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I am planning on using a doula. Hadn't thought about using hypnosis.
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faith, I'm doing the Blissborn program. We just attended our first class last Sunday and I've been listening to my CD all week. I was interested in hypnosis because I think it'll help me stay more relaxed, focused and in the moment, lessen my fears about pain and birth. The local instructor is the lady who designed the program so that's nice. She does not in any way promise a painless birth and I liked that. I think it's one of those things where you get out of it what you put into it, i.e. mainly it comes down to practicing the skills every day. As I mentioned before to lilac: don't start it too early because you have to practice till the day of.
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DH got in a "must clean everything really well before the babies come".  I think he is nesting more than I am.  He totally cleaned the garage, put some shelves in order there, and took all the stuff I had brought home from my teaching job that I won't be using for a couple years and put it out on the shelves with the help of my brother.  It was crazy hot but I agree the garage looks amazing and having the basement empty to make room for putting my brother's bed down there (he is currently in our spare room that will be the babies room and we only have 2 rooms).  My brother is really relaxed about it, "Oh, yeah, I knew I would have to give up the spare bedroom soon so you could get prepared for the babies."  Next up on DH's list is cleaning out the attic.  I need to be more involved in that though because DH tried to put to the curb some stuff that holds sentimental value for me and isn't just "junk".


How are preparations coming for the rest of you?

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Lilac, how awesome that your husband is doing so much!  I wish my husband would clean and organize stuff!


We've been having big conversations about whether we want to stay in London or move back to Denver.  DH's job hunt is going really slowly, and it's really expensive to live in London with no income.  I'd prefer to be in Denver anyhow because both of our families are there, and it would be SO nice to have my mom and my sister around when the baby comes.  The main drawback to Denver is that there just isn't much work in my husband's field (finance), so we have to think seriously about how we're going to make money.  But our expenses are WAY lower.  We've agreed that if he hasn't had a request for an interview by the end of the week, then we'll just decide to move back.  I am really excited about this.  If we do move back, then we have a LOT of work to do, cleaning and packing and reorganizing the house in Denver.  It's work I will be very happy to do, though.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Dakipode, I've been looking into Blissborn.  Very fascinated by the whole thing.  Let me know what your experiences with it are!  You're due mid-September?

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faith, yes it is a blessing that he wants to get things organized. But he also tends to throw things away that I wouldn't because I use them on an infrequent basis.  I hope you and DH can figure out your living arrangements and locations and such.  Looking for work is tough. Even tougher when you know there is a baby on the way.


AFM, DH and dear brother basically emptied out the spare room yesterday.  Just a dresser and a massage bed (that I need to sell so we can have space :( ) are left in the room. It is exciting and I know now is the time to purge the house because once I have babies I won't have time to deal with getting rid of stuff.  My aunt gave me a crib so we are going to set that up to contain all the baby stuff people are giving me - new and hand me down stuff. Right now we have a pile in the living room another pile in the dining room, and some stuff in the basement (waiting to get washed once I know the gender). I am okay with piles. It makes DH uneasy so getting one spot out of his sight will make him a happier camper.

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I am having 2 boys! Off to eat and celebrate!
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Yay, lilac! Congrats!

faith, so far I'm really enjoying my class. This past one was about how to address your fears and turn them into affirmations. Very useful for areas besides birth as well! We got to meet a couple who had their baby 4 months ago and the main thing the mom said she wished she'd done more was practice. She still did well with the program and enduring a 40 hour labor! Feel free to ask me more specific things about the class.
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Yay, Lilac!!! I love little boys! You will have a blast with them!

Dakipode, thanks for the update, that's great to hear.

Great news on my end, DH and I have decided to move back to Denver, permanently! We're in the midst of packing everything up and will fly back next week! I feel so relieved. We will have a LOT of work to do to get DH's house ready, but we'll have help and it will be completely doable. Hooray!

Also more good news, the NT scan and bloodwork came back with chances of Down Syndrome at 1:840. What a relief!
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Faithrainbow, that is excellent news. I am glad you will be in a place that is comfortable for you. Good luck with all the house rearranging and getting prepared. Now that I know that I am having twin boys I can get cracking on creating my baby boys' room.  DH loves air planes so we are thinking of using that as a theme.

