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With the glucose screen, at my hospital, they didn't give any directions about when to eat breakfast and when to take the test. I think I was there 2 hours after I ate breakfast.

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That is a good point about the fasting not being a 12-14+ hour fast.  I need to call tomorrow to make my appt for the 2 hr test, and it is supposed to be fasting so I will be sure to have a late night snack the previous night - my instructions say fast for 8 hours but I am not going to wake up in the middle of the night to eat :P


JustJenny, maybe you are right about a growth spurt!  I keep forgetting about needing to slow down/not do so much until after I've done it and then I am paying for it :(  I will also try squatting with a wider stance to see if that helps.


I do have a short stool I've started carrying around the room to sit down with different table groups but it's annoying.


Can we talk about gliders? I'd like to get one asap, I sat in my friend's last week and it's the first really comfortable seating position I have been in for a couple of weeks. I have been so torn about it, I prefer the look of a traditional wooden rocking chair or an armchair style one, but the more typical "gliders" with wooden frame and fabric covers seem more practical/comfortable.  There are a lot of them listed on Craigslist for $50-100, but I kind of want to get a new one in the exact color I want, but then it is more like $300.  Thoughts?

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Polyhymnia, definitely don't fast too long. Have a nice high protein, low carb snack before you go to sleep and try to get your appointment as early as possible. On the glider issue, is the cushions you want in a specific color, or the wooden part of the glider in a specific color? If it is the cushions, take a picture of the chair to a re-upholstry place and you may find you can get the perfect color/pattern cushions for way less than $300 and use the inexpensive chair you get on craigslist. Also you may want to see if you can find a stool on wheels, so you don't have to carry it around. You need to be comfortable as you help your students.


AFM, I think I am learning from taking my blood sugar 4 times a day that wheat bread is probably out for me. When I ate the wheat bread, my sugars were high. When I didn't, the sugars fell in the correct ranges. I guess I will have to play around with it and see what happens.

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It's the wooden part I want in espresso/dark brown, everyone I can find used is lighter wood. The cheap options on babies r us have bad reviews greensad.gif

There aren't any wheely stools at school but my students will be helpful, I hope... smile.gif
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Hi Ladies! I FINALLY had my intake-meeting at the Mountain Midwifery birth center today--hooray! I'm all signed up and deposit paid. I'm 25 weeks 4 days, and baby's heartbeat was 150. Measurements were right on target. So that's all good.

Lilac, glad you're learning stuff about how different foods affect you. Hopefully it will be just a few easy changes to keep your levels in range.

Question for you all: do any of you suffer from migraines? I haven't gotten one this pregnancy until now, and it is KILLING me. Tylenol just doesn't cut it, but I don't know what else I can do. Aaargh...... Last night was pretty grim, today I was pretty good (the headache went down to "normal"), but now that it's bedtime it feels like it's coming back. I dread it.
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faith, sorry, no migraine here. My sister had them and even in her pregnancy she took meds to control them because they were debilitating to her.  Talk with your health care provider, there may be something that you can take to make it at least tolerable, because I am pretty sure Tylenol isn't it.

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faith- Ouch! :Hug I only get migraines when I eat gluten but they are so horrible! I feel for anyone that gets them on a regular basis.  So far this pregnancy I've only had tiny headaches that haven't needed meds. I agree with Lilac. If they continue, perhaps inquire about a prescription that's safe. Migraines are so debilitating and Tylenol isn't going to touch it!

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I don't have migraines, just regular headaches, but a dark room and cold cloth onmy forehead and neck seem to help.
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Faith-sometimes a little caffeine can help. It dialates blood vessels and allows fore blood flow to the brain. Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor?
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How is everyone doing?


AFM, joined the YMCA last night so DH and I can go swimming. I need to exercise more to keep my gestational diabetes in check. Hope the exercise works and I don't need insulin. Some of my after meal blood sugars have been high. My morning fasting blood sugar is always fine.

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Good luck, I hope the exercise helps. I have really cut down on exercise, I'm so tired and uncomfortable, I need to just start walking I think.

Usually this time of year I have a brief lull in exercise and then I start skiing and snowshoeing... Not sure how that's going to work this year or what to replace it with greensad.gif

Sunday I went to the grocery store and made lasagne, had lots of leftovers for this week! Now I am looking for more recipe ideas to do again next weekend.
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Well, I think the exercise helped me yesterday. All my sugar levels were well under the goal, even my supper level where I went out to eat and had a wet burrito from a restaurant with a flour tortilla, rice, and refried beans - with avocado on the side. Since it isn't a chain restaurant, I had no idea how many carbs it had really, I am sure way more than 4 though. I won't push the envelope with every meal but last night was my dH's birthday and one wet burrito didn't seem like going over the top.


Poly, I hope you are able to find the exercise you need to fill the gap - snowshoeing sounds pretty harmless - I am not sure about skiing especially as your center of gravity changes. I know for me, being in the water has been the only thing that has worked to allow me exercise without being in pain to the point I stop prematurely.

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Lilac-Swimming has sounded so good all pregnancy but I haven't been able to find a pool near me. It would be nice to feel weightless! I am glad it worked on your sugars. Perhaps it will give you more leeway as to what you can eat! :eat  You should have never mentioned burritos, damn it. Now I'm hungry for incredibly yummy but lard laden refried bean and cheese burrito with a giant homemade tortilla.


