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polyhymnia: keep in mind that with a special shape crib you can only buy the special shape sheets and they can charge whatever they want for those. Also things like the crib mattress protector sheet won't come in that size and you'll have to skip it or sew one yourself... I went with the $70 Ikea crib. I was looking at convertible ones but they're $400-600 and I figured with $70 now and $200 for a twin bed later we will still have spent less than that. Plus for convertibles you have to buy the rails, either now and store them, or later and hope they still make them for your model, etc.
Movement: I think around 13-14 weeks I started feeling very light flutters. Like someone's trying to tickle you from the inside by lightly dragging the tips of their fingers along your stomach. "Real" kicks not till 20 weeks or so. Now it's changed again since about 5-6 weeks ago and it feels more like elbows and knees being rolled around, very odd.
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Oh, that's a bummer! Maybe a relief later on though hey? smile.gif
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Thanks, dakipode!. I keep telling myself that too, about the sheets and things for the oval crib but I still love it, lol. We don't want a convertible crib either, we already have a twin bed for later use and we don't have room for a full size bed and also toys, desk, etc. I might be interested in one that has a removable side, I found one at toys r us for $180which does have that feature...

That's so exciting that you felt the baby so early!
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Oh, polyhymnia, go with a standard shaped crib. My sister got a circle crib and I have been making the sheet for it because she wanted specific colors she couldn't find.  I love my niece, but these circle sheets are for the birds.


On the crib front, I want each of my boys to have their own crib. I know that for awhile they would both fit in one, but DH feels strongly about it too and it makes sense to give each of them their own space.  Once they get bigger, it will likely be a bunk bed to give them space to play in their room so these "4 in 1" cribs that seem to be all the rage right now are useless because I won't be putting TWO DOUBLE beds in their little room. plus as I look at used beds, babies bite on the "footboard" part of the bed, not a pretty sight so would I really want a footboard with bite marks, probably not.

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I dunno, Poly.  I just went to someone's house to day and they had that exact crib, and it was really cool!  If that's what your heart desires, then I say, go for it.

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I feel the same way about having to get or make special sheets. And it is a crazy amount of money. I keep looking for one on Craigslist... But soon I think I will just give in and get a regular one. I like how it seems to take up less room.
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Hi All, I'm back in Denver! Went to hang out with my mom today, what a treat! I'm so glad to be back, and to be back permanently, not just for a few weeks. Hooray! Now just to figure out what to do with all of the STUFF.

Question for you ladies: are any of you planning to cloth diaper? If so, diaper service, or wash your own? What models are you thinking of? I ran a daycare for six years in Boulder, so I have some experience with cloth. What I've never tried or had any experience with is cloth diapers with wool covers. I'm excited to try sewing my own wool covers from merino or cashmere thrift-store sweaters. I figure I'll get a couple covers that I like, and make patterns from them. After I finish two of my grad school papers, I'm rewarding myself by getting a serger sewing machine. I've never used a serger before, so I'm pretty excited about that, too.
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Faith rainbow, welcome to a permanent home, what a relief!! I am planning to do a diaper service for the first one or two months, they provide whatever size prefolds I ask for. I am knitting wool covers and longies but will buy some PUL style covers also. I'm planning to do this trial from Jillian's drawers inthat time http://www.jilliansdrawers.com/products/clothdiapers/tryclothfor10/tryclothfor10 and then make a decision about bigger sizes. I'm hoping we like fitteds and covers and am going to try sewing some of those, too.
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faith, yay for having a permanent home, let the nesting begin!
I'm planning on trying cloth diapering, washing them myself. After researching all the options I've decided to start with flats, they're the cheapest option and they wash and dry quickly. I may get some prefolds too depending on how many gift certificates I get at my shower. I may end up doing the Jillian's trial program as well, not sure yet. I basically just want to start as cheap as possible, we can always spend more money later. I've bought some PUL covers and I've knitted two wool covers so far, thinking that I want to wait and see how they fit before I make any more, they knit up pretty fast.

