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Thankfully I did get their first appointment of the day - 7 am. So that means I can eat up until 9 pm tonight.  I am going in Friday morning. I already have an ultrasound and rhogam shot with a prenatal appointment tomorrow and I don't want to take off more time from work for another "sit and wait" appointment.


I am excited about our first natural childbirth class tonight.  DH isn't as excited. He has been pretty tired this week and today when I reminded him to hurry home after work, he wasn't exactly in the mood for a 2.5 hour session of childbirth information. I hope it goes well and that he finds it useful.

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Just popping in to announce the birth of Alden Henry P. on Sept 20th at 3:49am, 24 hours after my water broke. Look for pics sometime in the next week or so, probably just in the Septermber DDC.

I have very little time to be online, haven't even told my DDC yet! This is the first time I've turned on my computer since last Wednesday!

Will be following you ladies from afar and wishing you all the best with your pregnancies!

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Congratulations dakipode!  Very exciting to hear that your little boy is safely here!

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Huge Congrats Dakipode!jumpers.gifjumpers.gifjumpers.gif  Welcome to little Alden Henry!

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Glucose test done . Phlebotomist made me cry when she put the rubber band on too tight looking for the first fasting blood test poke. Thankfully It got better from there and the other pokes didn't cause me as much pain.

I was going to go out to eat but I forgot my wallet in my swim bag from last night. Thankfully I had my checkbook with me and the grocery store still accepts checks. On a good note, the grocery store had fresh veggie sushi. Yum yum!

I go back to the doctor this afternoon for my 28 week ultrasound, rhogam shot, and prenatal appointment.
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I am bummed because the results came back that I had four elevated blood sugars. My fasting was 96 when the cut off is 94, then at one hour it was 205 and the cut off was 179, then at at two hours it was 245 when the cut off was 154, then at three hours it was 162 when the cut off was 139. I cried a bunch this afternoon because I hate needles and having to do blood sugar measures several times a day is not something I look forward to.

The ultrasound showed that one baby is head down and the other is breech. Hopefully the breech baby will go back to head down. They are 2 pounds 13oz and 2 pounds 10 oz at 28 weeks.
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Dakipode, Congratulations on your wonderful BABY BOY!!!!!! When you have the time, I'd love to hear a little bit about the birth! IF you have the time, lol!

Lilac, what a bummer about your glucose levels. I had a friend with diabetes growing up and her daily tests were not at all like normal needles--more just like a pin prick. Hopefully they will be something that you can get used to fairly quickly.

AFM, I just barely passed my 1-hr glucose screen--whew! They wanted you to be between 60 and 139, and I came in at 136. I hadn't eaten any protein for breakfast (just granola w/ milk) so I was very relieved.

I've called the birth center and we've booked an intake meeting with them for Wednesday. This feels like a big stretch for DH, so I'm so grateful to him for going along with this. I went and visited a friend in the hospital today who had an unexpected c-section on Thursday night 3 weeks before her due date, and it just made me even more glad that I'm getting out of the hospital system as much as I can. It sounds like she was completely pressured into that c-section with little to no discussion about the possible risks and benefits. Of course she is putting a good spin on it and looking forward to life with their new tiny (5lbs 3oz) baby, but she seemed a little shell-shocked by the whole experience.
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Congrats, dakipode!!! Enjoy getting to know him smile.gif

LV, I am sorry about your blood sugars greensad.gif. I agree, however, that the glucose meter is nothing like a regular needle - I have had a rather severe needle phobia although its getting better, and I have been ok with glucometers in the past.

Good luck with the birth center faith, I hope it relieves your mind. I have been relying on granola and milk as a protein source for much of this pregnancy so I am glad it was enough for you!

I'm feeling big all of a sudden! 23 weeks today and you sure can tell there's something in there now! Really antsy to start feeling her more, however.
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I'm starting to feel really big, too, Poly! Lilac, you've probably been big for quite awhile, with twins and you're due in Dec, right? I'm 24 weeks now, and it was funny because i told DH a few days ago that it felt like my stomach was stretching out, And suddenly strangers are making comments about me being pregnant without any sort of questioning looks. So I guess it WAS stretching out! Just bought a few new pairs of maternity pants and long shirts. My other ones still fit, but I'm just so bored about wearing the same things all the time.
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Lilac- Big hugs :Hug. I'm so sorry. I hope that it will be well controlled for you and that it won't affect how you are treated in your care. 


faith & poly- I'm 25 weeks and I feel huge too. I keep misjudging how big my belly is. :lol  I have to do the dishes kinda sideways now. I keep opening cupboards into the bump too. Its funny because it all depends on what type of shirt I'm wearing if people notice the pregnancy or not. If I wear those tight stretchy shirts I always get comments and questions. If I wear a looser fitting shirt I won't get anything. My bump is real high and narrow. I'm starting to really elongate now. Here's a pic of me early last week....


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JustJenny, it is funny about your clothes comment. I am not a tight fitting clothes wearer in pregnancy or before. When I am seated, people are like "you don't look big enough for twins". Given the stretch marks on my belly and the measurements my doctor is doing I know I have definitely grown bigger than expected for the gestational age of my babies.  Right on track for twins though. It was funny to me, over the last month, according to my first thing in the morning weigh ins that I do, I gained 2 pounds. Both of those went straight to my babies who each gained about a pound a piece. I wonder how this month will go with the changes I may have to make to my diet because of the GD diagnosis.

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does anyone remember me, the taxlady?

