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faith- yay for third tri!!  Ya made it! OMG I can't imagine trying to write a dissertation right now. My preggo brain just wouldn't allow it. :lol You sound very organized and ready to roll out a finished product soon. Good luck! :thumb


lilac- Have you found any difference in they way you were treated during pregnancy from being rh-?  You weren't sensitized already right? That's what I'm most worried about since we didn't know and one of the miscarriages I had was a difficult one.


Taking all of my tests this morning- GD, Antibody, Hematocrit and a confirmation ABO w/ RH grouping. Got a good blood sugar reading of 87 this morning so I am hopeful there will be no issues. I'm ready to get this done and out of my head. Gotta release this stress! Wish me luck!

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JustJenny, since I have never been pregnant before this pregnancy, I haven't been sensitized. I haven't felt I was treated much differently except when I had unexplained bleeding at 15 weeks, I got the rhogam shot then and then got it again at 28 weeks. If either of my boys is Rh+ then I will get another rhogam shot after birth. I hadn't thought about your miscarriages and how that could be affecting your baby at risk if you had been sensitized through one of your miscarriages - although it you have gotten to this point in your pregnancy I would think your baby will be okay Rh wise. I hope your doctors can figure out the best way to care for you and your possible sensitization.


AFM, Today was exciting for me as I have a part time job lined up for once my boys are born - it is a work from home job where I will be creating tools for teacher and looking at tools other teachers have created and picking the best to share with teachers. I am very excited to begin working for this organization. I think I can make a difference and still be able to spend quality time with my children.

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LV, I teach sixth and seventh grade math if you ever need anything tested out!! smile.gif

JJ, I also have a different blood type than I thought but my ob tested me again routinely at my initial appt so we found out then. I'm also rh- and irrationally upset about it.

Playing phone tag with my ob's office about whether I need to see my gp about my hip or if she can just give me a referral to a PT. Really frust rated doing everything by phone which I am limited to one two hour window free during the day... Wish they offered email responses!

Heading to yoga now and hoping it helps with my hip!
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Polyhymnia, I will keep that in mind as I work on different tools. Do you follow a particular curriculum for teaching math? Hope the yoga helped for your hip pain and that you got a referral to a PT. PT's can work wonders with giving exercises that take the pain away. I woke up this morning with hip pain, hadn't really bothered me before.

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poly- that's crazy that something similar has happened to you too. :Hug Big hugs.  Did you have losses prior to your pregnancy? Sending some calm healing vibes your way for that hip and mental health :goodvibes  The hip pain can really hurt. Hope you get that PT appointment soon. Yoga hasn't helped mine but someone there told me about lecithin for hip pain during pregnancy. Its great for the baby to so I started taking it yesterday. I'll let you know if it helps. This morning I feel pretty good but it could be just placebo affect so soon.


Got all my tests done yesterday. Not sure how I did on the GD test- I didn't handle it well. I got there at 11 am and they don't take the screen tests in after 10:30 because of their lunch schedule.So I had to go back at 1 with very little food on my stomach. I made it through the test but I was really glad dh was there to drive. My eyes blurred and I thought I was gonna pass out. So we'll see - I get the results wed.

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Interesting article on lecithin and hip pain during pregnancy......




Here's another one that says the same thing. This article also has TONS of great remedies for the aches and pains of pregnancy. Most info is by midwives. Faith there was a lot of good homeopathic stuff on migraines you may want to checkout....



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Thanks JJ!! I will look into that. I see my doctor Thursday pm and hope she agrees it will benefit from PT, I've been having bouts of weakness in that leg and one fall (luckily just toppled over onto the bed!), but I'm so nervous now - I've started taking steps onto that leg cautiously to make sure it'll bear weight first. Also afraid it'll go weak when I'm driving... Yoga last night really helped loosen it up and I also found a few positions that trigger the pain which will really help when I see the dr as it's not constant! The yoga instructor is 36w pregnant and I really, really like her class, I'm going to be so sad when she goes out on leave.

Lilac, we use connected math 2 (cmp2) right now but are looking into new curriculum for next year. I also teach a support class for struggling students and use whatever I want with that class, I am always looking for new resources especially for that class! smile.gif
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I failed the GD screen. My midwife is letting me re-take the 1 hour since they made me wait so long and I didn't eat regularly. Hopefully I will pass this time. I was 153. Good news is all other tests came back great. I'm not sensitized from my past miscarriages. Very happy about that. Lecithin is working wonders for the hip pain! I only have stiffness and a little achy when I wake up in the morning. The ligament pain is still there but at least now I can concentrate on those with self massage. Everything was just kinda one giant painful span of a area. Now its just one spot. It has also consistently dropped my morning blood sugar levels 10 points! I wish I started that before I took the stupid test. I'm taking Now Brand's Sunflower Lecithin 2x a day with meals if anyone want to try.....
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JustJenny, sorry you have to redo the 1 hour GD test. How annoying, especially if you have to go onto the 3 hour to "confirm" since the one hour is just a "screen". I just shake my head at the techs, I mean come on if you have an appointment to get a test done that requires eating or not eating as required, don't make a pregnant lady wait! If you eat before you go, I suggest not eating any fruit or yogurt or drinking milk  - those totally mess with blood sugar in the morning after you eat breakfast. I have been eating eggs with 2 pieces of toast or 1/2 c of lentils with 1 slice of toast with cheese as my breakfast. Let's just say that the GD breakfast for a vegetarian is pretty boring.  I am so glad your blood isn't sensitized to the Rh factor so your little one should be okay and you can get the rhogam when you need it for any future pregnancies you will try for. That is definitely good news.

