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Sad night, new baby?

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I apologize - there's probably an appropriate thread for this but I just have nothing. left. for. thinking.

We'd been having such beautiful days. Olive was sleeping huge stretches at night (6 - 7 hours! Boy, my breasts were angry) and having happy, interactive days with minimal witching hours. We spent almost a week in CA and she was a total charmer with hordes of relatives. She traveled on four planes exceptionally well (even during the last flight, which coincided with witching hour - she was consolable). However, my never-spitty baby started to spit up a little, randomly - not necessarily right after burping. (Though, as you may remember, I was cavalier about her lack of need for burping, even side-lying, and would often just skip it.)

Cue to yesterday. At noon, after luxuriously chatting, smiling and feeding, we made our way downstairs (we'd just gotten in at 3 AM) to start our day. Spit-up. Lots. It felt kinda like puke, since I'd never experienced the quantity or stomach convulsions with spit-up. It made her pretty upset, too, but that might have been because she got all warm and wet and sticky. Strangely enough, I kinda dismissed it, thinking that she must have just eaten more than usual and was still adjusting to being home, etc.

This happened (with lessened severity, except for one time) about five or six times throughout the day. I wasn't concerned until later in the day, when DH got home and witnessed it. She fed pretty well, but seemed sleepy, although she had her nice stretches of wakefulness (without the broad grins that usually happen).

When we were climbing into bed and she did it again, -so much-, and it was bright yellow at the end, I panicked. I googled, freaked myself out over pyloric stenosis, and called my mom for advice. She answered on the second try, despite it being 1 AM, and mentioned the hospital even before I said it. (She'd been having some crazy UTI & gout pain while were were in CA, so apparently it had worsened and she was simultaneously contemplating the ER for herself!) So we went - O, DH and me - and met my parents at the hospital.

Looong story short, doc said she's overeating. I guess that IS possible with breastfeeding? (Doc was a huge formula pusher. She also suggested giving her pedialyte just "as a measurable liquid", and I countered by telling her I brought my pump, so why don't I just give her some measurable breastmilk. My gut was all about not supplementing with -anything-. Total mama bear.)

We've been in the clear since last night's pre-ER throw-ups. I'm temporarily being religious about not letting her drink for long (averaging 5 min at a time; she's efficient so that's almost a full feeding), burping her even though I hate patting her and it's not usually productive, and keeping her upright for an hour after any food. She doesn't want to be worn right now, and she's been miserable all night and all day. No morning smiles. She wakes herself up crying with pain.

Part of me wonders if maybe it's a bug from travel, though I'd probably be feeling it too, right? And it could just be a matter of her adjusting her little body to the new post-growth-spurt BM amounts. Either way, I'm paying special attention to her eating, even though that deprives us both of some of the pleasures of nursing.

Is this what you all have experienced with your spitty babies? If so, I have grossly underestimated you. This is hell. I just hate to see her so sad!

Zombie mommy. Trying to rally some Instagram support at 4 AM.
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Sounds like it could be a bug. Sorry mama. Will have more time to write later.
Follow your own mama bear instincts.
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Thanks, odinsmama. <3 Of course I've avoided feeling guilty about taking her on a trip so early, but the reality is that she very well could have picked something up on the plane and -thank goodness- this seems to be the extent of it, not something more serious.

On the bright side, I saw some dreaming-baby smiles just after I posted. Phew, she's still capable of smiling.
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If you haven't looked into over active let down, you should. I've struggled with it with both babies, and we occasionally have days such as you described. Here's info on it:

I find I often have to just let the milk spray into a cloth diaper at the first let down. It seems to balance out my fore and hind milk and keeps the spit up to a minimum. I also found that not having her nrse to sleep helped too. It mellows out with age though and I'm not doing anything to decreas my supply because I'm headed back to work in a month and I know it will drop then. Good luck!
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I think you hit a bad ER doc, personally. The thing I'd worry about is, if you're talking to a doc who's not solid on BF, s/he might have a tendency to write your situation off as a BF issue when something else is going on. If I had the same experience you had, I'd be grateful nothing was really dangerously wrong (cuz the ER would have found that), TRIED to stop beating myself up (cuz I just know you are, lol, and you've done absolutely nothing wrong - including, in my opinion, feeding your baby as much as she chooses to eat), and then gone to my own pediatrician the next day if things didn't resolve themselves. It really doesn't sound like reflux to me, since she's been doing so well up to now and it came on intensely and suddenly, but I could be wrong there. Hopefully your pedi is someone really committed to BF who can reassure you/help you take steps to make the LO feel better ASAP. I bet if it's anything, it's just a bug; bugs are important, they help build healthy immune systems, but man, they suck!! Or her system might just be processing the trip, who knows. You may feel better if you can get her to a doc you trust, though.


I have to say, I've been told time and again that BF is better for babies partly because you can't accidentally overfeed, the way you can with a bottle, so I'd probably get a second opinion if I were you.

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Yes, all of what TallTori said. Especially about not taking breastfeeding advice from a doc pushing formula.
Glad she's still showing you her smiles. smile.gif
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Thank you so much for the support & ideas, ladies. This has been really rough, especially since my doula-sister started beating me up for taking O on the trip. (My sister has been difficult for me since the start of the CA trip, anyway, but I'd brushed it off til now.) She just has so many catty, sideways, sarcastic remarks... It's all I can do not to snap at her. (Like I'm not already feeling guilty! I seriously don't need her giving me a hard time. I wonder if she's like this with her postpartum doula clients, too?)

