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I'm sorry about the sleeping. I've been trying to drink more water during the day but it's hard, I go from 12:40-3:53 with no break so I hate to have to pee then!! Last night I had a big glass of water about an hour before bed and had to wake up to pee at midnight, ugh.

I haven't been as hungry lately either, which is probably good... smile.gif
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Polyhymnia, yeah the no break would be torture especially when you know you need to go to the bathroom. I think no I am just feeling so much pressure on my bladder from baby boy's head that going pee is necessary to be comfortable. Middle of the night wakings aren't fun, but I would rather be hydrated well than sleep for 8 hours straight because hydration is connected to pre-term labor.


AFM, Saw the doctor yesterday. At 33 weeks, I am measuring 40 and my cervix is still all closed up. Those Braxton Hicks contractions this week really made me wonder if things were getting started down below, but I am glad to know that they are not, yet. Dr. asked me if I was still working, I told her yes, and she was like "Well whenever you want to stop we can give you a note. No one expects you to go until your babies are born." I guess at this point I still feel pretty good while working and I don't have to worry about walking too much, which has been pretty painful this last week. I started wearing my pregnancy support thing on the outside of my clothes the other day. Works so much better than under it where it chafes and that seems to help a lot with walking.

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Lilac-  :Hugyour entering a tough part but you are on the home stretch. I am so excited for you! I hope your babies can cook in there for as long as possible. I know what you mean about the head pushing on the bladder. My babe has been more often head down this week. Man I thought I had to pee before- oh no - its like I must pee now!  :lol

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33 weeks seems so close! I think 30 will seem crazy to me, 28 w tomorrow already. Where has time gone?

Is anyone else thinking about meal plans or prEmade stuff for after baby is here? I'm trying to think what I can stock up on.
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I am planning to ask a friend to organize a meal train for me. Check out mealtrain.com
I guess it depends on your local network but I think it will work well for us.

I think there are several threads about freezer meals on mdc. I know there is one in my due date club for Dec if you want to get ideas.
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Thanks,I cwill check that out, I don't have many local friends or family to organize anything like that greensad.gif
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First step for me is to go through the freezer and eat or get rid of the stuff that's been in there forever, lol.


After that, one good tip that I saw which I think I may try is that when I make meals that freeze well, simply double the recipe and eat half for dinner that night, and put half in the freezer.  That way I don't actually spend that much extra time cooking.  Seems like a good idea...I'll let you know how it goes.  Although I still have a ways to go; I'm at 29 weeks exactly today!


The prenatal chiropractor visits are helping my pelvic girdle pain.  I have also been quite religious about doing the exercises that he gave me to do with the foam roller, and that has been helping, too.


In non-pregnancy news, am slowly falling behind schedule on my dissertation work, but if I put in a few solid days of work tomorrow and Monday, I can still get caught up.  It feels monumentally challenging at the moment, but I know I can get it done if I just put in the hours and don't get discouraged.  My mom had been keeping me on track but she's out of the country for a month, so I'm on my own.


For fun, I've been putting a lot of effort (and money) into my salt-water aquarium.  I had given it to my parents when I moved to London three years ago, and got it back this past Aug/Sept when we moved back to Denver for good.  I gave it a month to settle down from being moved, and a month of ramping things up, and now I'm in full swing, getting new equipment, new critters, etc.  Very fun!


What hobbies do you guys have?  Have they dropped off with pregnancy-related stuff taking over, or are you still going strong?

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I don't cook ahead much as we don't tend to make freezer friendly meals, and only have the fridge top freezer for now but we are getting a chest freezer!

I knit, which I didn't do much of for awhile there when I was so tired but now I've picked back up again smile.gif
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I love to sew and crochet. My sewing stuff is in the basement though and climbing stairs has become hard. I still have curtains yo make for the boys room that I want to finish before they arrive. Need to get cracking!
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This is the first time I've wished for a freezer. We live in a RV with a super tiny top freezer. No room for a separate one either. I don't have any family here either.  All are out of state but coming after the babe is born. I decided that whoever is here will have to be responsible for the meal. :lol I hope they understand. It is a big change from how I normally am. Usually I take care of everything and am constantly making sure everyone is comfy.  I would ask a few friends to help but I have food allergies and am never quite sure that they understand. :) One still just can't get the concept of no flours. (I'm gluten free)  

  My hobbies have definitely taken a back seat. I make and sell bead embroidered jewelry. I haven't made anything since April for my SIL birthday. I just don't have the drive or desire to do it right now. I usually read quite a bit too but only seem to be interested in books about birth or child care. I suppose it will be awhile before I do much of those things after the babe is born. I'll pick it back up sometime!

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I want to make curtains for the baby's room but I can't decide on fabric, style, anything. Sigh. I'd like something light blocking since we didn't spring for the blackout shade in that room when we got the blinds.
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JustJenny, yeah being gluten free would be difficult to explain and get total compliance from well meaning friends. Then the super tiny freezer woUld make stocking up hard too. I am sure you Will get it worked out. I totally under stand the lack of crafting mojo.