polyhymnia, one of the ladies in my DDC shared this link on how to sidecar your crib: http://sidecarcrib.m.webs.com/site/mobile?dm_path=%2Findex.htm&fw_sig_url=http://www.freewebs.com/sidecarcrib/&fw_sig_api_key=522b0eedffc137c934fc7268582d53a1&fw_sig_tier=0&fw_sig=0e4dc90f3e6586c9c66c29fc21b3d2c3&fw_sig_is_admin=0&fw_sig_time=1375459623555&fw_sig_permission_level=0&fw_sig_session_key=64a254389d8df4455538a71dd59b06d61c254f4f578d28ba372da3f3e3e2d26a-30096149&fw_sig_access_token=65fb88afbc1170a9c00e9b20ef59396b699337b6&fw_sig_permissions=none&fw_sig_social=1&fw_sig_site=30096149&fw_sig_premium=0&fb_sig_network=fw#0113
Maybe something to keep in mind if you're planning on sort of co-sleeping and using the special shaped crib.
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Dakipode, what pattern did you use to knit covers? I am planning to knit some too but can't settle on a pattern. Also thinking about buying this fitted pattern to make some of those, but only if I can find nice fabric. I'd rather buy premade ones with fancy serging and snaps... In a moment of insanity i priced sergers and snap presses and tried to convince myself it was worth buying them, lol!

Thanks for that link but I don't think we can sidecar greensad.gif there just isn't enough room in our bedroom. I think we are going to get this crib, DH finally told me this week that he prefers we not get the ikea one I had been eyeing, he likes how we can remove one side of this one: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=17201216#goto-top-of-page
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polyhymnia, so far I've only tried the curly purly pattern, people seemed to think it had a good amount of rise. It's fast too, I could probably whip one up in two days in a pinch. http://www.curlypurly.com/pdf/soaker.pdf I've printed out a few other patterns too for soakers and longies but I want to wait and see how this whole cloth diapering is going to work out for us before I commit to making more things.
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faith, glad to hear you are back in Denver permanently. I am sure that is a relief. I am hoping to cloth diaper my babies because I don't want to fill up the land fill with disposables. I use cloth feminine products (although right now given pregnancy incontinence I have been wearing disposables that I hate). I have a serger and love it!  If you buy one, definitely buy it from a dealer, not from Walmart or Amazon or the like. I bought a Janome Magnolia for about $250 on a Christmas special. They make doing sewing so much faster! There are still things that only a sewing machine can do but a serger is a nice touch to so many things.

dakipode, that side car crib is ingenious. It may be just the thing for the first couple of months with my twins. I don't know how to knit, but that curly purly diaper soaker pattern looks awesome.

AFM, just got home from a 3 day teacher's convention. It was fun to see old friends and share new ideas but I am glad to be back at home in my own bed!

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Thanks! I have made the curly purly pattern before but am not sure how it fits in practice. I have a longies/skirty pattern, and feel confident in that, but am not as sure about soakers. Planning to try this wrap too http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/whw-plain-wrap. And maybe this one http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/ribby-wrap
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Yay!  I'm happy that so many of you are cloth diapering, and especially that so many of you are trying wool!  Please keep us updated on how things go.  For those of you who are knitting wool covers, are you then washing them in hot water to felt them up?  I guess I'm just skeptical that a simple knitted cover could prevent leaks (but what do I know?).  I also want a cover that's snug enough to hold a prefold in place without having to snappi it.  I've ordered a loveybums organic wool cover, and bought some merino/cashmere sweaters at the thrift store--I can't wait till my papers are done and I get my serger!  


I've also decided to splurge and make myself a dupioni silk ring sling, inspired by Sakura Bloom: http://www.sakurabloom.com/essential-silk-collection/.  They're so gorgeous!  And get really good reviews.  I've priced it out and can get that much dupioni silk and a set of rings for about $85.  Hardly cheap, but we're getting so many other things used (pretty much all of our furniture, clothes and most of our gear), that I've decided a splurge is OK.  i haven't bought the fabric yet, but we'll see.

