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homeopathic remedy for impulse control in the school setting?

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At home-my 7 yo has great impulse control. Good focus, quite mature, reliable, good with transitions, sleeps well.


At school-my 7yo has such poor impulse control that it affects his academic work. (that is what the teachers said in an email i received today)


Background,  he  has auditory processing disorder. His ears hear, but his brain doesnt. He will say he desnt understand something (for eg, he told me he didnt understand what he had to do for homework) But, he is just not hearing all the words. I cant imagine how tiring and difficult it must be to wade through  jumbled sounds all day long in school, and trying to make sense of it all.


He got a diagnosis of adhd (which  i dont think is accurate, but if it gets him  OT services, so be it) I dont consider him to have attention deficit (he focuses well in the home setting  at least), i dont consider him hyperactive (he is quite calm at home, but i make sure he gets exercise, and always have)  However, at school, he exhibits poor impulse control apparently.


How do i make it stop?  Is there a homeopathic remedy that could help him short of actually curing his auditory processing issues? (this can only  be done out of pocket and is very expensive, beyond my means)  I am certain that if he could hear competently,  his impulse control issues would  vanish, because i believe it is a stress signal.



In the meantime, im building up to the GAPS diet, in the hopes that gut  dysbiosis may be behind his auditory processing. (not to mention short stature)Once that is healed, will it go away?  I hear alot about  GAPS in connection to autism, and adhd, but not so much in connection to auditory processing.


Ive taken him off gluten, but have not seen huge improvements (saw night and day improvements in his younger now 5yo brother)


I am slowly replacing cows milk casein with goats milk products, and increasing his protein for  breakfast (2 fried eggs-runny yokes), but still feeding him starches (gluten free porridges), with plenty of  fermented fats), plus 1000mg of fish oil.


In the meantime, im off to google the homoepathic remedy route for impulse control....


Can anyone give advice here?  Sigh... Thanks in advance.

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Hi ContactMaya, the nice thing about homeopathy is that the "diagnosis" isn't important it is the range of symptoms and how they express themselves in the whole person which is used to a select a remedy.  ADHD, auditory processing disorder, autism...children with different diagnosis will be helped with similar remedies regardless of the underlying reason for the impulse control issues.  That being said, if you want to try and select a remedy yourself without using a homeopath, use low potencies and make sure you do a lot of reading before trying one.


I would suggest you read this website....http://www.tinussmits.com/3845/inspiring-homeopathy.aspx.  It is an easy read and gives wonderful descriptions of the remedies he suggests as particularly useful for today's modern high pace high stress world.  Unfortunately, I agree, that your son is likely acting with poor impulse control because he isn't connecting to the work.  My son, who does not have ADHD, but is on the spectrum, will also exhibit poor impulse control when he is overwhelmed by words or does not understand directions.  Now, at 11, he has better self awareness so his acting out has stopped and he'll connect how restless he feels to his need for extra help.  But, it is hard for you to face the school professionals on this one, who already have an ADHD diagnosis in hand and may want him to take a medication. 


In addition to finding a homeopathic remedy, it would be a good step to ask your child's teacher to accomodate his need for auditory language to be repeated.  It is a very typical accomodation to repeat multi step directions or to use visuals instead.  The teacher can reduce his stress level enormously just by changing her expectation that he be more autonomous.


I have had great success with at least three of Dr. Smits remedies, helpful for impulse control, self awareness and self acceptance/love....Saccarinum, Carcinocin and Lac Maternum, taken alone and sometimes taken in different combinations together or with other remedies... 


Please use low potencies (30c) and repeat them rather then high potencies to use less frequently.  High potencies are very deep acting and if they are not chosen well have the potential to aggravate.  If you use a low potency and it is the wrong remedy it will likely do absolutely NOTHING.  If that's the case and you see no changes or improvements you know it is not well selected.


Feel free to pm me if you have any questions after looking at his website.  You can find these remedies at European compounding pharmacies....I use Helios in England.  They have a great website and you can buy them on-line.

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Thanks so much!


uh oh, the link doesnt work...

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I'm so sorry...I think that they changed the website to a new format.  Just look up Tinus Smitts, inspiring homeopathy.


It has been so incredibly helpful...I'd say, far and away the one thing that has made the MOST difference for my son.

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I saw a homeopath before being alerted to the  severity of his impulse control isssues, and  was worried about his short stature (he  is shorter than all of his class mates), as well as his shyness and  verbal awkwardness. She put him on bartya carbonica, and amazingly,  he  has been more verbal in the past few weeks. I havent seen any impact growth wise yet...i think this same remedy help with adhd symptoms, but so far  there hasnt been any improvement in his behavior at school...


im thinking of trying liquid supplements and/or pycnogenol (see my recent thread)


Im also taking him off casein as well as gluten. In other words, i am replacing all cows milk products with goats milk....ill see if that has an impact. Interestingly, taking him off gluten hasnt seemed to have had an impact (unlike his younger brother, now 5, where taking him off gluten had an immediate impact)

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