O's been running a fever tonight - how much, I don't know, since the thermometer is still packed and to be honest I haven't run the scenarios of a high fever yet. Once I do, I'm sure I'll panic and dig it out.

At least she's back to normal nursing. Hungry girl! We've been sleeping propped up in bed tonight, with her cradled in my arm, since that's the only position comfortable for her. I think that every time I fall asleep, my arm shifts, and she wakes up. If only I could finagle another pillow now....

If she falls off the boob before she falls asleep, she wakes up with the shrillest cry I've ever heard from her. God save my apt neighbors.

Oh, I'm definitely going with bug. I do (did?) definitely have overactive letdown/oversupply, too, but I'm seriously fearing it's dwindled. I'd been counting on extra milk for donation & selling to keep me at home longer, so that's a little disappointing. I'll try to get it back.

Now I'm looking forward to her diarrhea. What could BF diarrhea possibly look like? Just LOTS, more liquidy than usual?
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Violet had some diarrhea and extra spitting a couple weeks ago, coinciding with her brother's Rotavirus. She seemed a bit unhappy and I worried for a couple days, but soon she was totally fine. So I vote for bug too. DO NOT beat yourself up about going on a trip; bugs happen outside of planes too. Hope your sister lightens up. :/


And baby diarrhea is runnier and just...more of it, in my experience.

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Thanks, Rachieface.

We're back in the ER - better hospital, now. Her fever was super high, and our awesome homeopathic doc recommeded that we go in since I was GBS+.

Blood drawn, urine sample, chest x-ray. Waiting for results. Trying to breathe.
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as a mom w/ oversupply as a habit, i can say that this sort of thing is usually short lived.  be it a bug or overeating.  when they overeat, they expand their bellies and after a few days can hold more.  my peanuts did it more than my bigger kids.  but my DS2 has already done it a few times and i don't think much of it.  as long as he's eating, some is staying down, there is no fever, then i just wait it out.


but keep us posted!!!

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Oh no, sorry to hear about another ER trip! Ack!
How high was her fever?
Hope it turns out to be nothing, hugs to you mama.
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Definitely thinking about you and your LO, with fingers crossed. I hope they can give you some peace/explanations!!! I KNEW that first doc was missing something.

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Thanks all. Checked into pediatrics now. Pumping 'cause she's been sleeping straight through all the breaks between poking & prodding. I fear my great supply has taken a huge nosedive in the past week - trying to not get worked up over it.

She had a spinal tap, but the doc wasn't successful so she's about to have another. DH went home to nap & grab our things, so I have to endure this one alone. Poor brave girl.

At least she seems to be sleeping peacefully this time. And she's much more interested in breastfeeding since the ABX started. Still, it's so heartbreaking to see her in a hospital crib and gown, with tubes and monitors.

How on earth can we cosleep here, with all of these cords and prohibitive medical staff?
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hug2.gif You'll get her all sorted out as quickly as you can, and in a few months, this will all be a blip on your memory radar screen. You'll be able to remind your DH of the time she scared you both silly, and comfort other moms going through this. 

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My heart goes out to you too! Looking forward to hearing some news on how your LO is doing. Xo
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oh!  blessings and healing soon!  hope they resolve this very soon!!!

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sending baby and you a ton of thoughts and love. heartbeat.gif

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Hope everything's ok. Sending lots of good thoughts your way !
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Someone's happy to be home. smile.gif No more terrified screaming wake-ups, no more lethargy. Just a normal, happy, long (& uninterrupted, except for ABX @ 6) peaceful sleep at home. Sweet girl is forgetting the trauma & slipping right back into her groove. Thank goodness!!!

Long story short: UTI, caused by e coli. Apparently it's SUPER easy for baby girls to get them since there's such a short path to travel. She'd had a blowout or two recently, so I'm guessing that's how it happened. Still, good to know, for us mamas with girls!

They take newborn (under 2 or 3 mo, depending) fevers VERY seriously, because bodies that little don't have the resources to deal with them or "sweat it out." Another thing I didn't know. I certainly wouldn't have waited so long to take her in!!

We were released (early) after about 36 hours in pediatrics, during which we had mostly very nice experiences with good staff and - believe it or not! - got special vegan "breastfeeding mama" meals. I was impressed. Olive just hated everything about the hospital, and screamed when anyone touched her in there - including nurses doing vitals, or me shifting her on my lap. Her voice had never sounded like that before - so uncontrollably sad. I worried it'd stay that way forever! Ultimately, they'd didn't give me trouble for cosleeping - just giggles, like, "Aww, you're her pacifier!" after I just pulled her down to my cot, wires and tubes and all, and held her.

She'll continue to be on (uh, guava-flavored? ain't no bubblegum that tastes like that) oral antibiotics for the next 13 days. I was worried that she'd reject my breastmilk (and heck, I didn't want to give her ANYthing but it, especially a sugary syrup with poisons... but I'll work on that with my good eating, probiotics for us both, and - what else? Any suggestions??) but she nurses just fine before and after. (They wanted me to wait an hour after feeding and two hours before feeding to give her that stuff! Yeah right! If the girl wants the boob, for any reason, she's getting the boob.)

Sorry, I'm so scattered. More than anything I'm ecstatic to see that she's ok - that - you're right -.this will all be a memory in no time all. Biiiiig sigh of relief.

Thanks for all of your support!! I'm not sure if I would've been the same had I not been able to check in periodically and see your sweet words. <3
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Yaaaaaay!!! So glad she's home and obviously happy.

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