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Lilac- Conrats on 2 little boys!! How exciting!


Dakipode- I wish they had a blissborn practitioner here. It looks like a really great program. I've decided on Hypnobirthing program myself.


Faith- Congrats on moving back to Denver and getting a great result on your test! You sound so relieved on both accounts orngbiggrin.gif


AFM- Not much news lately. Everything is progressing like it should. Unfortunately I still have morning sickness which just sucks! I've been going to acupuncture to try to get rid of it but its being very stubborn. I'm starting to resign myself that it may just be around for the duration. Such a bummer. I was so looking forward to enjoying this time of pregnancy.

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I'm 14 weeks now and starting to get stressed out about everything I have to do/get! Task #1 is to get a body pillow, I've been using a spare tucked under the covers but don't think it will last forever...
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Polyhymnia, I'm sure I'll be right there with you as soon as I get to Denver and see boxes and boxes of stuff everywhere!  We have our work cut out for us, for sure.  Luckily my mom said that she'd help me, and my dad will help with furniture and stuff.  DH is going on a two-week trip at the end of August, and he's given me permission to rearrange the entire house while he's gone.  He generally hates change. so this is better--he can freak out all at once and be done with it, rather than have everything being like pulling teeth.  I just have to promise not to get rid of anything of his while he's gone, which seems like a fair request.

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Faith rainbow, that sounds like a good plan! I'm a teacher and go back day after Labor Day, so part of me wants to have lots of things sorted out by then but I won't even be 20 weeks until 9/6, so it is too early for most things I think greensad.gif
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Poly, my opinion is that once you're out of the first trimester, you should do things when you have time and energy.  What do other folks think?

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Definitely do things when you have energy and time.
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Yes, time energy and money! It'll all get done eventually. The babe isn't going to give a hoot if something isn't done or is maybe not quite right. Putting extra pressure on yourself can just increase your fatigue.  Remember to stop and enjoy the wonderment of it all. Bring gratitude to the forefront of your mind when you are stressed. It can help you refocus on what's important and keep stress away. winky.gif


Lilac- have you been picking out clothing patterns for little boys yet? orngbiggrin.gif

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faith, so glad you and DH will have a secure housing situation. I remember you seemed pretty stressed out about things being up in the air.

lilac, have fun with the babies' room and definitely post some pictures!

justjenny: I know you mentioned having decided on Hypnobirthing, just want to point out that Blissborn has a home study program as well and if it's in your budget you can get one on one sessions with her as well. We were in class on Sunday and during the break she was helping two couples who missed the last class. It made me feel like she really cared about them being able to use this program successfully. She could've just said: sorry you missed it, not my problem, but she seemed genuinely concerned.

polyhymnia: breathe, relax, you still have so much time! Think about the most important things that need to get done and start on those, for me it was researching car seats and strollers. I figured we need the car seat to take the baby home, everything else is less important than that. Next up was crib/sleeping arrangement for baby. Those were the two most important items on my list. Now we're down to picking a name, I didn't want to think about it too much since I tend to be one of those people who changes their mind last minute so that's why I'm kinda leaving it to the last minute. And in the same spirit as JustJenny's comment: you can always buy more stuff later, just figure out the important logistics and go from there.
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Thanks guys! I am so glad to have you. I know what carseat we want but am watching for a sale (graco snugride 35), I can't decide on a crib! I'm torn between drooling over the stokke sleepi and thinking I should get what will make me happy, but also fully aware that $1000+ is absurd to spend on a crib especially since we have no idea if we will be able to have another child to spread the cost out. Second pick is one from ikea. Can't decide on organic mattress or not, my friend has concerns about the latex used in many organic ones. If I get conventional I want to do it soon for lots of offgassing time!

When did everyone else feel movement? I'm antsy to feel this little bugger squirming!
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polyhymnia, I am 19 weeks and still don't feel much movement.  I learned on Friday that I have anterior placentas which means they are at the front of my tummy and basically muffle all the little kicks and jabs my boys are making :(  I know I sure want to feel something to make sure they are in there doing their thing.

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