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My family think the change table in the bathroom is nutty. They think it's dumb to want to keep a twin bed in the nursery. Between dh's insomnia and difficulty sleeping and the fact that he only gets a week of paternity leave it's important to us that we have somewhere else for him to sleep at least at first. He can sleep in the nursery when baby is in our room with me, or in our bed when I'm in baby's room with her - and on weekends we can switch if needed once she can go a bit longer between feedings. I dunno where I will be nursing the most. Maybe the living room actually?? I don't know...
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polyhymnia, my DH is worried about sleeping too, since he only gets 51 hours of vacation until it resets on Jan. 1.  Hoping we can figure out the nursing thing so he doesn't get woken up at night with the babies in the bedroom with us.


AFM, Still waiting. The doctor on Friday was like "you are 39 weeks pregnant with twins and gestational diabetes. Why haven't you had those babies?" Like I can make them come out all by myself! I really want labor to start spontaneously but on Monday I will be having an ultrasound and depending on the outcome, I think the doctors are going to push for an induction date. I am hoping that the babies decide to come before Monday morning. I don't want to be pushed into having to be induced. But I want my babies to be safe too.

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poly- What's so nutty about that arrangement? Poop goes near the  bathroom, bed goes in bedroom. Do what is best for you and dh. Its more important that it works for the 2 of you instead of pleasing someone elses idea of normal.


lilac- What have you tried to do to get labor going? Being in Michigan right now I guess walking is out! Have you tried acupuncture?? What about evening primrose oil inserted vaginally? I hope those babies debut for you soon!

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I have tried climbing stairs (because yes, going outside is not really a good plan - it is currently snowing and I think there is about 5 inches of snow on the ground. I don't want to fall). I have tried nipple stimulation and orgasm. I have had my mom press on the different acupressure points to get labor going - some of them are really tender. I have tried eating spicy food. I guess the biochemical interaction between me and my babies hasn't been enough to bump me over the edge into full on labor.

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Keep goin' Lilac! - This is the closest to a cheerleader smiley I can find, lol. :joy  You've done such a amazing job keeping those babies healthy for 39 weeks.  They don't want to leave your comfy womb. If they do end up inducing, you could always request that once labor is established that they back off the pitocin. Perhaps then your body will take over and you won't need anymore pitocin to keep it going. That way you won't have to bear those crazy intense contractions it causes.  

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I think part of what scares me about induction is that I really don't do well with hospitals and doctors. They scare me, I don't really want to be there so all activity stops when I am at the doctor or when I was in L & D triage.  I don't want the induction and I learned there are many ways to start an induction, not just pitocin. This is my body and my babies. As long as my placentas are still providing my babies with what they need, I want to wait until my due date and see what happens. i want to know the benefits, risks, alternatives, and what would happen if I just waited.

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Lilac- I completely agree!  I have the same problem with hospitals and Dr.'s  My blood pressure goes up and I get so tense. It would be tense enough to totally stop my labor as well. You can't relax and be on the defensive for yourself at the same time.  I hope that you are able to start labor naturally at home. Then you can go in when you are pretty sure your labor can't turn back :wink  Trust that your doula will take care of you at the hospital so you can release the fear and anxiety when the time comes. Let her handle the conflicts if they arise. :hug

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Sitting at dr waiting for ultrasound. Was awakened at 3:30 by contractions that came about every 30 minutes but now they seem to have disappeared of course since I am at the doctors office.
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Well, an induction is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 20 when I will be 40w1d. I was comfortable with that because I believe that I will go into labor before that. The Biophysical profile showed that the blood flow from the placentas was good, plenty of amniotic fluid, and the babies looked great. We did a non-stress test too and the heart beats were good - but I did not have any contractions during the 30 minutes I was on the monitor. On the way into the doctor I could hardly walk the baby's head was sitting in such a way to cause me serious pain and I was having strong contractions. Ultrasound estimate of the baby's weights was 6 pounds 14 oz for one and 6 pounds 12 oz for the other. The ultrasound tech said the babies are likely 7 pounds or so because the way the babies are laying it is hard to get a good picture of their bellies and heads which is a major part of the ultrasound estimate of their weights.


I need to call the chiropractor and see if I can get in and maybe loosen up the spot where the first head down baby is so he turns a little more, since he is facing to the right in my pelvis. I have done some stair climbing and ate some pineapple as well today.

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Lilac, good luck. Hope something happens soon - I'm glad they are giving you until Friday and that the babies are doing great smile.gif
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I'm just checking in on Lilac.   Amazing job holding those twins to full term, Mama! Now, lets see some squishy newborn pics in the next few days. :lurk

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Wow, Lilac! I'm rooting for you! Can't wait to see you and your little guys!! I hope everything goes really well.

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Thanks Andaluza. I am excited. Just hoping these boys get their act in order and exit sooner or later.


AFM, I went to the chiropractor today. It felt great to have my pelvis adjusted, then my back and neck adjusted. Then she flipped me over and massaged my belly for awhile and released the tension in the muscles surrounding my belly. I am hoping that this will put William, my presenting baby, into a good position to put pressure on my cervix and get labor going. Went shopping for an hour with my mom because I figured that walking will help jiggle the baby around.

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I. Coming up on two weeks off and I really want to get ad massage. Having trouble finding a pregnancy one. Hmm.

Rooting for you, lv!
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Lilac, my birth class teacher told us that four "doses" of sperm contain the same amount of prostaglandins as one "dose" given in the hospital to help induce labor. You can do it over several days. smile.gif

Here's to hoping your boys come out one their own!

Poly, I had a massage today and it was divine. I've found a woman who is a midwife AND a massage therapist, and ALL of her massages are prenatal ones. It was so relaxing that I dozed off on the table--it felt so nice to be completely on my stomach again!

I had my baby shower on Sunday, which was lovely. Now we just have to figure out where to put all of the stuff, lol.
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I have been having contractions 2 pm Wednesday. They are getting more intense and closer together but still 8-10 minutes apart. DH stayed home from work because the contractions were really intense then although they have slowed down a bit since I took a shower.
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faith and poly - Oh man a massage sounds soooooo good right now. Dh does ok but a prenatal massage on my pelvis would work wonders. Sounds like your shower was very nice faith! I am anticipating a massive haul from my MIL anytime soon. She always goes crazy at christmas and I know this will be doubled. I don't know where I'm gonna put any of it either!!


Lilac- :goodvibes Go uterus go!  Thinking of you lots Momma!

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Lilac, could this be it?!
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Thinking of you lilac and hoping you are holding you precious babies by now jumpers.gif

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William Ernest arrived at 4:13 pm Sat. Dec 21 at 7 pounds 10 oz. Edward Ronald arrived in breech presentation at 4:15 pm Dec 21 at 6 pounds 2 oz. I did pitocin induction from 7:30 am Friday Dec 20 because both boys were head down then until 2:30 pm Sat Dec 21 where even though water was broken for first baby, I never prrogressed past 5 cm. Had spinal and c section.

Stayed in hospital until Dec 25 because of low blood sugar issues with Edward. So happy to be tandem nursing on demand at home now!
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