Polyhymnia. I drew inspiration from fabric and I bought black out curtains because I couldn't find lining fabric that I liked.
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I am super frustrated, over a month ago dh and his dad started a project to put a cover on our patio structure. When we bought the house last year the structure was in place but not covered because the sellers removed old, unattractive metal corrugated stuff but didn't replace. We were just going to replace with this clear corrugated stuff. Well as they were measuring they found some rot and decided to replace the entire structure. Ok, great. But due to his schedule and my fil's schedule plus the fact that we keep getting heavy rain/wind storms on the weekends and it's still not finished. Yesterday was too windy. This morning was so nice out but fil was busy, he just got here and it started raining. They've taken over the garage with equipment and tools for the project so I haven't been able to refinish the dresser or build the changing top for it either. I just want it DONE.
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Oh Poly, that sounds so frustrating!  I've been frustrated too with my DH for not doing projects that he said he'd do.  I feel like this stuff HAS to get done before the baby comes, but he doesn't seem to feel that sense of urgency at all.  He's like, "It's not like the baby will notice, ha-ha."  Drives me nuts.  I know that anything that doesn't get done before the baby comes will be put on a back burner for at LEAST six months, and may fall off the list altogether.


Jenny, I used to be a big reader too, and have been finding most books just not to be that interesting anymore.  So strange.


I have all of my wool diaper covers half-finished and just lying around; need to get re-motivated to work on them.  The next step is to figure out how to work the snap press.  I'm sure it's not hard, I just have a block for some reason.  

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Yeah, I feel guilty that I am so annoyed - they are working hard, it's just that the weather isn't cooperating. Nevermind that it was meant to be a summer project.

Good luck with your covers! I finally knit a pair of newborn longies, now I'm working on a pair the next size up. I also bought a whole stash of newborn fitteds, covers, etc from a friend for $100! So excited about that. I was thinking about using a service, but dh thinks he will prefer fitteds so we are going to try it out that way at least at first. Plus when we start daycare they don't take prefolds so we'd have to have fitteds for daycare anyway. I'm avoiding aio's/pockets because of the washing/drying potential issues...
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Originally Posted by JustJenny View Post

  I would ask a few friends to help but I have food allergies and am never quite sure that they understand. smile.gif  One still just can't get the concept of no flours. (I'm gluten free)  
I have the same problem. And eating contaminated food is the last thing I want to do after having babies.

My hobbies... Well everything... Has been taking a back seat. At 17 weeks, I'm finally feeling like doing things and like my brain fog is starting to clear.
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Ugh major hip pain is bothering me now. I sleep in a cocoon of pillows but it doesn't seem to be helping. Any other ideas?
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Yesterday I gota little preparation happy - I got my favorite Stayfree overnight ultra thin pads for post partum, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, hand soap, laundry detergent and an exercise ball. Mostly things that my husband would not get the right kind if I sent him.

When I got home from grocery shopping my brother and I rearranged the pantry and cupboards so if I sent someone to make some food I would know if I had the food (because I sorted our most common food into sections) and I coold direct them where to find it. I like the order much better.
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I had my rhogam shot yesterday and omg my butt hurts!! Also had flu shot but thankfully my arm is fine today. I had a bad vasovagal reaction and passed out for nearly 10 minutes which scared the nurses but dr cleared me after some juice, a nice pack and laying down. greensad.gif

Today I got a box of nb diapers from a friend and need to really get cracking on organizing stuff!!
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Yikes, polyhymnia, that is scary. Passing out from a flu shot?


AFM, I finally got all the gifts that have been sitting in my living room sorted into things to keep, things to be taken back, if I can find the store they go to. My shower was Oct. 20 and I have been working through writing thank you notes a little at a time, but I was going to mail them all at once just to make sure I have gotten all the cards written and didn't forget anyone. Then today is a postal holiday - Veteran's Day. I guess I will mail them tomorrow.


I ordered our crib mattresses and sheets and used up the gift cards people had given us for Target on those.  Can't wait for them to arrive. Now I need to get my newborn and 0-3 clothes washed and the blankets and mattress pads washed that I want to use.


My mom called me yesterday and let me know she has given away her dog so she is now free to come help me when my twins are first born. That is actually a relief. She had broken her ankle back in Sept. and is on short tern disability until it heals enough for her to go back to work, which according to her will be sometime after Jan. 1 which works out perfectly for me. At least I will have someone to cook, clean, etc when all I will likely be doing is feeding my twins, changing my twins, sleeping, eating, or showering.


She isn't quite as natural minded as me - which I find odd since she exclusively breast fed me and my 6 siblings - she was like "you will probably need to have some formula on hand to keep up with night feedings." Um, no, formula costs money and I know if I feed my babies on demand my body will make enough milk to nourish both of the twins. She had 5 of her babies at home unassisted but was like "I know you want to have a natural birth, but you probably should get the epidural in case you need a c-section so they don't have to knock you out in an emergency situation." I guess it has been 22 some years since she had babies.

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