slowly start adding solids to his daily routine, since it's clear he loves them and he's ready.  He's just not sitting well, so I can't put him in a baby chair and let him go to town. It will be easier once he can comfortably sit in a highchair and feed himself.  Right now, he sits in our laps and tries to feed himself, which gets pretty messy for the owner of the lap! ;-)

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Out of nowhere my kid has really developed his pincer grasp. He still palms his food half the time, but the other half he gets really serious and picks up the tiny bits and then drops them because he doesn't know how to aim for his own mouth very well! He's had some really great meals lately - homemade stir fry (noodles, beef, carrots, broccoli), chinese food, pizza (just the olives and cheese), and a lot of juice sips and baby prunes and pears to help all that go through. He's pretty much just playing around eating whatever I eat, when I can't sit him down and hide around a corner to eat without him seeing. He's a pig though, I dread when he starts actually eating solids like for meals and not just to play with eating while we eat. Gonna eat me out of house and home.

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Wait till he's a teenager!
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It'll happen sooner than that if he's anything like my older son!  That boy could out eat his 6' 1", 200 lbs. father from the time he was barely out of kindergarten!  At nearly 13, he eats a tremendous amount of food. My girls have all been good eaters, too, but they eat more human-sized portions!  Kparker, your little one sounds a lot like my older boy as a baby!  ;-)  Just sayin'.....

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some pictures at last: this one sure loves his food! and mama can crawl on the floor and clean up after. yay, fun ;)


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Oh what a cutie! We grew some pretty cute kids this time around I think. smile.gif
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Awww....look at the joy on his face :) sheer bliss!!!

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Last weekend, I pureed some peas for Luthien and she had a blast, smearing them all over herself, flicking them off her hands, and maybe licking them once or twice. She's definitely experiencing solid food more with her skin than with her taste buds. Here she is partying with the peas! Needless to say, she got a bath right afterward...

Now here she is at our office, being her usual smiley self. We consider her an "employee" (our official greeter). She's not on the payroll, though--do you think she should be? eat.gif

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sh's adorable, pacificmar!


so, with junis being my third (and most likely my last) I've pretty mucg thrown caution to the wind and he gets a lot of the things we are eating. he is just such a hungry boy! I guess it's no surprise since he is really working out too, crawling about and pulling up all the time. so, today he had cherries straight from the tree and at first I got the pit out for him but then I gave him a whole one and he sucked and chewed on it and then suddenly out came the stone completely clean. so funny! dd used to always swallow them and then they reappeared in her diaper, but not him. every single cherry pit he spit out. I was very impressed LOL

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Oh, PacificMar, I LOVE your little pea covered greeter! I think she totally should be on payroll. All the hugs and kisses she can stand. :)


Franjapany, I am impressed too! Very good job for him! Ana had a peach the other day - and she LOVED it - I was afraid she was going to try to swallow the stone she was sucking it so hard trying to get the last bit off. Lol I haven't given her cherries, but they are just getting ripe here. I should go down to the organic stand down the road, their ad said they are picking cherries now. Mmmm

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We are doing BLW and it's going well, though he mostly plays with his food and just nibbles a bit here and there. He likes cantaloupe and curry the best. :)

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My kiddo had green beans last night, and he was picking them out specifically and ignoring his nectarines! I was surprised. He loved them.

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Her new favorites this week are grilled steak and she absolutely loves grits.
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