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Oh, yes, taxlady, I kept your info around for a year hoping you would come back to Bajingos. What is the news these days?

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Glad to hear of continued good news in here, and lilac I hope the GD diet really helps!

I am starting to get serious about getting more things and I just got a coupon for 15% off pumps! looking at the Medela freestyle! hands free double electric. Should be a good choice right? Also need to decide on bottles. Glass vs plastic, fancy venting system vs no... Was thinking the glass dr browns, but they are expensive, and have lots of fiddly parts...
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Welcome to the group, Taxlady! When are you due?

JustJenny, I'm so glad you posted that photo--what fun! Your bump is fabulous! I also only get comments if I'm wearing tight clothes. Esp. in a dress or a skirt, it just looks like I've put on weight.

Polyhymnia, I know what you mean about choosing bottles, etc. So many choices for everything! For bottles, I think I'm going to get one of each, of several different models, and see what the baby and I like the best, before buying a bunch of them. I plan to breastfeed, but have visions of DH doing one regular nighttime feeding as soon as I can pump enough.

It seems like my little one has shifted positions. I used to feel big pushes/kicks in my lower left abdomen and my upper right belly, but now the feelings of movement are much more muted. I still feel the upper ones somewhat, but the lower ones are gone and I now only feel something that's almost like spasms in my cervix. My mom (who used to be a midwife) said that it's likely that the baby was slightly transverse before, and is now more upright and settled down into the pelvis, and may be kicking directly downward. That makes sense, I guess.
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24 week appt went well today! Heartbeat was 155, dr says that's good but I don't know? My blood pressure was still good 120/70 ish, phew! I got instructions for the two hour glucose test so tomorrow I have to try To schedule that.

Feeling sad about going back to work at 12 weeks, but my union rep advises it to ensure I have a job the following year greensad.gif

Also feeling out of sorts lately. I'm tired of getting out of breath and being uncomfortable. Nothing hurts usually but it's just work doing everything. I don't know how I'm going to get even bigger and be even harder to move around. I already can't squat down next to my students' desks, and I am sitting an awful lot more.
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polyhymnia, it was funny at the natural childbirth class last week, we were "assigned" doing squats to prepare us for labor. My center of gravity is definitely in a different place and squating out of water (I can do it when I am in the pool) is really hard. I feel for you as a teacher trying to help students. Maybe get your self one of those balance balls to sit on as you move around the classroom. I did that last year before I was pregnant and it worked pretty well. The whole "need to sit more" is definitely evident though.


AFM, did my diabetes education yesterday. The only "earth shattering news" was that for gestational diabetes, I am not supposed to eat fruit or drink juice or milk at breakfast. I guess that is when pregnancy hormones mess the most with insulin. Basically they said eat dinner for breakfast. Carb counting is the other big thing, but I had been doing that already. 15 grams of carbohydrate is one carb exchange and my dietician gave me how many carb exchanges I am supposed to eat at each meal and snack. Learning how to take my blood sugar was a trying experience. It is a tiny needle of which I am thankful, but it still hurts. Thankfully my fasting blood sugar was well below the max value this morning it was an 86 when it is supposed to be less than 95. When I did my test for gestational diabetes, I had a fasting blood sugar of 96. Having to report twice weekly for the rest of the pregnancy is just an annoyance. Like I need another thing on my plate. That and I have to do my blood sugar fasting and one hour after breakfast, lunch, and supper.

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poly- Yay for a great 24 week appointment! 155 is what my little one's heart rate was also. I'm sorry you feel you have to go back to work at 12 weeks. That seems so early!  Hopefully you feel a little better soon. I always feel like that when I am going through growth spurts. Then my body adjusts to a new norm and I feel better again. Right now the hardest thing for me is accepting that I have to slow down. I just can't go the same pace that I used to. 


LOL on the squats. I have to do those with a pretty wide stance or I feel tippy.


lilac-How many carb exchanges at each meal did they allow you?  I'm all freaked out right now. DH bought a blood glucose meter a few days a ago. He was just interested to see what food does in his body and where he was at. So I decided to try it.  My fasting blood levels the last 3 days have been 95, 91, 93. Right on the cutoff line. I plan on mimicking the 1 hour screen test to see if I pass. I don't mind doing all this stuff if I actually have diabetes, but, I really want to avoid a misdiagnosis if I'm just borderline. I had 2 pieces of bread during the day yesterday (24g carb) plus about a cup and a half of veggies at dinner. It is much less carbs that I usually eat and I felt like crap all day. I was hoping that my reading would be low this morning so I could eat some oatmeal. Looks like not :(

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JustJenny, the carbs I was given were based on my prepregnancy weight of 250 pounds, my height 5 foot 9 inches tall and the fact I am having twins. Each person is assigned different amounts based on what they need.  I have 2 carbs for breakfast, 2-2.5 carbs for morning snack, 4 carbs for lunch, 2-2.5 carbs for afternoon snack, 4 carbs for supper, then 2-2.5 carbs for bedtime snack. Also with your fasting glucose, take it as soon as you wake up, because moving around and doing stuff will actually change your number, but not necessarily for the better from what the dietician said. Your fasting shouldn't be more than 8 to 10 hours so eat a bedtime snack and see if your fasting numbers change at all.

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Thanks for the tips Lilac. That makes sense it would be based on your weight. One size certainly doesn't fit all with diets.  I do take the dogs out to potty before I take the test. I will try taking the reading immediately instead. Also, with the glucose screen how long were you asked to wait between eating your breakfast and drinking the glucose? 

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