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polyhymnia, yeah, there is the whole unknown of cloth diapering - I have the fitteds but now that I see the sale on prefolds I am considering sending those fitteds back and getting prefolds instead.  Even the covers for Thirsties are meant to go with just two pieces of "stuff" to lay into them. I thought the liners attached to the covers of thirsties, but they don't. I think I am going to take back the rest of the Thirsties liners and get more covers instead. I think I have read to have 2 dozen diapers in rotation if you do laundry basically every day, 3 dozen if you want to do laundry every day. With 6 to 8 wet diapers a day and 2 to 5 poopy diapers every day with some of those being an overlap, a dozen diapers a day seems reasonable. I am committed to cloth diapering because frankly I don't want all the chemicals from disposable diapers on my babies bottoms and disposables times 2 are crazy expensive. Yes, I have to pay for water to wash my diapers, but I don't think that will even come close to how much it would cost for disposables. I use cloth feminine products so it just seemed natural to use cloth diapers for my babies.


Glad your birthing class went well. It is aways encouraging to feel you are prepared. Hopefully you can work out the whole heplock/shot thing. You sure wouldn't want to faint in labor.


faithrainbow, glad you enjoyed your dance class. It seems so easy to overdue it these days being pregnant.


AFM, the rest of the weekend was uneventful. Met with my doula for our last prenatal meeting. Discussed some of the things I learned from my ob - like the fact that the delivery of the placenta is very medically managed at the hospital that I am going to - they routinely give cytotec which isn't even meant for obstetrical use to expel the placenta faster. It is meant to be used in people with ulcers! SMH!  http://www.rxlist.com/cytotec-drug/warnings-precautions.htm

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faith- A dance class sounds fun. I miss doing more stuff too. Still walking at least 5 days a week but yeah- the BH are crazy sometimes. I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who has had 4 kids. I was like- hey- I thought these were only supposed to last for 60 seconds and only a few at a time. She's said oh no- they can go way more than that and be normal.  Especially if your stressed which I have been. My cue to chill out.


lilac & poly- So far I have 2 dozen GMD newborn prefolds, 1 AIO that is new but bought at a yard sale, 4 bummis covers (2 new, 2 used) 3 pro wraps covers used and 2 packages of snappies. I am hoping those help hold in bf poo better than trifolding.  I am still hoping that my dad sends money or buys the workhorse fitteds without snaps to try. I would prefer to make a large part of my stash out of those but probably won't buy to many NB sized ones. 


Lilac- have you dilated any yet?

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That sounds like a good mix! I have a bunch of kissas and thirsties covers mostly but also a dozen nb prefolds and a few others covers to try! all hand me downs. Part of me is looking forward to sizing up and gettin new stuff, I didn't want to pay a lot for nb sizes but I'm willing to spend a little more for sizes we will use for longer.

I am sory about the BH, ladies!

I am having a flare of my ulcerative proctitis which is super annoying. My insurance changed last year and now doesn't cover my gastroenterologist, who I adore...was hoping to wait until next year when I can switch back to a different plan which does cover him, but not sure I can/should... So do I spend $200+ out of pocket to see him, or do I try to find someone else? Ugh.

Also feeling very woe is me about not being able to flop down on my stomach anymore, and stressed because there's some stuff going on at work in the next couple weeks that would mean the difference between me having to go back at 10-12 weeks and being able to wait until seven months. I thought we'd hear by Wednesday but now they are saying next week.
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JpstJenny, nope not dilated yet.

polyhymnia, if it is just one dr visit before you can change your insurance, I would say pay the out of pocket for now, so you can Keep your dr patient relationship going. Hope that the work unknown will get clarified soon.
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I can't change until oct 1 next year, unless baby as a qualifying event allows me to change plans and not just add her to mine... Hmmm...
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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

I am committed to cloth diapering because frankly I don't want all the chemicals from disposable diapers on my babies bottoms and disposables times 2 are crazy expensive.