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JJ, so sorry you have to redo it, good luck! My 2 hr test is tomorrow morning, I have to fast and I'm not excited.

I am going to try to find lecithin tomorrow. My dr yesterday's as it actually sounds like nerve pain and referred me to pt. I have an intake appt on Monday...
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I passed my test! 137- Just squeaked by. I strongly feel the difference was the lecithin. My fasting bs levels have been 85 or lower ever since I started to take it. Now I'm going to call my midwife and have her transfer my files to a new practitioner. There was so much drama with her the last few days it has just re-confirmed my decision to fire her. I really don't want to talk to her and after all this stress I'm not feeling ready for another conflict. Oh well- maybe I'll get her machine....


poly- how did your test go?


How's everyone else faring these days? :)

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JustJenny, I am so glad that you passed your GD test. In what form do you take lecithin?


AFM, Didn't sleep well last night because of braxton hicks contractions that kept me awake. I had to keep laying down because every time I would get up and walk around my belly would get all tight and uncomfortable.  So annoying. If I am sitting or laying, I am fine, but if I get up and walk around my belly would get uncomfortable again.Getting closer to having these babies. I will be 33 weeks tomorrow. Last Friday I was measuring 39 weeks with one baby estimated at 4 pounds 1 oz and the other 4 pounds 5 oz by the ultrasound I had. I am hoping tonight will be better. DH was cranky because I tossed and turned from 1 am to 5 am

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JustJenny,  Yay!  Fantastic news on the GTT!  (And you got the exact same score that I did--137).


Question about your hip pain.  Is it in the back of your hip?  I've been having pain for the last few weeks, finally went to a prenatal chiropractor who said that it's likely my SI (sacroiliac) joint.   He's been working on me twice a week and gave me some exercises to do on a foam roller and that's helped, but I'm still in some pain.  So I was wondering if it was the same as what you have--although mine is worst in the evening.  If they're the same, maybe I could try some lecithin, too.  I'll ask him the next time I go in (on Friday).


DH and I have started our childbirth education classes, and he said "Well, I guess it's time to move beyond being in denial, huh?"  It made me laugh.  I think we're going to hire the teacher to be our doula, if she's available, since we're both comfortable with her.  Originally I had thought that if I had a birth center birth, that I wouldn't get a doula, but my mother-in-law is paying for it and I figured, better to have too much support than too little.  And while I love my husband more than anything, he's not always that great at being supportive in the ways that help me feel relaxed.  And plus, who knows how long labor will last, and the last birth I attended (as a supportive friend at a home birth), I slept for a few hours in the middle of labor and was able to be strong and supportive right up to the end, when the other two friends were fried.

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My hip pain is apparently a pinched nerve in my back. The physical therapist did his evaluation and all rots of tests and one thing he did, just holding my leg in a certain way, made it go numb almost instantly. Guess that's the problem spot!! He also said some of it is likely due to my pelvic bones shifting around too, so he did an adjustment for that too. I could tell right away I got more strength back! He also said lay on my right side to give my left hip/back/leg some rest so I've been doing that (before Monday I was mostly still sleeping on my back). I have felt good since then, I go back next Monday.

baby moved this weekend and she's been in a different spot since then - so it's also possible her moving has helped the pain a bit, although it's getting a little worse again today.

Dr called today with my test results, I passed the glucose screen!!! I will get the actual numbers at my next appt next Thursday. My iron levels are also good but my thyroid isn't great so I have to increase my dose there. (I was hypothyroid to begin with).

Bending over is getting harder but other than that I have actually felt really good physically this week!
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Justjenny, good luck with the firing. Can you call at an off time to try to get her machine? And yay for passing the retest!!

LV, I'm sorry about the Braxton hicks. That sounds uncomfortable. I am glad laying down gave you some relief! I was up for a little while last night but it's because I was really thirsty. I've been dehydrated recently greensad.gif

Faith, how are you liking the classes? We are doing a weekend intensive in a couple of weekends because dh is gone too many weeknights. I'm nervous. I think dh is actually more excited and anticipatory than me right now!
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polyhymnia, glad you passed the glucose screen!  Hope the hip pain will get alleviated soon as you work with your PT.


