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She is so sweet!!!! 

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OK Ladies, I think this is it!!!  Had some bloody show yesterday, woke up tonight at 3am and had a little gush that soaked my panties.  The midwife told me to go back to sleep but contractions started pretty much right away and have been 45 seconds long every 4 minutes for about half an hour.  Obviously I'm not sleeping.  I'll call her back pretty soon.  Send good, easy birthing vibes my way!

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Faith, here is praying that your labor goes well and that you have your little one in your arms soon! She was so obedient to wait for your dissertation to be done and I love the photo!
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faith, I wish you a lovely birthing experience! And congratulations on getting that dissertation done! I'm excited that you'll get to meet your little one soon. All the best to you!

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Woooohoooo Faith!  Can't wait to hear the great news!

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Faith. Your story is eerily like mine, I am hoping that you are snuggling your little one too! I woke at 2am mon w crampy contractions, then leaking fluid around 3-4am, went to hospital at 7:15, checked at 7:45 and was 5 cm and thin/stretchy?
Labored until maybe 1pm then begged for an iv and epi but they checked first and I was 10cm. A couple of contractions later I felt pushy so I did. That was the hard part. So grateful to my doula and her rebozo which got me through
Lillian Kathleen was born at 1:53, 7lb 12 oz 10" long. We are still working on nursing but she's still eating and pooping and peeing. I finally slept last night, it was amazing, my husband is so great with her.

I tore and my stitches hurt a lot, so frustrated by that.
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Congrats again poly! Mercy came out the same way- hand to face. I have a lovely second degree tear as well. Hoping recovery will be speedy for you.  


We are doin' good. Breastfeeding would be super if my nipples weren't on fire. My left one is badly cracked and bleeding and I've gotten some help from a lactation consultant. Hopefully I can get it healed so I can enjoy the process. Otherwise we are happy and sleep deprived right there with the rest of you :D



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How are you handling the soreness/pain? I didn't ask for details on my tear as I was pretty out of it but I have so much discomfort sitting. I've been advised to bathe but the thought of sitting in a hard tub... Ugh.

I think my milk may be coming in too. So sorry to hear about your nipples, hope they heal soon.
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On th nipple front, I find ifsi don't rub some breast milk on my nipples after a feedin, then I get the "on fire" feeling. Try squizing a bit of milk out, rub it around and let it air dry. Helped me a lot.
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poly- did they give you a peri bottle to rinse with?  I use that everytime after I go to the bathroom. I would highly recommend getting a product from Earth Mama Angel Baby. Its called New Mama Bottom Spray. OMG I don't know what I would have done without it! Extremely soothing and I have been almost pain free. Stitches are starting to pull a bit as they heal but it has been kept in check with the spray.  


Lilac- I just started the breast milk trick and it really works! I've also started a saline rinse, ice packs and lots more air time.  I was super sensitive before this anyhow and I'm very fair skinned. So I think it may take me longer to heal than most.


Do you guys want to continue this thread in "life with babe"?  I think it would be cool to keep in touch as our babies grow.  They are all so close in age I would love the continued support :) 

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I would love to stay in tougpch with you guys! Link me to a thread? I will look for that spray it sounds perfect. My milk came in last night and I will try that on my nipples too!

Heading to our postpartum appt now!
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Hi Everyone,

Finally rested enough for an update! We welcomed Sophia Brandywyne into our family at 4:55pm on January 13th, weighing 7lbs 7oz.

My birth was fast and intense. Here's what happened after I wrote last time: I called the midwife back and she told me to get some more rest. So I "rested" as best I could and then called my doula, and she told me I was too chatty to be really in labor, and I should get some more rest. So I "rested" for awhile and called the birth center back, a new midwife was on duty, and she told me to get some more rest. Finally I was like, "I can't rest any more! These contractions really hurt!" I was really worried that if this was early labor, how would I be able to stand active labor? I had my doula come over and I told her I wanted to go to the birth center. I overheard the midwife telling her to try and draw it out. Well, we got there and they did an exam, and guess what? I was fully dilated! I can't tell you how relieved I was. That whole time people had been telling me I couldn't really be in labor, and I was doing the whole thing!

Anyhow, I got in the birthing tub and my body gave me a nice long break. I still had some contraction, but we all had a little picnic, and I told stories to the midwife and nurse; it was really great. Then I had to start pushing. Youch! I did not like that part at ALL. I started in the tub but switched to the bed. I pushed hard for about an hour, and pushed her out. Woohoo!

When I'm on my computer I'll post some pics.

Ladies, I had a 2nd degree tear as well. The stitching process wasn't so bad, but they feel very hot and swollen now. I was told to take 4 ibuprofin every 8 hours as an anti-inflamatory, to take sitz baths, and to put iice compresses on it. I thought I woudln't like the ice at all, but it's awesome. The postpartum care lady who came over today showed me a good way to make ice packs: pour water into a newborn disposable diaper, freeze it, and then when you get it out, lay a layer of Tucks pads along the top like pepperoni. Put it in your underwear and lie down. It feels great, you can bleed on it, and it doesn't leak.
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I would love to stay in tougpch with you guys! Link me to a thread? I will look for that spray it sounds perfect. My milk came in last night and I will try that on my nipples too!

Heading to our postpartum appt now!

...oops this didn't send. So here's my update, I have a 2nd deg perineum tear and an internal tear, plus a bruised and possibly broken tailbone. No wonder I can't sit!! They helped me with side lying nursing so I don't have to sit so much.

Lillian looks great, she's a touch yellow but below the threshold for jaundice. She has some significant bruising on her poor head so they expected higher bili levels. Even with the bad latch she only lost 7% of her weight and my milk came in last night. Yay!! If I have to be in pain at least she is perfect !

Faith, the only reason they had me come in was that I thought I was leaking fluid (I was). They were more surprised than me when I was 5cm! Then again when I was 10cm.
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So here is a thread for those of us in our 30s who have our babies. All of us ladies in this thread have had our babies now, haven't we? I think the TTC thread has died out some time ago but I would like to keep in contact with you ladies who have been part of my TTC and pregnancy journey.



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Faith- OMG - I'm glad you made it there in time.  My midwives couldn't believe me either. So much for slow first timers!


poly they make a nipple cream too. I'm seriously considering getting it if things don't start to heal. I think the lansinoh has made thing worse for me and only use it when nips look a little dry.


Lilac- thank you for starting the new thread! Meet you all over there :) 

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I have been loving Medela nipple cream, I have earth mama baby whatever nipple cream and it's also great. The lansinoh sucks, it's too sticky and firm.
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