Lilac, I'm stalking this thread to catch a pic of the twins sometime soon! I consider myself a Bajingo grad despite never being pregnant. Maybe not exactly a grad- I got a GED and not a degree, lol.    I am cloth diapering my foster son as well. :) We have a mix of dipes,  I've had good luck with sunbaby diapers.   They are cheap but some people have issues with leaks.  I've used them exclusively for 6 months and haven't had many leaks.  Usually, the leaks are my fault because I try and push them past the full of pee limit.   I also just got some Charlie Bananas as a gift, they are working well too.   I think the all-in-ones/2s are easier for sitters.   Regular prefolds hold a lot and I loved my thirsties covers when foster son was a newborn. I have about 50 diapers in my stash and I spent under $300.  Over the last 7 months, I saved a bundle over disposables.

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PoorUglyHappy, glad to hear from you! Sounds like you are enjoying your foster mothering of your little boy.  No twins yet! Ugh.


AFM, babies still on the inside - 36 + 6 today.  I really can't believe I made it this far with twins. Family is coming in tonight - so glad there is another house they can all sleep in so they come to my house to play games, visit, and eat, then they can go back to another house to sleep or just leave so I can sleep. I will be adding 8 people to my house for the next few days.

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Well, the doctor I saw today just went up a notch higher on the "I wouldn't mind her being present for the birth." She didn't even suggest doing a cervical check today. She prefaced her comments with "I know you are trying to have these babies natural so we won't even worry about taking about induction, unless you want to." Yeah. I was afraid she would push it this week since I am 37 weeks tomorrow. She even said that my pregnancy has been for a former IVF client, "boringly normal".  Yeah, that is a good thing! My mom and 2 of my 3 sisters and a brother in law should be here by tonight with more coming tomorrow and still more on Friday. I will have fun with my family. My mom is all pumped for me to start labor and tell the whole world.  I need to get her a little bit more calmed down since I don't intend to tell people until the babies are breathing air.  We will see what happens.

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Yay for boringly normal twin pregnancies!!!

I hope the company goes well, and good luck with your mom!
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AFM, I thought I was going to have my babies yesterday - contractions 3 to 5 minutes apart and pretty intense. I was supposed to have a prenatal appointment at 2:10 p.m. but that ob was sick so I had to come in the morning to see the on call doctor. I was one cm dilated and that doctor was like "I want you to go over to L and D to be monitored." Why, I am only at 1 cm? "well your blood pressure was high and I want to make sure it doesn't stay like that." 


I have never had a high blood pressure reading, never had protein in my urine (sign of preclampsia), etc.  I sat for 3 hours in triage looked up to a blood pressure cuff and baby heart monitors and all my contractions stopped.  Most uncomfortable bed to sit on, since they were trying to take my blood pressure I couldn't get up and move around.  Finally blood work came back negative for all the things they were "worried" about and I came home.  Haven't started having the intense contractions again yet.  :( I want to see my babies! I am totally not going back to the hospital until as the nurse said "I can't talk through my contractions".

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Oh lilac! I bet that damn monitor stalled you! Sounds like your body is definitely getting ready.  I am so excited for you. I hope you get to see your babies any day now :love  

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Lilac, I bet the monitoring stopped your contractions, too.  Our childbirth class went over how feeling "unsafe" can release a hormone cocktail to stop or stall labor--very interesting. 


Enjoy your family, and I hope that the births of your twins is also "boringly normal."  Can't wait to see photos!


On my end, things are going mostly well.  DH and I are working on putting together a postpartum plan so that we get the care/nurturing that we need.  I think we are going to hire a postpartum doula, hooray!  My parents and my sister are also only around a half-hour drive away, so they will be a big support too.  On the hard side, I have been SUPER emotional lately, crying a lot and not always knowing why.  Yelling at poor DH who is not doing anything different from what he's always done.  Then crying some more.  It is driving us both crazy.


My baby shower is a week from today.  After that I will go on a shopping spree and get the rest of the stuff we'll need.  I had planned to not get a bassinet and simply side-car the crib (we got one that converts to a toddler bed so you can take one side off safely) but it's so big that I can't get in and out of bed easily.  So I think I'll look for a bassinet on Craig's List after all.