Poly- I'm not much of a skier but snowshoeing has always sounded like fun.  I bet you could still go just maybe modify the duration or intensity. We walk 3 miles a day and so far I've been able to keep up most days. If I need to stop and stretch ligaments/muscles I do- then keep going. I had been doing a lot of squats and stretch band work for my arms but have kinda bailed on that recently. The squats are aggravating some sciatic issues and I've been to lazy to do the upper body exercise. One thing I've noticed with the walking- when I start out I am soooo slow until the blood gets moving. It feels like a monumental effort to get moving.  I think that because of blood volume it just takes a little extra effort and time. Once things get pumping its fine. 

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Yeah, I am not comfortable with skiing due to changing balance and also risk from other skiers, etc of abdominal impact greensad.gif. I'm hoping to try snowshoeing but also worried about balance. I do have a little trouble with range of motion in my left hip. That is a good tip about how it gets easier once you get going. I am thinking about buying a fitbit tracker since it is looking like walking may be my best option for exercise/movement. I am enjoying a yoga class at my gym too, it's not specifically prenatal but taught by a wonderful instructor who helps me modify things.

Lilac, I'm so glad about the burrito and exercise combo working!!
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Saw the dietician and diabetes nurse today - thanks to 30 minutes of exercise every day, I am able to stay away from insulin, for now. Stress can really screw it up. If I end up on insulin, then I have to see my OB twice a week! Um, no, I don't have time for that, but I do have time for exercise. I will do whatever it takes to keep away from insulin.

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lilac- That's awesome news!  I am so glad that exercise is working for you. It'l help you during the silly season with all that yummy food out there!


  Its been a eventful week for me. My hips have been really really painful and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fire my midwife. :(  I've been alternating heat and ice for my hips and they seem a little better this morning. I have no idea what I did but I sure did something  to aggravate them.  

  We didn't have a good midwife appointment yesterday. Me and the baby are doing great but There has been a minor communication gap for a while that turned into a huge one over the GD test. Basically I feel like I can't have a dialogue with her because she is so over corrective. She stops my opinions quickly and I leave feeling unheard and frustrated. She really got on dh yesterday and neither one of us was very happy. I felt this way after our first appointment but I dismissed myself because I was so sick and she has over 30 years experience. I thought I was just feeling grumpy and overly sensitive. Nope. The issue is getting worse not better. This certainly wasn't what I wanted to do at almost 28 weeks but now both of us don't feel comfortable so a change must happen.

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JustJenny, I am at 31 weeks and considering changes providers to one who would deliver a breech Baby B. I all depends on next Fridays ultrasound. one of my current providers actually had a plan of how to turn Baby b head down once Baby A is out, but the same person said that delivery in any position but on my back was unlikely. I could push in any position I want but when the baby is coming out I need to be on my back. Yeah, not what I want to hear after seeing the lamaze videos saying delivery on my back actually is the worst way to have a baby. Decisions, decisions.
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lilac- oh wow- I wouldn't have like to hear that either! I've read the same thing. You really really don't want to deliver on your back. Is he only that way for breech baby b? Or is he saying that you have to do that for both babies?



  ugh, my drama continues. After being told my whole life that I am AB+ my lab work came back that I am B-. I have rh- factor!  I'm still a little in shock at having some serious issues to process that I had been able to dismiss before. It really wouldn't be much of a decision if I hadn't had previous miscarriages. My RE never check blood compatibility because we told him we were both +'s so it was a non factor. I guess the antigen test is expensive and he was trying to limit the number of tests I was doing because I don't have mat. insurance. Come to find out we can't confirm dh's blood type either!! So lots of tests and midwife interviews this week. I'm felling pretty anxious to say the least!

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Oh, Jenny, what a shock!  I hope you get everything worked out and find a provider who supports you.  And hopefully you get all of the RH stuff figured out.  At least you discovered it NOW!  Keep us posted.


Lilac, congrats on the exercise and keeping off insulin.  And super-good-luck finding an OB who will deliver your babies in the way you feel is best.


AFM, was thrilled to slip into my third trimester this week.  Woohoo!  Haven't had much luck increasing my exercise (I'm so impressed with how much you walk, Jenny!), but am having a lot more energy lately.  Which is a good thing, because I have to get my dissertation finished before this baby arrives!  I have a lot of work to do on it.  But I've put together a calendar with secondary deadlines and am working consistently and being relatively effective.  My goal is to have it done by Dec 15th so that I have a little bit of wiggle room.

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Oh, Jenny, I am so sorry about the changes you to your blood type. That is so weird to have gone from being an AB+ to B-. A few months after I got married, I had DH donate blood so I could find out what his Rh factor was since I am negative. I hope you can figure out what is necessary to confirm your DH's Rh factor without to much trouble.


faithrainbow, congrats on entering the 3rd trimester! Good luck as you hit your intermediate goals as you move toward dissertation finishing.


AFM, I had a blast with my shower, except when one of the "baskets" made from some "natural" woody product totally stabbed me in the finger.  It hurt so bad and drew blood, it was like a little thorn. About 45 people showed up and it was so nice so to see how generous people were.  Still need crib mattresses and some other vital stuff. People really liked clothes and blankets. So many blankets. Woke up about 30 minutes go with terrible heart burn. I think the apple cider vinegar has finally kicked in so I can go back to sleep.

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