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Thoughts on VBAC.

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Just for fun I went back to the archives of my old DDC from the last baby.  Found the thread from when we were induced.  Humerous now, boy, it brings back memories about what that was like.



And remembering about how damn important it was to me to VBAC.  Here's a comment from after she was born that summs it all up:


"You know, this VBAC thing is so many million miles different from my first baby. It's day 3 and I'm smiling! And walking around. And talking to people without bawling. I feel grounded. And I feel so much more connected to my baby. She feels familiar to me. I haven't once asked to give her back to the doctors.
It's a good place to be in.


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I hear ya mama!  I had a VBAC last time although my recover was HELL (85 stitches) it still beat my c/s recovery emotionally and physically.  I'm hoping my VBAC recovery is much better this time though!

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I've never had a c/s but my recovery from birth with my first was absolutely awful, I couldnt even stand up on my own without help for a week, and especially not while holding my baby.  I would assume that a vbac would be just like a ftm recovery from a vaginal birth, so pretty rough.  Your 2nd one will be a lot better (i'm hoping mine is too!)

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