Dissertation is due in four weeks, and baby in six.  I can't wait till that damn dissertation is done.  It feels like a millstone around my neck.  I'm so not interested in academic stuff at the moment, but I just need to get it done.   Speaking of it, I need to get back to work.  :)


How is everyone else doing?



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faithrainbow, I hope your postpartum plans go well and that you get your dissertation done. I am sure when those things are done, it will be easier to relax and get ready for your baby to arrive.


AFM, Had more of the same today - intense shrink wrap feelings but never got to the point of definable start and stop of contractions, but definitely not the "braxton hicks" I have felt in the past. And these shrink wrap feelings hurt!  I can't wait to be done with acid reflux vomiting - today I threw up and it was so annoying.

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Hey everyone!  Just popping in to check on you, Lilac!  I've been thinking about you!  It was about this time last year I was getting so anxious for my baby boy to arrive... I understand the anticipation for sure!!  :)  


I hope your birth experience is everything you wish for, and your boys arrive safe and healthy.  Happy laboring!  ;)

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Hi Pitch!  Hope your little boy is growing strong!

So I am trying to pass the time as my contractions come and go with no particular pattern. A couple videos to make you laugh from some farmers in Kansas. First is a spoof of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

The second is a spoof of "Sexy and I know it"

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Thinking of you Lilac :D


I've been in the get it done/nesty mode recently. DH and I are finishing up house projects. Getting some deep cleaning done. Babe is super low in my pelvis and likes to poke and push on my cervix. IGuess its just making sure that's the right way out. :lol 


  I can't believe I've got 5 weeks left!  I still need to order more diapers and last minute baby care stuff. You know- all those little things like a hair brush, nail clippers, snot sucker etc. Also just started to research natural ways to induce labor. Think I'm gonna try some evening primrose oil around week 38. ALready doing the red raspberry leaf tea.  Anyone else?

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I am really not wanting this kid to come early, but at the same time I'm afraid of a medical induction. Not sure what to do. Anxious for my 24w appt on Monday when the doctor will tell me her position. I think she has moved head down but I don't know, I'm just basing that in feeling movement near my ribs and not being so wide. We will see.

Feeling stressed out also about the nursery, we really really want to keep a twin bed set up in there but it means things are really crowded. Thinking about two things - changing table in the bathroom across the hall, or glider in another room down the hall. Thoughts?
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Poly, I'm a big fan of changing table in the bathroom, if it will fit. I'd keep the glider in the same room baby will be sleeping in, though.

I had a discussion w/ the midwife at my birth center about moving my due date back. The hopsital had dated me at Jan 16th, but I know that was based on my last menstrual cycle and that I ovulated a bit later. The reason it's importat is that if I'm more than two weeks "overdue" I get risked out of the birth center, so I want to make sure my dates are as late as possible. After looking at my records, they adjusted my due date to Jan 22nd. Hooray! Since 80% of first time moms deliver after their due date (if allowed to go into labor naturally), this makes me feel quite relieved. I for sure DON"T want to go into labor early, because my dissertation is due Jan 6th, and I'd appreciate a couple of weeks to decompress and shift gears before the baby shows up. Not that we always get to choose, but I'm telling that baby to stay put!
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poly - I vote for changing table nearest the bathroom too. Very convenient for washing up. Glider in/ near where you are going to nurse the most. You'll probably end up rearranging stuff after your babe is here anyhow. Its been hard for me to decide exactly how I need everything too. I figure when the little one is here I will be able to do those fine tuning things that will make sense at the time.  


faith- Ooh, glad they moved those dates for you!  I'm in the same situation with the birth center. They transfer you to the hospital at 41 weeks +1 day! So ridiculous. Unfortunately for me I had a IUI so my dates are basically where they are and can't be moved. 

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poly, I would put changing table in the bathroom if it would fit.


faith and justJenny, I hope your babies come as close to their "due dates" as possible so you get to give birth in the locations you want.


AFM, last night about 8 pm I started getting really intense cervical pain and much more regular contractions. They kept me up every few hours last night. I dont' have a doctor's appointment until 3:20 p.m. so I am hoping things will pick up between now and then because I have had some pretty intense contractions and this "baby is going to come out right now" feeling.

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