AFM, this morning I think I was really dehydrated. Took me 7 needle sticks to get enough blood for my blood sugar meter.  Ugh. Numbers were higher than they had been the last couple weeks for a fasting stick. I learned that dehydration can cause high blood sugar because the sugar is concentrated in the sample. I drank 4 cups of water, then ate breakfast, and thankfully my post breakfast number was in the okay range.


Yesterday I got my maternity photos back. I am 31 weeks pregnant in the photos. I think they turned out really nice. I am glad my DH finally got in a positive mood for them. He HATES pictures, but I wanted to remember this special time in our lives.


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lilac- you look amazing! You both took great pictures :)  I hadn't even thought about more professional pics. Good idea. I also like that you took them outside. Very nice! Congrats on such healthy weights for the boys! Those are great numbers. Do you think they are going to push you for early induction? 


faith- my pain was in the joints but not quite around the back. More like on top of the joint. I actually thought it was causing pain all the way around my back. But once the hip issue stopped I realized it was actually ligament pain causing the back issue.  For me, the hip pain was much worse and it was in both joints. I'm much less cranky these days :thumb This is what I'm taking - 4 pills- 2 in am 2 in pm with meals. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/now-foods-sunflower-lecithin-1200-mg-100-sgels     Its cheap too so if its doesn't work for you its not a huge loss of money if you return or toss. Swanson's had the best selection of lecithin that I could find on the net. Be sure to read up on the consumption of soy isolates if you choose to go that way. I'm personally convinced it should not be included in our diets but some feel otherwise. Swanson's does offer a non gmo selection if you choose.  Also a lot of people have some luck just upping their consumption of eggs. I can't eat another egg right now. I forced myself for awhile but I just can't make myself swallow it anymore. 


poly- Happy you passed your gd screen and you found something to help you with that pinched nerve- ouch!  Its hard for me to bend over too now that the babe actually has some weight to it. Is your girl sitting on your hips? Mine seems to switch from hip to hip recently.Makes for a very awkward gait!


me- firing did not go well at all. I got her machine and left a nice message asking her to transfer my records. No mention of any drama we have had. Just a simple straight forward message. She called back and got quite nasty. First with me, then about dh who took the phone and said a few words that ended it. :love I'm just glad its over and feel much better today. I'm ready to move on and I hope that she did as I asked with the records.

   So I ended up going with a birth center. Being rh- I felt it would be better to be closer to town and a hospital in case the babe is rh+ and needed anything.  Even though I read many positive birth stories of rh -/+ births I decided it was past my comfort level. We live in the boonies and the center is 5 mins from a hospital. I'm almost 30 weeks so I feel like I can't really switch after this. I am just praying I have made the right decision! 

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Yeah, we got lucky with the outdoor shots. This was Oct. 18 when we had them taken and it was getting cold, but not raining that day (like earlier in that week). I at least got DH to take off his coat earlier in the photo shoot, but he had it back on at the end (when we were by the waterfall).  We took some indoor photos too, but they were seated which makes me look hardly pregnant at all, lol.

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Oh no, I forgot about maternity pictures! I will maybe see if I can arrange for a friend to take some in the snowy woods at our cabin in December? I am feeling so sad that I didn't keep up with belly pictures. I should start now maybe, but I'm 28. Weeks Sunday... Too late??

I just got off the phone with my stepmom and dad and they happened to check flights again and found a super cheap flight option so they are coming for my shower!! They will just be here three nights but it will be so good to have them here. I didn't realize how much I would miss having them around during pregnancy too, I knew it would be hard when the baby is here but it's hard to have them so far away even now. I live in wa and they are in nh greensad.gif

The dehydration thing is so tricky, lv! I have had wicked chapped lips lately and wake up so stuffy and with such a dry mouth too. I hope today went better for you.

Jenny, sorry about the firing not going easier. I'm glad you are more comfortable with your new choice though.
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Polyhymnia, I would saw that between now and the end of your pregnancy the belly shots would be be more interesting - since the baby is growing faster so your belly would be too. Definitely see if you can get your friend to take pictures in the snow!  That would be really cool. So glad your family will be able to make it for your shower. All the way across the country is hard.


AFM, yesterday, I was totally sucking down water in a major way.  Went to the bathroom a lot but I definitely felt better.  I woke up about 3:30 really hungry, tried to ignore it until 4 a.m. finally just decided to get up and be away for a few hours since I have to wait for my blood sugar after eating my breakfast.


It is the weirdest thing about the last couple of weeks. When I sleep, I have been drooling so much. I woke up with my pj shirt all wet one time from drooling. That never happened to me pre-pregnancy. Those are the days I know I drank enough water.


Last night's childbirth class was all about comfort measures to relieve pain in childbirth. I think I really need to get a hot pad, because my back has been bugging me already. Between back pain and hunger in the night, my sleeping hasn't been as good as I like.

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