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Those slings are beautiful. Hope you can make one for yourself for half the price!

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That sling is lovely!!

I am not felting my knit soakers, it's too hard for me to judge the finished size that way. I am knitting them very densely with good, minimally processed yarns and will landline them thoroughly. I don't think wool is a great choice for long car trips or other times when there may be compression wicking but for just hanging out, etc a lot of my friends have used them so I hope I can make it work... smile.gif
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Sorted through all the baby clothes I have been given so far. I have a bunch of those sleep sacks (all cuddly material :), plenty of 3-6, 6-9. and 18-24 clothes, a good start to 9-12 and 12-18 month clothes, and more blankets than I could ever imagine. My aunt had mixed in a few little girl's things before she knew I was having a boy. I have those in a bag separated from everything else. I need to get a couple more boxes to put the 12-18 month clothes in and all the sleep sacks/blankets. Oh and I have 2 snow suits too (3-6 months) which should get us through the first winter here in Michigan.


Had to laugh at my DH. My aunt gave me a food grinder . DH thought it was a hand breast pump. Yeah, we have a lot to learn together :)

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What has everyone else been doing to prepare for their little ones births?


DH and I went and toured the birth place where I am planning to give birth last night. The triage part reminded me of an emergency room. I told DH that supported my wishes of staying home until I was in active labor because otherwise the tour guide said we could spend 2 to 4 hours in this little room with no windows. All the labor and delivery rooms have outdoor windows which is much better in my opinion. The tour guide told me and 2 other moms pregnant with twins that it wasn't the practice to have all twin births in the operating room. But I am definitely going to talk to my doctor about that too. There were nice deep bath tubs and showers and each room so I can stand in the water if I want to labor there which was good. She even said they recommend that a laboring woman sit on a toilet and rock to help get the baby in the right direction to exit the body vaginally. The hospital supports skin to skin contact with the baby after birth which was good to know, but if I am still actively laboring for the second baby that may be interesting.  Nurse said that colostrum tastes like amniotic fluid which I had never heard before. Makes sense though so it is familiar to the baby.


The mother/baby unit was nice with enough space in their large rooms for both babies to stay with us and they are never taken away from the parents unless the little boys are going to be circumcised. I am not sure how my DH feels about circumcision. I guess I need to have a conversation about that.  There is a "watching" nursery if parents ask to have some time to sleep without watching the baby. DH even gets a couch to sleep on. Doesn't look that comfy but at least it is something.


This whole "getting ready to birth" thing is getting more and more real.

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Lilac- That sounds like a great hospital to birth in. Its awesome to hear that there are parts of our country that are so accommodating for vaginal twin births. I know how much you had wanted a home birth but it sounds like you found a really nice option for you.


AFM- I just turned 20 weeks this week and can't believe I've hit the halfway mark!  The preparations that are being done have been practical so far. Haven't bought anything yet. I finally sent out my registry info yesterday. It was pretty simple since we have limited space. I registered for cloth diapers at green mountain diapers and also a few small items at Target. We've cleaned out any extra clutter we had to make some extra room. There wasn't much but it feels good to get rid of excess anyway. I've started to hunt stuff down on Craigslist but don't want to buy to much 'cause I know my MIL is gonna go crazy. Probably most of the buying will be kinda last minute, lol. 

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JustJenny, are you going to find out the gender of your little one or have you already? I totally get you on the "stuff front". People keep telling me this and this and this is "essential" and I look at my little house and say, "probably not for us".  I am going to register but I know people end up buying what they "think you need" anyway.  Just shakes my head. One of my sister's friends who also had twin boys took back $700 worth of clothing and bought her carseats and a crib that she really needed. She still had more than enough clothes!

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